Vladmir Putin’s Motorcycle Club Facing EU Sanctions

Vladmir Putin’s Motorcycle Club Facing EU Sanctions

Introducing The Night Wolves

Cristal M Clark 

The Night Wolves motorcycle club happen to be staunch supporters of Vladmir Putin and now they are being sanctioned by the EU over that support. Putin has been known to be seen with this club on various occasions and he very much supports them. 

This is a crucial lesson for law enforcement worldwide, the clubs that which mainstream media and law enforcement refer to as outlaw biker gangs are not gangs but powerful business enterprises and, Putin is smashing the glass ceiling and showing that to us all, regardless of which club or where they hail from. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with the leader of Nochniye Volki (the Night Wolves) biker group, Alexander Zaldostanov, also known as Khirurg (the Surgeon), right, as he visits the group’s club en route from Sevastopol to Yalta, in the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine, Thursday, July 12, 2012. (AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Mikhail Klimentyev, Presidential Press Service)

That’s actually quite smart on Putin’s part you see, these clubs are quite powerful and although they do at times engage in questionable dealings such as drugs, guns and trafficking it is no worse than what we see every day with crooked coppers, politicians, Congress and the Senate here in the United States. 

With law enforcement recruitment numbers dwindling at least here in the US, I am not sure it is smart to sanction or to imprison club members much less continue to go after them, worldwide as they just might work themselves out to be our next line of defence. 

The Night Wolves are Putin’s army on the street, they have staged rallies and music concerts to support the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, For that they were targeted in measures designed to punish propagandists who are publicly supporting the war. 

This club have been riding across central Russia with the pro-war Z symbol displayed on their motorcycles and they are collecting cash donations for people living in the Russian-occupied states in the eastern Ukraine.

So right, they are being sanctioned over collecting donations for their brothers and sisters? It is as if I am looking through a mirror, this is what happens to motorcycle clubs here in the United States. Law enforcement throws a label at them and makes them into the bad guys so they can imprison them. They are not allowed to be publicly supportive of anything, and they are also not allowed to support brothers and sisters if it goes against what the majority thinks or believes is right. 

And let us not forget much like here in the United States, they are not referred to as a biker club, they are being labelled as biker gang. 

The word gang, why this label I cannot think of the last time I walked out my front door and saw a biker with a patch shaking down the little shop owner on the corner or getting into a turf war shootout like actual real gangs do here in Denver, Colorado. 

I am sure that The Night Wolves have nothing to worry about on this because worldwide this sort thing will gain them huge amounts of support, it’s called freedom and the world had better start getting used to it, because these sort of headlines are becoming more and more prevalent. 

Ride or Die boys, although I am not a fan of the war or the invasion Ukraine, I do however support your right to support your leader and whatever it is that he does during his time in leadership. 

Cristal M Clark


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