Hiring a Hitman is Easier Now Than Ever

Hiring a Hitman is Easier Now Than Ever

Woman Arrested After Trying to Hire Hitman on rentahitman.com

Cristal M Clark 

Seriously if you are going to have a website dedicated to hitmen or women why the fuck would you call it rentahitman.com?

Zandra Ellis from New Orleans found herself in a wee bit of hot water with the FBI for trying to hire a hitman through a website called rentahitman.com.  

I mean really who would not fall for such a catchy slogan such as this: “Got a problem that needs resolving? With over 17,985 U.S. based field operatives, we can find a solution that’s right for you!”

The website in question also had a lot of reviews, but I am not the only one reporting on this, so I am sure the site will soon be taken down because this is not what our tax dollars are paying you idiots to fucking do. 

“Customers” from across the U.S. One, from “Abigail P.,” reads, “My consultation was fast and free and they took care of everything while I was on vacation. Highly recommended!” Another, from “Stuart M.,” says, “My old grouchy landlord was a real problem and wouldn’t leave my family alone. I filled out the service request form and within days, my issue was completely resolved. Would highly recommend!”

Really, who in the fuck is writing such reviews? These are absolutely absurd. 

Rent-A-Hitman also assures clients that their identities “will remain private as required under HIPPA?!?!?” This makes no sense.

In part, honestly, Zandra falling for this, well you deserve jail, its absolutely ridiculous. 

And as it were, it is in fact a fake website, one that is tied directly to the FBI. 

The FBI was once a posh agency, not anything like the CIA or some secretive rather secerative parts of the CIA but the FBI doing this is more like the senior in high school, heading of to college CIA agent’s, little kindergarten brother who’s still putting clay up his nose or making a booger wall thinking that it’s funny.

Really, if I wanted to hire a hitman I could walk out my back door, with the amount of homeless individuals here in Denver, I could find one quite a rather bit easily, send him on his merry little way to do the job and he’d never remember me or where I am. 

Now, now do not get your little panties into a wad here, I know what some of you are thinking that would be me taking advantage of a bad situation, so is the FBI. I am telling you that to prove a point. Why should the FBI be allowed to play such games so as to entice and entrap individuals and I cannot? Come now. This woman probably never would have gone through with anything had the FBI not created the avenue for it. 

That is fairly plan and fucking simple. 

After my last report you’d think they would be focusing on other more important issues here. 

Rent-A-Hitman.com, a website run by a California IT specialist that has already ensnared numerous others looking to have someone knocked off? Rent-A-Hitman.com owner and administrator Robert Innes says that “I get requests every single day. Despite the attention in the news media, podcasts, online videos, people still see this as a place where they can attempt to hire a hitman. It’s mind-boggling. I just don’t get it.”

Hmm interesting take. I certainly hope that these kids who like swatting do not find out where Robert lives. Or for that matter anonymous finding him.

Go to the homepage of rentahitman.com, look at it, “The dark web is not safe but we are”, “Help keep Guido & this site highly caffeinated”

This man couldn’t possibly find anything better to do with his time, like oh I do not know, hack into some of the social media groups the DHS can’t seem to access? This is how the FBI is wasting its time, let crime fall into your lap because really quite frankly we are too lazy to actually do anything so as to investigate or fight actual crime. We are firm in are stance that we will now set people up who are down and out and saying things that they do not really mean.

Fuck off with that. 

Cristal M Clark


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