Vladimir Putin Puts World on Notice as he Threatens Nuclear War

Putin Puts World on Notice as he Threatens Nuclear War

World Considers Unseating Putin by Way of Assisination 

Cristal M Clark 

Not only did Putin manage to piss off the entire world he also put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert as part of a pattern of escalating tensions following his attack on Ukraine. But alas analysts suggest the move is more than likely a bluff.

The United States, western powers, and NATO sat up straight after Putin said in a televised address that the country’s nuclear “deterrence forces” were placed “into a special mode of combat service”.

The UN called the idea of nuclear weapons use “inconceivable”, the Ukraine’s government said it saw the move as an intimidation attempt as delegations from both countries prepared to meet for exploratory talks.

Why this is a significant concern:

A portion of Russian nuclear weapons are in constant readiness and “can be launched within 10 minutes”, said Marc Finaud, a nuclear proliferation expert at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

“Either the warheads are already mounted on missiles, or the bombs are already aboard” bombers and submarines.”

Not a very smart bluff either. 

Very few are siding with Putin here, other than China and Donald Trump who I doubt truly understands what in the actual fuck. He just misses his bromance with Putin. 

Here is the real reality: the world put Putin and Russia in a chokehold over his invasion of the Ukraine, he can’t afford an all out war and refuses to admit defeat so his only other option is to threaten nuclear war. 

Our Administration has done very little if anything to thwart this nonsense of Putin’s, in fact all of the nonaction on our part has helped Putin get this far. 

The world has options and this Putin knows, so as talks between Russia and the Ukraine went south today, the best option would be to unseat Putin and the only way to do that would be through asassination. Not even his own citizens would care, so it would be the cleanest option. 

Several countries would support this if not send people to do it in a heartbeat. 

It’s not like the world wasn’t warned for years about Putin. 

So if I were Putin, I’d stop with the threats and bring his forces back home because now he’s going to have to start looking over his shoulder every move that he makes regardless of how this all turns out.  

Putin pretty much backed himself into a corner, one that could be a killer if he isn’t careful. 

Cristal M Clark


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