Homeless? Why Not Move to a Museum

Homeless? Why Not Move to a Museum

Better Yet, Move Your Whole Family Into One

Cristal M Clark 

I walk outside my door and see tents all over the sidewalks here in Denver, the homeless issues are astounding nationwide and people are becoming desperate for housing, food, toiletries, and things we all take for granted.

Don’t get me wrong here, I find it to be a burden upon society, and I do not feel safe walking around Cap Hill here in Denver or going out after dark. I don’t like knowing that these homeless individuals are shatting and pissing everywhere the smell in Denver on super hot days is no longer weed, it’s just straight up piss. 

The police clear out an encampment and another pops up in its place within minutes or creatively a few feet or so away. 

Equally so, people who pay good money for housing do not appreciate walking outside and seeing a tent city sprouting up along the sidewalks. It’s a gut wrenching issue and one that which has no easy answer to cure. 

Homeless people used to break the law for jail time, all to have a roof over their head, a shower and three meals a day, now they can’t get jail time for simply camping where they should not so they tend to commit higher risk criminal activity. 

What we fail to do is address individual issues and create a system that is designed so as to actually help them all. We are dumping money into programs that are bandaids. 

I will not post the mother or fathers pictures for this article because I genuinely feel for this family, at this point. They did not go on a mass shooting spree and their is no indication that they meant anyone harm or had ill intent. This is a family that needed a safe place to stay with their children. 

In Carson City, Nevada for one family they found refuge in a children’s museum and although the national media is reporting that the family also had a cache of illegally owned weapons what it is not being reported is why the family had to take refuge in a Children’s museum rather than an actual apartment or home. 

According to police, on June the 30th, 42-year-old Wilbert Calhoun’s 2-year-old son had been found wondering about a nearby road. Upon questioning this 2-year old and his 4-year-old sister, officers determined that the children were in fact living inside of the children’s museum with their father who was the museums janitor and his wife who was the museum’s manager. 

Ahh the plot thickens.  

The museum’s board of directors had this to say: “We are shocked and saddened that this happened on our watch and we are working hard to make sure that nothing like this will ever happen again.” 

By paying your janitor and museum manager a living wage right? See that is the entire point, why did this family have to move into a museum in the first bloody place?

The board is not at all bothered to learn the details of why it were that a family was living in your goddman children’s museum it’s just oh weapons and he’s bad father and a bad man.

Let’s not bother ourselves with the details as to why. 

But the real problem with the entire story as it were reported by the mainstream media both national and local is that the headlines they posted focused on the weapons the family was found to have with them. Not why, not why living here, why on earth do you have these illegal guns? You know perhaps they are so low paid they were hoping to sell them for food and necessities?

The family have been charged and the children were taken away I would assume. 

I don’t know about you all but the reaction of the board in this case makes me feeling ill. Not a care for other human beings who might be so down and out they saw no other way but to have an illegal cache of weapons they could sell for quick, hard cold cash. 

It actually get’s worse, the reaction of the townspeople is absolutely disgusting, they are looking down their noses at this family, shunning them and outrageously stating that they no longer feel safe?

Get fucked. Clearly they have never heard of taking pity on those that are down or being humane and trying to find out the reasons why rather jump to fucking conclusions. 

Cristal M Clark


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