Tesla Branded Cocaine?

The Sinaloa Cartel is Rebranding Cocaine

Cristal M Clark

Not to long ago Elon Musk made a joke about purchasing Coca-Cola just so that he could put the cocaine back into it. Obviously he did not purchase Coca-Cola but the joke was heard loud and clear by the Sinaloa Cartel who is now branding packages of cocaine with the Telsa logo as well as the Prada Label. 

It’s actually quite ingenious and as it turns out, in Mexico City authorities busted 4 men who were in the midst of moving 1.6 tons of cocaine through the capital earlier this week. The police in Mexico City have increased police operations against the Sinaloa Cartel operatives that are found to be working in and around Mexico City.

The cocaine had been found in 2 tractor trailers, along with a 3rd vehicle that was staged in an effort to protect the shipments. During the bust authorities found the drug’s packaging were stamped with the logos of Tesla and Prada.

It is rumoured that this is one of the largest bust for Mexico City and that whilst some of the drugs were en route to the Tepito neighbourhood, a good portion of the drugs were also earmarked to be sent here to the United States. 

Sadly sometimes Red Bull does not give you wings and you need a little something stronger. 

Whilst authorities were somewhat hesitant to truly identify the 4 men who had been arrested as being part of the Sinaloa Cartel, local media in Mexico City were quick to point that the 4 men in fact are part of the Sinaloa Cartel. 

It is said that the Mexico City police force is as war with the Sinaloa Cartel, on July the 12th the police engaged the cartel in a rather bloody shootout through the southern part of Mexico City, where 150 police thought it would be a good idea to engage the cartel in a gun battle. The cartel however, was found to be well armed and quite ready for the police. 

The Sinaloa Cartel was found to have a 50 caliber sniper rifle, grenades, and cache of numerous guns and high powered rifles. This left 14 alleged Sinaloa Cartel members arrested and later released due to lack of evidence while 4 officers were injured. 

Perhaps next time the police will have a better thought out plan other than engaging the cartel in a dangerous gun battle in the streets of Mexico City. 

I’m not sure how Elon Musk or Mario Prada feel about this but I give the Cartel a thumbs up here for the rebranding effort. 

Cristal M Clark


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Robot Reaches Over and Breaks Childs Finger

AI Gone Awry

Cristal M Clark 

You know, I am all for AI if we could get things working properly and sorted correctly. I really am all for having IA all over. But when the robot breaks a kids finger, that I just cannot get behind.

In Moscow, Russia during a chess match I guess the robot got a we bit confused and reached out and broke a little kids finger. 

According to Moscow Chess Federation President Sergei Lazarev the robot broke a 7-year-old boy’s finger whilst they were playing chess during a tournament. 

During a match at the Moscow Chess Open last Thursday, the young chess player made a move on the board and did not give enough time for the robot to respond so the robot then grabbed his finger and broke it.

The federation had rented the robot several times before without incident, and have nothing to do with its programming. 

This is actually a good case in point where it is important to note that if you are going to play with robots at some point you will need to give them the ability to be human and think on their own. It actually needs to be built into the programming, which means that yes, they would have the ability to make decisions. Human nature is rife with error so it makes very little sense to have us determine when to make a move, the robot needs to study us and learn on its own. 

This little boy of course deserves a round applause, he returned to the match despite the broken finger.

Cristal M Clark


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Frightening Study Shows American’s No Longer Trust United States Government

Many Readying To Take Up Arms Against United States Government 

Cristal M Clark 

If you ask anyone regardless of party affiliation or where they lean politically, you will find that here in the United States on average the vast majority of the population believe that our Government is corrupt and now according to a new poll from the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, almost a third of Americans say that it may soon be necessary to take up arms against our corrupt government.

Here is how that breaks down for those that want to know:

Two-thirds of Republicans and independents say the government is corrupt and rigged against everyday people compared to 51% of liberal voters.

28% of all voters, including 37% of gun owners, agreed.

And, One in five Democrats concurred with all of the above.

Despite everything surrounding January 6th, roughly 56% of the American public say elections are fair and accurate, but that number falls to 33% among Republicans.

