Cop Uses Apple Airtags to Track Ex

Miami, Florida

Cristal M Clark

Nothing and I mean nothing amuses me more than when you see a cop sexually harass, stalk and try to intimidate a former lover or love interest for that matter. It took years and years of playing nice and pretending to be friendly to a copper who still to this day reaches out to me from time to time. And he is married no less. Crazy. But this story highlights just how unfair our judicial system is towards certain offenders. 

Down in Miami they are doing the stalking a wee bit differently, 27-year old Javier Magarin, was arrested June 2 on one count of stalking and two counts of installing tracking devices, according to an arrest report.

According to the arrest affidavit, Javier Magarin’s girlfriend ended their relationship on March 20 “at the conclusion of a heated argument and repeated irreconcilable differences” and that Javier Magarin had moved out of the residence they shared that same day.

Well, one would tend to think that would be it right? Ahhh but such is not the case. Starting that day no less of course and for the next month, Javier Magarin repeatedly stalked his former lover using Apple Airtag tracking devices and without her consent naturally. 

Javier also repeatedly called her, sent her text messages, and contacted her through social media and email after having been asked to stop. 

So Naughty. 

But, to make matters much worse for Javier Magarin, the same day he moved out, the ex detected an Apple Airtag tracking device signal emitting from somewhere in her car after she heard it beeping and she confronted him about it. Of course he lied and denied it. 

So if it had been me, I would have just driven to the dealership and had them find the bloody AirTag but not this poor girl did not do that. The noise in the car continued so on March 27 she parked the car at a friend’s house in Coral Gables without telling anyone, and when she returned to the car she you will never guess who she saw? 

Good ole Javier Magarin. 

She did not return to her car however which Javier Magarin found to be quite a bit upsetting. He contacted her and was upset that not only did she not return to retrieve her car but had also changed her Instagram password, which blocked his access to her account, adding insult to injury here. 

Okay, who the fuck still gives someone a password to anything we have? Are you kidding me? Fuck off on that straight out. Married, lovers, boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t matter, fuck right off. 

Finally Javier Magarin admitted that he had placed an Apple Airtag in her car but said he’d already removed it, then changed his story the next day, he sent her message that showed a photo of her car, and told her he used her Apple watch to track her whereabouts, the report said.

They continued the conversation and Javier Magarin finally admitted that the Airtag was in her car’s trunk under a floor mat by the battery compartment, the report said.

When she searched her car she found the Airtag in that exact spot.

You would think that all of this would have stopped the guy from pursuing her further but no, this idiot continued to stalk and harass this poor women, at one point sending her a picture of a hand holding a glock. The story gets worse, he found out she was traveling out of town and somehow cancelled her reservations so when she arrived at the airport she couldn’t leave. 

I get it though, men who stalk, man they don’t stop for nothing. I have that one ex I write about from time to time that finds me every time he is released from prison. 

This went for over a month, by April 26th this poor woman was again alerted to the presence of a nearby Apple Airtag and narrowed it to the rear of her car. She went to Miami-Dade Police to report the incident, and detectives found an Apple Airtag affixed to the undercarriage of her car, concealed deep in the rear bumper undercarriage area. Which of course was in fact registered to our dear friend Officer Javier Magarin. 

Javier was released on $6,000 bond, while people are sitting in jails who were charged with so much less of a crime who cannot afford a bond and will therefor be forced to take a plea deal just to get out of jail. Worse yet, if you or I did that to someone, our bond would be upwards of $50K+ and if you cannot cover it, well fuck you then. You would be forced to take a deal, and shell out thousands, while I bet Javier will just get a little slap on the wrist and still be able to dawn a uniform in some city somewhere, right?

Cristal M Clark

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