Johnny Depp/Amber Heard – Sensationalized Domestic Violence or Courtroom Drama?

Johnny Depp/Amber Heard – Sensationalized Domestic Violence or Courtroom Drama?

If you need help call 800-799-7233, the national domestic violence hotline.

Fame, Fortune and Heartbreak for Victims Worldwide

Cristal M Clark

How many of my readers have been tuning into the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial? I would suspect a fair number of you. I catch the headlines and well of course the Amber Heard meme’s. Before we dive in, what type of woman shats on a man’s bed? I mean seriously?

The reality is that I see this whole thing as two people just fucking about when they should just fock off already. 

What I have been all too keen to follow are the accusations with regard to domestic violence, against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.  The other part of this case that I would be highly critical of, is the level at which individuals shunned Johnny Depp with regards to substance abuse issues. I get it, I do, dealing with individuals that abuse alcohol or drugs can be trying, tiring and all out taxing at times. But to publicly shame him for it, is well, just wrong. 

What I find to be absolutely shocking and horrifying are the accounts of abuse by both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the sheer lack of any significant charges. Victims worldwide are not laughing at the memes or the jokes or making light of the seriousness of all of this. Some of the accusations against both Depp and Heard are quite serious. 

Most of you are not aware but many years ago, over a decade ago, I was almost kilt by a man who claimed to have loved me. He kept me prisoner, in my own home. He heaped abuse after abuse upon me, beatings, sexual, stabbing, cutting, verbal, humiliation. He enjoyed it. I once upon a time had endless money, he went through it whilst leaving me tied up in a closet or to a bed, or worse being gang rapped by his assciates whilst he went out to the bar, picked up women, whored around and came back to beat me before forcing himself on me. 

And the night it went too far, I almost died. The only time in my life that I ever worked willingly with law enforcement was to entrap this man when I was well enough after that night to do so.  

He made me a promise, if I helped him to get a light sentence by my lack of testimony, he would do his time and leave me alone. To date, he has yet to do such a thing. Every time he gets out of prison, he finds me, he has been known to send new parolees to my doorstep while he is in prison, gangs, friends, associates, everyone, he finds me on social media, hacks into my accounts. I have moved everywhere including out of state once and nothing seems to stop him. I have had to go into hiding so many times I have lost track. I will spend the rest of my life hiding from this man. 

The one thing this trial shows every single victim in the world is that money and status protect you from the law and equally so, money and status can buy you a court date so as to sue your abuser which most of us will never get our abusers are broken losers who cannot afford the lifestyle that they stole from us. Whatsmore is money and wealth have seemingly prevented these two individuals from seeking healthy ways to cope with the failed marriage, and abuse. Nor did either receive the common man’s prison sentence for domestic violence. Why on earth make it a public spectacle, it makes it seem as if this is all made up just to get attention, people are walking around joking about domestic violence. We hear this story and of course it seems far fetched if not ridiculous at times. But no one took the time to hear my story, or the woman living in a cockroach filled hotel with two kids, who left an abusive marriage just to survive and go to that, or a homeless girl who escaped her abuser only to leave with nothing but the clothing on her back? Every single victim has to stop living his or her life, we lose everything to us just to get out, so you lost a movie deal, two, three, can no longer support your substance abuse proplem the one you use as a coping mechanism, fuck off, try joining the fucking club. Learn to live with less. They have battered women’s shelters but it is almost better to live on the street as they offer very little to battered women in the way of survival skills, and how to live after a life of abuse. Your tax dollars are hard at work by the way. 

The point is, these two people could have and probably should have just been happy neither ended up in prison and walked away quietly seeking therapy. Millions of other lives were never so fortunate nor would they be making a goddamn spectacle of domestic violence worldwide. Countless victims of domestic violence, myself included lost everything, homes, cars, jobs, we gave up everything we ever had just to get out and to continue to survive. I make no apologies for this, neither Depp or Heard deserve shit here, they have money they can go on, for fucks sake both have been seen laughing in court, the rest of us real victims we have to fight our way through every single day to just keep going on constantly looking over our shoulders. 

Arguing over your status in high society, claiming domestic violence? Over status in hollywood? You are both disgusting human beings and stop using domestic violence, you don’t speak for us.

Cristal M Clark

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