More than 70% of Republicans and more than 70% of Democrats both agree the other side are bullies who want to impose their political beliefs on those who disagree.

Which is true of both sides quite frankly. Some sides are blaming Donald Trump and those in Government that are like him, whilst others are blaming our current President who’s eyes freak me out quite honestly, to Hillary Clinton and those sorts. 

It makes no difference who is to blame for what here, both sides are wrong and both sides right depending on who supports them and who does not. 

Each want what they want for their respective supporters, however, both sides are teaming to agree that no one believe our current politicians really give a fuck about any of us regular, average people which in turn plays a rather large role in the idea that American’s no longer trust our Government. 

The biggest challenge that we face is quite simple we are two nations struggling rather poorly to be seen as one united nation , which is something that we really never were. 

The world watching American’s say that they are ready to arm themselves against our own Government is quite alarming, sadly our Government is to inept to see it. 

Think about how pathetic, sad and alarming this looks to the world. 

Previously I wrote about something Michael Podhorzer came out and stated, which is absolute truth, we are not one nation and, we never have been, we are two nations, who are struggling to live as one. 

It is as if you know that you should get the divorce because the kids are seeing you argue day in and day out and are suffering for it but you stick around hoping that it will change. 

That’s the thing in our case here in the Untied States, not even therapy will help, it is not going to change. It’s been this way since settlers first arrived. 

One would wonder when it will be that our illustrious government will finally come to terms with this and accept the reality that we are not one but, rather two nations and therefor should file for a legal separation of our rather torrid and ugly marriage.

Now what that would end up looking like I do not know, I would imagine it would be something like the North and South splitting up or it could very well end up being the east and the west, who knows the fact is that it is something that should have been done long ago because at this rate, things will only worsen if we continue to try to force two distinctly different nations to continue to be one.

Cristal M Clark


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Affordable Housing 

Drama Unfolds as More Communities Fighting Against It

Cristal M Clark 

Affordable housing has been taking a beating as of late because communities are fighting against allowing it. As lawmakers scramble to get affordable housing units built, lawmakers from both parties want to boost tax credits that incentivise builders to construct cheaper homes for low-income people in order to offset the often drastically higher profit margins that builders can make putting up homes for the wealthy.

The group fighting this is being called a phenomenon which is known as “NIMBY-ism,” or rather “not in my backyard.”

To put into layman’s terms, it means that regardless of the facts that voters and taxpayers may support government efforts to build more low- and middle-income housing, they’d prefer to have it done somewhere that does not affect them personally hence where they do not have to rub elbows with the underprivileged. 

However, the impact of this movement will for a fact affect them personally and quite painfully as those who are fighting this are well known to throw childish temper tantrums when they are faced with staffing shortages in places like the market, coffee shops, bars and restaurants.  

The issue that many communities are taking is simple, if you build affordable housing in wealthy cities and neighbourhoods it drastically cuts the property values for the wealthy homeowners. 

And although, I do get it just where are those low skilled and low paid workers supposed to live? If they are not close to public transportation or the ability to bike or walk to work easily, those that are protesting affordable housing can look forward not getting that iced coffee very easily. 

Sen. Michael Bennet a Democrat from Colorado had this to say: “I had the Colorado Teacher of the Year come visit me a month or so ago, she is from Glenwood Springs, which is a rural community on the western slope of Colorado and in passing she was not complaining but she just made the observation that 70 to 80 % of her colleagues in the middle school and in the high school where she teaches have to have two or three jobs just to live in Glenwood Springs. So, you know, this is a real failure on the part of our society, I think, to be able to create workforce housing in our states.” 

Which is without no doubt correct. The other side of this argument is that if you dump funding into affordable housing its a turnoff for builders and you are less capable of hiring police and fire personnel or teachers for a community. 

Some of the lowest paying trained professional jobs communities offer, so is this movement and builders trying to have their cake and eat it too, because we’re fuck are those individuals supposed to live? 

Cities need low paid and low skilled workers living in affordable housing in order to continue to thrive and have a healthy economy and community. If you move those individuals away, you will have less access to the very things that this movement and builders take for granted. 

