Dickhead Cops Watch Man Die Whilst Offering Zero Help

Tempe, Arizona

Cristal M Clark 

With law enforcement doing less and less these days I am not sure why I would be surprised anymore by the lack of effort from our law enforcement community but, here I am. I mean they are too happy to profile and go after specific individuals or groups because they label them this, that or the other, yet when someone really is in need, well they just fuck happily off now don’t they?

On May 28th, Several Tempe, Arizona officers were questioning Sean Bickings, 34, about an alleged fight between him and a woman near Tempe Town Lake. Authorities say that Bickings, who was homeless, entered the water as the three officers on the scene checked to see if he had any arrest warrants. 

“I’m going to go for a swim. I’m free to go, right?” Sean Bickings asked the officers after climbing a fence along the water’s edge, according to body camera footage released by the police department on Friday. The 12-minute video ends when Sean Bickings, several yards from shore, starts crying out for help, according to a transcript of the incident released by the city.

The city said it edited the body camera footage, cutting it off before Sean Bickings’ death, due to “the graphic nature of the incident” and out of respect for Sean Bickings’ family. Funny how they care about the graphic nature of the incident had the coppers been decent human beings with actual ethic and morals. 

It actually gets even better: According to what is seen in the video and the transcript, as Sean Bickings entered the water, an officer told him he wasn’t allowed to swim in the lake. Sean Bickings began to swim away from the officers on shore, one of whom asked another: “How far do you think he’s going to be able to swim?”

One of the officers told the other two to “keep an eye,” presumably on Sean Bickings. The officer then appeared to leave the area, saying something about a boat.

They made no attempt to try to stop him before he entered the water huh? Were they afraid of getting wet? 

“I’m going to drown. I’m going to drown,” Sean Bickings told them, according to the transcript, which documents their conversation after the video ends.

“No you’re not,” one of the officers replied, before again telling Sean Bickings to swim to the structure.

“I’m not jumping in after you,” the second officer said.

As Sean Bickings cried out for help, the woman, who identified herself as Sean Bickings’ wife, yelled out to him. One of the officers described her as trying to jump over the railing. He threatened to put the woman in a patrol car if she didn’t calm down.

“I’m just distraught because he’s drowning right in front of you and you won’t help him,” she told the officers. She went on to express frustration after repeatedly being told to stay calm.

“I’m so tired of not being heard all the time. This very upsetting. I can’t even finish a sentence,” she said, according to the transcript provided by the city. “He’s fucking a good man.”

These Tempe, Arizona cops elected to watch a man drown to death and do absolutely nothing to help him. But wait, there’s more, and this is quite possibly the best, the police union that reps them has issued a statement that the police in those parts just isn’t trained in water rescue. 

Really? How about being just a decent fucking human being? Did they somehow miss that training or is that something you don’t train on too?

Cristal M Clark


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