Watchdog Finds DHS & The FBI Not Doing Their Jobs

Watchdog Finds DHS & The FBI Not Doing Their Jobs

Or Rather Failing Gloriously at it

Cristal M Clark 

In completely not surprising news, this past week independent watchdog groups reported that both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have seemingly been failing at doing their jobs. 

No Shite, if the increase in violence running rampant across this country didn’t spell that out for you, I do not what else would. 

Let us start with the FBI, who likes to join in these joint operations targeting certain groups yet seems completely incapable from stopping anyone who should not have weapons from having weapons. 

Within the past two years alone, gun sales have more than tripled and the FBI is tasked with running background checks upon individuals who desire to obtain a gun. 

According to the FBI, their own words between 2020 and 2021 they had the opportunity to run well over 1 million background checks. I believe the here key words are “had the opportunity.” Because of course they were unable to keep up.

You see, 4.2% of those background checks took longer than 3 business days, which means that after the 3rd business day, federal law allows dealers to sell weapons whilst the background check is still pending, which potentially could and did put weapons into the hands of people who cannot legally own a gun because of mental illness or their criminal history. 

So, the FBI ultimately completed about 1/4th of those delayed background checks and discovered that 11,564 people were able to buy guns in 2020 and 2021 before the check showed that they should not have been allowed to actually purchase a gun. 

Now some dealers and states today have rules about that sort of thing however, sometimes it is the dealers choice so the reality is that we have way of knowing just how many individuals are walking around with a gun who might not have passed the FBI’s background check. 

That is quite lovely is it not?

As to the DHS, it would seem that they are doing no better of a job, according to a new 29, page report by the DHS watchdog group, they found that yes, the Department of Homeland Security could be doing more to thwart to address the threats of domestic terrorism.

The report comes on the heels of an uptick in mass shootings that have been shaking the country and prompting questions about the federal law enforcement response or rather, the lack thereof. 

The reasons to name a few are but certainly not limited to:

Not surprising it was revealed that the DHS has absolutely no long term approach to countering domestic terrorism.

According to the DHS Inspector General, both classified and public advisories issued by the Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis “may not be timely to help them take steps to protect themselves from threats.”

That couldn’t be because law enforcement agencies fail, over and over again to actually work together, could it?

Now they could have and should have: the DHS National Terrorism Advisory System did not issue any terrorism alerts from December 2015 – February 2022.

That’s right, these blokes issued not one and how many mass shootings did we see where law enforcement had been given warnings about the shooter prior to the mass shooting?

DHS also sites having “Limited access” to information necessary to identify domestic terrorism threats. Officials in DHS’ intelligence known as the Office of Intelligence and Analysis told auditors that they simply “cannot access some types of information that is not publicly available, such as private social media groups and encrypted messaging applications.” 

Really? Hackers seem to be able to do that all of the time, by the way individuals report threats could help if you ask and what you are somehow unable to utilise a concerned citizen to gain access to such information. Is that somehow uneheard of?

This sounds a rather bit like utter bullshit to me. 

Whats worse is that the very group dedicated to implementing the DHS strategic plan to combat terrorism has no decision authority, no separate funding and no dedicated staff. Cry me a river, lower your hiring standards and you’ll soon find a dedicated staff. The excuses here are astounding. 

They are also utilising the excuse of having an inconsistent focus on domestic terrorism. Well, that much is crystal clear. 

Between the FBI and the DHS it is very clear that they have done very little in the way of thwarting domestic attacks, very little in the way of actually trying. Why did take a watchdog group to come forward with this information and not those at the top both the FBI and DHS? Oh right, they like those fat pay checks and having zero accountability. 

So who is really going to protect this nation? It is clear that policing is out the window since they don’t seem to want to do it, but then the FBI does’t and now DHS? Who do the men and women of this nation turn to for protection now that the three major law enforcement groups have basically been called out for failing at each and every turn to do that? It would seem to me that both groups would rather lay blame at others than be held accountable and ask for help when needed.

What tends to make this all the worse is that reports are surfacing that predict a rise in even more violence as inflation remains so very high and we are heading into a recession. The two combined will in fact, make individuals behave erratically and at times with violence. 

And the other assuring tidbit we have, DHS and the FBI have managed to fail rather gloriously. 

Cristal M Clark

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