Cristal M Clark


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Vladmir Putin’s Motorcycle Club Facing EU Sanctions

Introducing The Night Wolves

Cristal M Clark 

The Night Wolves motorcycle club happen to be staunch supporters of Vladmir Putin and now they are being sanctioned by the EU over that support. Putin has been known to be seen with this club on various occasions and he very much supports them. 

This is a crucial lesson for law enforcement worldwide, the clubs that which mainstream media and law enforcement refer to as outlaw biker gangs are not gangs but powerful business enterprises and, Putin is smashing the glass ceiling and showing that to us all, regardless of which club or where they hail from. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with the leader of Nochniye Volki (the Night Wolves) biker group, Alexander Zaldostanov, also known as Khirurg (the Surgeon), right, as he visits the group’s club en route from Sevastopol to Yalta, in the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine, Thursday, July 12, 2012. (AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Mikhail Klimentyev, Presidential Press Service)

That’s actually quite smart on Putin’s part you see, these clubs are quite powerful and although they do at times engage in questionable dealings such as drugs, guns and trafficking it is no worse than what we see every day with crooked coppers, politicians, Congress and the Senate here in the United States. 

With law enforcement recruitment numbers dwindling at least here in the US, I am not sure it is smart to sanction or to imprison club members much less continue to go after them, worldwide as they just might work themselves out to be our next line of defence. 

The Night Wolves are Putin’s army on the street, they have staged rallies and music concerts to support the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, For that they were targeted in measures designed to punish propagandists who are publicly supporting the war. 

This club have been riding across central Russia with the pro-war Z symbol displayed on their motorcycles and they are collecting cash donations for people living in the Russian-occupied states in the eastern Ukraine.

So right, they are being sanctioned over collecting donations for their brothers and sisters? It is as if I am looking through a mirror, this is what happens to motorcycle clubs here in the United States. Law enforcement throws a label at them and makes them into the bad guys so they can imprison them. They are not allowed to be publicly supportive of anything, and they are also not allowed to support brothers and sisters if it goes against what the majority thinks or believes is right. 

And let us not forget much like here in the United States, they are not referred to as a biker club, they are being labelled as biker gang. 

The word gang, why this label I cannot think of the last time I walked out my front door and saw a biker with a patch shaking down the little shop owner on the corner or getting into a turf war shootout like actual real gangs do here in Denver, Colorado. 

I am sure that The Night Wolves have nothing to worry about on this because worldwide this sort thing will gain them huge amounts of support, it’s called freedom and the world had better start getting used to it, because these sort of headlines are becoming more and more prevalent. 

Ride or Die boys, although I am not a fan of the war or the invasion Ukraine, I do however support your right to support your leader and whatever it is that he does during his time in leadership. 

Cristal M Clark


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Homeless? Why Not Move to a Museum

Better Yet, Move Your Whole Family Into One

Cristal M Clark 

I walk outside my door and see tents all over the sidewalks here in Denver, the homeless issues are astounding nationwide and people are becoming desperate for housing, food, toiletries, and things we all take for granted.

Don’t get me wrong here, I find it to be a burden upon society, and I do not feel safe walking around Cap Hill here in Denver or going out after dark. I don’t like knowing that these homeless individuals are shatting and pissing everywhere the smell in Denver on super hot days is no longer weed, it’s just straight up piss. 

The police clear out an encampment and another pops up in its place within minutes or creatively a few feet or so away. 

Equally so, people who pay good money for housing do not appreciate walking outside and seeing a tent city sprouting up along the sidewalks. It’s a gut wrenching issue and one that which has no easy answer to cure. 

Homeless people used to break the law for jail time, all to have a roof over their head, a shower and three meals a day, now they can’t get jail time for simply camping where they should not so they tend to commit higher risk criminal activity. 

What we fail to do is address individual issues and create a system that is designed so as to actually help them all. We are dumping money into programs that are bandaids. 

