Careful What you Tweet 

Careful What you Tweet 

Law Enforcement Might End Up At Your Home Unless You are a Church Advocating Mass Murder

Cristal M Clark

In a rather unusual move the Department of Homeland Security showed up at a Texas woman’s home over a tweet that she had posted. It is a little shocking to see this type of move whilst virtually all law enforcement groups tend to ignore clearly dangerous and deranged individuals who end up delightfully going on a mass shooting sprees. 

Two law enforcement officers and one DHS agent went to Mattie Walker’s home in Garland, Texas this past week and presented her with a letter from DHS warning her that she could face criminal charges over a tweet she had posted. 

And the tweet that upset law enforcement reads: “Burn every fucking government building down right the fuck now.

”Slaughter them all. Fuck you god damn pigs.”

Mattie was given a letter signed by Joshua H Henry, who is a special agent with the DHS’ Federal Protective Service (FPS).

“This letter is to advise you that any further communications containing any real or implied harassment/threats against the personal safety of agencies, employees or contractors towards government officials are unwarranted and unwelcome,” the letter reads.

“You are advised as of the date of this letter to cease and desist in any conduct deemed harassing/threatening in nature when communicating to or about the federal government. Failure to comply with this request could result in the filing of criminal charges.” 

I’m sorry, I still do not get it, law enforcement fails to stop a mass shooter who is posting threats on social media, whom friends, family, coworkers and, concerned citizens report but, they will show up at some woman’s home over a tweet, that she clearly posted in anger and jest not intending to actually prompt anyone to burn things down?

This has to be a bloody fucking joke right? Well it is not a joke, in fact, it would seem that our friend Joshua Henry reported to the media that Mattie is more or less taking this as a joke and is not taking it seriously so he is going to be a petulant child and report this to a United States Attorney so that they can decide what to do with Mattie since she is not remorseful. 

The letter it is dated June 29, 2022 yet references a tweet June 4, 2022, Mattie’s tweet, well it, was well after June 4th, it was in response to the United States Supreme Joke’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade.

What’s more is what the fuck is law enforcement doing about that anti-LGBTQ Stedfast Baptist Church in Texas. You know the one where the church’s pastors called for mass murder from the pulpit? 

Church Pastor Dillon Awes said during his sermon.“These people should be killed, every single homosexual in our country should be charged with a crime. The horror of homosexuality they have should be tried in a due process. They should be sentenced to death. They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head.”

So to be clear it is perfectly fine to threaten and advocate for murdering individuals, human beings? Fuck off with that.

Cristal M Clark

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