What is Happy Water?

New Synthetic Drug Cocktail Being Taken by Partygoers

Cristal M Clark

We know Smart Water, Topo Chico Water, but what about Happy Water? What the hell is that? From what I hear, it’s all the rage these days. Back in the mid 2000’s popping pills strangers gave you at an airport was a thing, now we have happy water. 

So what the fuck is that, exactly?

Well as it turns out, Happy Water is a new Synthetic Drug Cocktail which is a powdered mixture of synthetic substance, including but not limited to, MDMA, methamphetamine, diazepam, and ketamine and dissolved in liquid to produce a psychoactive beverage known as “happy water.”

Ahh that one is a hard pass for me, not into meth at all, I mean back in the day if you needed a muscle relaxer you could walk by a stranger and end up zoned out for hours on your couch in heaven, but meth…no, it’s hard pass. 

Now apparently, Happy Water has yet to hit the US, it’s popularity is primarily in Southeast Asia, like Thailand and Myanmar. Authorities are all up in arms about it. Maybe for good reason, I mean the ingredients do look a lot like the disclaimer of any run of the mill pharmaceutical commercial. 

A week or two ago Myanmar’s Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control (CCDAC) revealed that local authorities had seized 497 grams of packeted “happy water” powder with a street value of 5,680,000 kyat ($3,055). Each packet sold for the equivalent of $43, the CCDAC claimed, and were typically distributed at entertainment venues, bars, and clubs throughout Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Oh and it’s also being sold on social media so why it’s not a rage here in the US yet I am quite not sure. 

Those kids clearly like to party if I don’t say so myself. 

At any rate no one is saying what the possible side effects might be or are, but it is for sure that now Happy Water has turned up in Myanmar you just might be finding it at your next party. 

Bottoms Up!

Cristal M Clark


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