I will not post the mother or fathers pictures for this article because I genuinely feel for this family, at this point. They did not go on a mass shooting spree and their is no indication that they meant anyone harm or had ill intent. This is a family that needed a safe place to stay with their children. 

In Carson City, Nevada for one family they found refuge in a children’s museum and although the national media is reporting that the family also had a cache of illegally owned weapons what it is not being reported is why the family had to take refuge in a Children’s museum rather than an actual apartment or home. 

According to police, on June the 30th, 42-year-old Wilbert Calhoun’s 2-year-old son had been found wondering about a nearby road. Upon questioning this 2-year old and his 4-year-old sister, officers determined that the children were in fact living inside of the children’s museum with their father who was the museums janitor and his wife who was the museum’s manager. 

Ahh the plot thickens.  

The museum’s board of directors had this to say: “We are shocked and saddened that this happened on our watch and we are working hard to make sure that nothing like this will ever happen again.” 

By paying your janitor and museum manager a living wage right? See that is the entire point, why did this family have to move into a museum in the first bloody place?

The board is not at all bothered to learn the details of why it were that a family was living in your goddman children’s museum it’s just oh weapons and he’s bad father and a bad man.

Let’s not bother ourselves with the details as to why. 

But the real problem with the entire story as it were reported by the mainstream media both national and local is that the headlines they posted focused on the weapons the family was found to have with them. Not why, not why living here, why on earth do you have these illegal guns? You know perhaps they are so low paid they were hoping to sell them for food and necessities?

The family have been charged and the children were taken away I would assume. 

I don’t know about you all but the reaction of the board in this case makes me feeling ill. Not a care for other human beings who might be so down and out they saw no other way but to have an illegal cache of weapons they could sell for quick, hard cold cash. 

It actually get’s worse, the reaction of the townspeople is absolutely disgusting, they are looking down their noses at this family, shunning them and outrageously stating that they no longer feel safe?

Get fucked. Clearly they have never heard of taking pity on those that are down or being humane and trying to find out the reasons why rather jump to fucking conclusions. 

Cristal M Clark


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Sending Meth to an Inmate 

Boulder County Jail Taking in More Than Just Inmates 

Cristal M Clark

I am not quite sure how exactly this happened but it seems that liquid meth was being sent to inmates at the Boulder County Jail recently with the help of the US Postal Service and, that the drugs had been sent undetected. That is until an anonymous tipster reported the activity to the Boulder County Sheriffs department. 

Nothing surprises me anymore right, why would anyone send drugs to inmates, talk about risky. 

According to the incident report, when the inmates involved were identified, several letters tested positive for meth. And, it took investigators roughly 6 months to determine that the tipster had provided accurate intel through a totally unnecessary investigation, I mean if you test one or two letters or photos that more or less spells out toured details rather gloriously. 

At any rate, investigators found that 109.82 grams of methamphetamine-soaked paper and 137.92 grams of ketamine-soaked photos entered the jail via mail, to the suspected inmates and had been distributed around the facility. 

Really? I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. It’s been known for quite some time that inmates are utilising drug soaked paper and photos to get drugs into jails and jails have yet to figure out a way to sort out how to detect it? So you’ve got drug deals happening in the yard? High inmates just whacked out on meth wondering about the jail? And no one noticed anything out a wee bit off? Right? 

Well, that sounds quite lovely. 

All in all 5 inmates were rounded up and are now facing fresh new charges along, in some cases with the one’s they were already sitting in county jail on. 

The Four Horsemen in this incident are and I am more than sure not entirely limited to:

33-yer-old Keith Alan Beyer, 25-year-old Brett Heath Imhof, 49-year-old Kelley Christine Larkin, 34-year-old Kelli Rae Lynch and, one 36-year-old unidentified inmate with charges pending. The two ladies were civilians and not housed at the jail, so I would assume the senders of the drug laden mail.

The charges are extensive in this case but to name a few they are:

Conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, or possess with intent to manufacture or distribute controlled substances. 

Conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, or possess with intent to manufacture or distribute controlled substances – schedule I or II – 14 to 225 grams

Introducing contraband in both the first and second degree and from both inside and outside of the jail. 

