Not The End of Roe vs Wade

Not The End of Roe vs Wade

Supreme Court Jesters Put An End To Women’s Rights 

Cristal M Clark 

Many are talking, protests are happening, this end of abortion rights, is not the end because many speculate that they will not stop at abortion rights. To that, I would quite agree. 

Yesterday Supreme Court Joke, Clarence Thomas had this to say: “Laws on Same-Sex Marriage and Relationships, As Well as Contraception Should Be Next.” Complete idiot. 

Does anyone know, he does realise that he is black right? That is not rhetorical question at all. He does know that groups are aiming to take his rights away simply because he is black, no? Not that I would ever at any time advocate for this but if he thinks we should start undoing things, is he under some highly fantasied impression that the white old men he serves and the those in the south who try to oppress the black vote still to this day are not going to be coming to try to undue rights and protections for blacks? 

I’ve got really bad news for Clarence Thomas, mark my words, that is going to happen and your white friends at the Supreme Court, well they will not have your back at all. 

Lucky for Clarence Thomas, women, the LGBTQ community and many blacks are not supportive of that we do however, outnumber everyone and by sheer numbers, we will not stand down on this issue. 

We have voting power and we will change laws you can be sure of that and this supreme court had better enjoy it’s time taking us back to a dystopian era, your time on centre stage is not going to last long, I assure you. 

According to the supreme court abortion is not a constitutional right. Neither is the supreme court axing laws that protect rights which are basically an addendum to the constitution in case you needed me to spell that out. Another little tidbit, women outnumber men here in the US. The supreme court should think about that. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Disney, Netflix just to name but a few companies are supporting women here, they are offering to help pay for travel to states that will allow abortion. This is going to be quite an important lesson for the United States Government, who the fuck do they believe line their pockets, these large corporations who are unsupportive of this move, they donate campaign funds, politicians on both sides should be highly aware of that. You’re about lose quite a lot more than you all bargained for, now aren’t you? 

What is even worse here is that other nations and countries took a hard double take and thought the what the fuck is wrong over in the US, still right? A lot my friends, a lot. We no longer have a working and functioning system, we have chaos, insanity and clowns in office, in the courts, cops who beat, shoot or kill black or brown men, a judicial system that exists only to entrap, jail, and cost people the ability to live, freely. Our laws are not actual laws, they are left to the interpretation of judges and juries, and we have supreme court that is not supreme at all. 

This is not the land of the free, it stopped being that long ago. 

Cristal M Clark

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