Oops Facebook is Doing it Again – Now Violating Your HIPAA Rights

Hospitals Sharing Sensitive Patient Intel With Facebook

Cristal M Clark 

In the never ending saga of Facebook attempting to collect your personal intel so that they can sell you out to advertising, it has recently been discovered that Facebook AKA META will stop at nothing to learn everything about it’s users whether you want them to know it or not. 

Surprise, some sort of tracking tool installed on many hospitals websites has been collecting patients sensitive health information which just so happens to include details about their medical conditions, prescriptions, and doctor’s appointments and, those hospitals are sending that intel right on over to Facebook.

I know what you might be thinking but no it’s not a joke or fake news. I mean come on now, Mark Zuckerberg has stated multiple upon multiple times he is attempting to gather as much user intel as possible. So no I am not fucking kidding you here. 

The tracker is called called the Meta Pixel by the way and it sends Facebook a packet of data whenever a person clicked a button to schedule a doctor’s appointment. 

That is completely invasive, unwarranted and a huge trespass upon users. They have no idea that intel like that is being sent to Facebook and anyone caught doing it should be fined or jailed. 

The data is connected to an IP address an identifier which can be linked to a specific individual or household thus creating an intimate receipt of the appointment request for Facebook.

During an investigation it was also discovered that the Meta Pixel installed inside the password-protected patient portals of seven health systems. So it is just happily being installed and patients don’t know about it? That sum it up right?

That is a bloody invasion of ones privacy not to mention a very big HIPAA violation. Oh, did I fail to mention that at the beginning? 

During the little investigation it was discovered that patients were simply not asked if the hospitals could share such sensitive intel to Facebook. 

Fuck me mate that is absolutely disgusting. It clearly illustrates why we need oversight on some of these tech giants. Mark Zuckerberg is running around collecting information he knows full well he has not right to have and just so that he can fuck about and “improve” the lives of users. Fuck off with that. This man should be brought up on every charge one can dream of, stricken of all of his money and jailed. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, META are abusing your rights to privacy and in quite few cases your HIPAA rights. 

It’s time to take a serious look at the practices employed by Facebook/Meta and high time that Mark Zuckerberg were no longer allowed to use ignorance as an excuse to break the law. 

Cristal M Clark


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