Some of the charges if you read the entirety of the report seem excessive and repetitive, which is part of the rather archaic way our judicial system is designed. Its purpose is to ensure any charge on the table sticks and its fan of the maximum sentencing.

I get it, these individuals broke the law so we charge them but a lists of charges that end up the length of a Stephen King Novel? The first charge is quite enough, we don’t need to go overboard with charging people, it’s a complete waste of tax dollars and time and effort especially after an unnecessary 6 month investigation just to get the same answer you would have gotten within minutes. There really is no need to the excess here.

Sounds like they really had it out for this crew. 

Cristal M Clark


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Hiring a Hitman is Easier Now Than Ever

Woman Arrested After Trying to Hire Hitman on rentahitman.com

Cristal M Clark 

Seriously if you are going to have a website dedicated to hitmen or women why the fuck would you call it rentahitman.com?

Zandra Ellis from New Orleans found herself in a wee bit of hot water with the FBI for trying to hire a hitman through a website called rentahitman.com.  

I mean really who would not fall for such a catchy slogan such as this: “Got a problem that needs resolving? With over 17,985 U.S. based field operatives, we can find a solution that’s right for you!”

The website in question also had a lot of reviews, but I am not the only one reporting on this, so I am sure the site will soon be taken down because this is not what our tax dollars are paying you idiots to fucking do. 

“Customers” from across the U.S. One, from “Abigail P.,” reads, “My consultation was fast and free and they took care of everything while I was on vacation. Highly recommended!” Another, from “Stuart M.,” says, “My old grouchy landlord was a real problem and wouldn’t leave my family alone. I filled out the service request form and within days, my issue was completely resolved. Would highly recommend!”

Really, who in the fuck is writing such reviews? These are absolutely absurd. 

Rent-A-Hitman also assures clients that their identities “will remain private as required under HIPPA?!?!?” This makes no sense.

In part, honestly, Zandra falling for this, well you deserve jail, its absolutely ridiculous. 

And as it were, it is in fact a fake website, one that is tied directly to the FBI. 

The FBI was once a posh agency, not anything like the CIA or some secretive rather secerative parts of the CIA but the FBI doing this is more like the senior in high school, heading of to college CIA agent’s, little kindergarten brother who’s still putting clay up his nose or making a booger wall thinking that it’s funny.

Really, if I wanted to hire a hitman I could walk out my back door, with the amount of homeless individuals here in Denver, I could find one quite a rather bit easily, send him on his merry little way to do the job and he’d never remember me or where I am. 

Now, now do not get your little panties into a wad here, I know what some of you are thinking that would be me taking advantage of a bad situation, so is the FBI. I am telling you that to prove a point. Why should the FBI be allowed to play such games so as to entice and entrap individuals and I cannot? Come now. This woman probably never would have gone through with anything had the FBI not created the avenue for it. 

That is fairly plan and fucking simple. 

After my last report you’d think they would be focusing on other more important issues here. 

Rent-A-Hitman.com, a website run by a California IT specialist that has already ensnared numerous others looking to have someone knocked off? Rent-A-Hitman.com owner and administrator Robert Innes says that “I get requests every single day. Despite the attention in the news media, podcasts, online videos, people still see this as a place where they can attempt to hire a hitman. It’s mind-boggling. I just don’t get it.”

Hmm interesting take. I certainly hope that these kids who like swatting do not find out where Robert lives. Or for that matter anonymous finding him.

Go to the homepage of rentahitman.com, look at it, “The dark web is not safe but we are”, “Help keep Guido & this site highly caffeinated”

This man couldn’t possibly find anything better to do with his time, like oh I do not know, hack into some of the social media groups the DHS can’t seem to access? This is how the FBI is wasting its time, let crime fall into your lap because really quite frankly we are too lazy to actually do anything so as to investigate or fight actual crime. We are firm in are stance that we will now set people up who are down and out and saying things that they do not really mean.

Fuck off with that. 

Cristal M Clark


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Watchdog Finds DHS & The FBI Not Doing Their Jobs

Or Rather Failing Gloriously at it

Cristal M Clark 

In completely not surprising news, this past week independent watchdog groups reported that both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have seemingly been failing at doing their jobs. 

