Woman Tracks Cheating Boyfriend – Kills Him 


Not the Intended use of Apple AirTags

Cristal M Clark 

Well yet again a jilted lover was caught utilizing Apple AirTags to track someone. This go around we have a woman who utilized them to track her cheating lover then promptly ran his lying, cheating arse over thus killing him. 

No, you read that right. 

Gaylyn Morris, 26, Indiana is accused of using Apple AirTags to track her cheating boyfriend, Andre Smith, to a bar and killing him after seeing him with another woman. 

According to court documents, Gaylyn Morris was arrested on Friday after she followed Andre Smith to Tilly’s Pub in Indianapolis by using an Apple AirTag and GPS. 

Gaylyn Morris told a witness that she was Andre Smith’s girlfriend and said that he was cheating on her. Gaylen Morris also delightfully informed witnesses that  she was going to use an empty wine bottle to beat up the other woman.

The attack did not go as planned however because Andre jumped into the middle of a swinging Gaylyn and intercepted the broken wine bottle. The three were booted from the bar when Gaylyn decided to run down her cheating boytoy of a boyfriend. The impact ended up killing him. 

Gaylyn “pulled forward and clipped the victim, and he went down, at which time Gaykeb then backed over him and then pulled forward and hit him for the third time,” according to a witness statement to the police. 

Gaylyn then got out of the car and then tried to go after the other woman, who was still in the pub waiting for a food order. Thankfully police showed up in time. 

This sort of behavior is absolutely ridiculous to me, honestly no man should have that much of a hold on any woman so that you would lose your bloody mind and go on a killing rampage over cheating. Going after the other woman too, that is just poor form. Let the other woman have him, typically both men and women who cheat don’t stop no matter what you do, well unless of course you end up killing them. 

Be careful of Apple AirTags, they are being misused left and right these days and if you do not have an iPhone, you will never know if someone is utilizing them to track you. 

Cristal M Clark


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