Want Some Meth With That Order of Fries and Diet Coke?

Fast Food Employee Busted Serving Up Meth

Cristal M Clark 

Another case in point reminding the world that we have lost the war on drugs. On Monday of this week, over in Skiatook, Oklahoma, Bryan Francis was arrested for adding something a little extra to a fast food order at fast food joint. I would guess that it was at the Tastee Freez they have in town but in looking at one of his charges it’s would more than likely put him at Carl’s Jr. 

I am not talking a free upgrade like a large diet coke instead of a small. No, I am talking about good old fashioned meth. 

Anyway, according to a police report the incident was reported after a customer reported having found a small baggy of what appeared to be a crystal like substance, i.e. drugs in their order. So the customer went to the manager who did replace the order with a meth free order. The customer really seemed to want the police to look into this, so they took pictures of the substance and showed it to police. After the police tested the substance they learnt it was not sugar or salt but meth. 

The police then spoke with employees where they found our friend Bryan Francis who was subsequently arrested for and promptly charged with distribution of meth. But it wasn’t just the meth charge, they enhanced it to also charge Bryan with distribution of a controlled substance within 2,000 feet of a school. 

Ouch! Tough break mate. 

To make matters worse the police seem to be taunting the intended recipient on social media “If you are the person that was [supposed] to receive this order, it is waiting for you at the Skiatook Police Department. Just swing on by!”

Personally I feel that social media taunting by law enforcement of suspected criminals is overplayed, outdated and just tacky. 

The Skiatook police also warned the public to be careful when picking up any fast food and check it for drugs especially before giving it to children which reminds me of when I was a wee child and my candy had to be checked after trick or treating. 

Either way, this does serve as yet another example that the war on drugs is completely lost. Since we have no footing on that war we should look into legalising everything and taxing the shit out of it. The drugs would be cleaner and safer and states would make a killing not to mention jobs would be created. If people want to put that garbage into their bodies, let them just make it safe. 

Cristal M Clark


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