No Shite, if the increase in violence running rampant across this country didn’t spell that out for you, I do not what else would. 

Let us start with the FBI, who likes to join in these joint operations targeting certain groups yet seems completely incapable from stopping anyone who should not have weapons from having weapons. 

Within the past two years alone, gun sales have more than tripled and the FBI is tasked with running background checks upon individuals who desire to obtain a gun. 

According to the FBI, their own words between 2020 and 2021 they had the opportunity to run well over 1 million background checks. I believe the here key words are “had the opportunity.” Because of course they were unable to keep up.

You see, 4.2% of those background checks took longer than 3 business days, which means that after the 3rd business day, federal law allows dealers to sell weapons whilst the background check is still pending, which potentially could and did put weapons into the hands of people who cannot legally own a gun because of mental illness or their criminal history. 

So, the FBI ultimately completed about 1/4th of those delayed background checks and discovered that 11,564 people were able to buy guns in 2020 and 2021 before the check showed that they should not have been allowed to actually purchase a gun. 

Now some dealers and states today have rules about that sort of thing however, sometimes it is the dealers choice so the reality is that we have way of knowing just how many individuals are walking around with a gun who might not have passed the FBI’s background check. 

That is quite lovely is it not?

As to the DHS, it would seem that they are doing no better of a job, according to a new 29, page report by the DHS watchdog group, they found that yes, the Department of Homeland Security could be doing more to thwart to address the threats of domestic terrorism.

The report comes on the heels of an uptick in mass shootings that have been shaking the country and prompting questions about the federal law enforcement response or rather, the lack thereof. 

The reasons to name a few are but certainly not limited to:

Not surprising it was revealed that the DHS has absolutely no long term approach to countering domestic terrorism.

According to the DHS Inspector General, both classified and public advisories issued by the Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis “may not be timely to help them take steps to protect themselves from threats.”

That couldn’t be because law enforcement agencies fail, over and over again to actually work together, could it?

Now they could have and should have: the DHS National Terrorism Advisory System did not issue any terrorism alerts from December 2015 – February 2022.

That’s right, these blokes issued not one and how many mass shootings did we see where law enforcement had been given warnings about the shooter prior to the mass shooting?

DHS also sites having “Limited access” to information necessary to identify domestic terrorism threats. Officials in DHS’ intelligence known as the Office of Intelligence and Analysis told auditors that they simply “cannot access some types of information that is not publicly available, such as private social media groups and encrypted messaging applications.” 

Really? Hackers seem to be able to do that all of the time, by the way individuals report threats could help if you ask and what you are somehow unable to utilise a concerned citizen to gain access to such information. Is that somehow uneheard of?

This sounds a rather bit like utter bullshit to me. 

Whats worse is that the very group dedicated to implementing the DHS strategic plan to combat terrorism has no decision authority, no separate funding and no dedicated staff. Cry me a river, lower your hiring standards and you’ll soon find a dedicated staff. The excuses here are astounding. 

They are also utilising the excuse of having an inconsistent focus on domestic terrorism. Well, that much is crystal clear. 

Between the FBI and the DHS it is very clear that they have done very little in the way of thwarting domestic attacks, very little in the way of actually trying. Why did take a watchdog group to come forward with this information and not those at the top both the FBI and DHS? Oh right, they like those fat pay checks and having zero accountability. 

So who is really going to protect this nation? It is clear that policing is out the window since they don’t seem to want to do it, but then the FBI does’t and now DHS? Who do the men and women of this nation turn to for protection now that the three major law enforcement groups have basically been called out for failing at each and every turn to do that? It would seem to me that both groups would rather lay blame at others than be held accountable and ask for help when needed.

What tends to make this all the worse is that reports are surfacing that predict a rise in even more violence as inflation remains so very high and we are heading into a recession. The two combined will in fact, make individuals behave erratically and at times with violence. 

And the other assuring tidbit we have, DHS and the FBI have managed to fail rather gloriously. 

Cristal M Clark


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