America No Longer One Nation

America No Longer One Nation

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We Never Really Were

Cristal M Clark 

Today I caught a glimpse of a really interesting take on whether or not we really are one nation anymore. Michael Podhorzer, a longtime political strategist for labour unions and the chair of the Analyst Institute, a collaborative of progressive groups that studies elections, seems to feel that we are no longer one nation and quite possibly that we never will be again if, we ever really were that. 

My take is, were we ever truly one nation? It has always a been, north vs south, liberal vs non-liberal, east vs west, left wing vs right wing, black vs white, white male vs everyone, the upper class vs, middle class, both stomp the lower class, men rule women and those of colour leaving both with no rights.

Anyone, Everyone watching us over here just at the onset of just Covid for example and those restrictions fell witness to how truly divided we are. 

Where a face mask was met with a “get fucked.” The lives of those who are weak depend on it, the responses was “fuck off, who cares if they die.”

We never have been one bloody nation. Always bickering, always treating one another like garbage. It is truly fascinating that it took anyone this long to make it mainstream, many of the rest of us saw this and published it years ago only to be met with scorn, disbelief and to be shut down back then. OF course I am a woman so I have that going for me too. 

In a private newsletter Michael writes, “When we think about the United States, we make the essential error of imagining it as a single nation, a marbled mix of Red and Blue people. But in truth, we have never been one nation. We are more like a federated republic of two nations: Blue Nation and Red Nation. This is not a metaphor; it is a geographic and historical reality.”

That is absolute fact. 

After Donald Trump, whether he runs again or not, our division grew to epic proportions and you do not repair that it is simply what it is and we must learn to live with it and we should probably learn the fine art of compromise. 

In order to keep and maintain our foothold as the leader of the world we must learn to live as two nations who are willing to come together when needed. 

As I wrote years ago, a new civil war here in the US is not a probability it is more a matter of when unless of course, we can learn to live as two nations. 

Judging by the way things are today and have been for some time, it is not likely that will happen anytime soon or even in my lifetime. 

Cristal M Clark

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