Frightening Study Shows American’s No Longer Trust United States Government

Frightening Study Shows American’s No Longer Trust United States Government

Many Readying To Take Up Arms Against United States Government 

Cristal M Clark 

If you ask anyone regardless of party affiliation or where they lean politically, you will find that here in the United States on average the vast majority of the population believe that our Government is corrupt and now according to a new poll from the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, almost a third of Americans say that it may soon be necessary to take up arms against our corrupt government.

Here is how that breaks down for those that want to know:

Two-thirds of Republicans and independents say the government is corrupt and rigged against everyday people compared to 51% of liberal voters.

28% of all voters, including 37% of gun owners, agreed.

And, One in five Democrats concurred with all of the above.

Despite everything surrounding January 6th, roughly 56% of the American public say elections are fair and accurate, but that number falls to 33% among Republicans.

More than 70% of Republicans and more than 70% of Democrats both agree the other side are bullies who want to impose their political beliefs on those who disagree.

Which is true of both sides quite frankly. Some sides are blaming Donald Trump and those in Government that are like him, whilst others are blaming our current President who’s eyes freak me out quite honestly, to Hillary Clinton and those sorts. 

It makes no difference who is to blame for what here, both sides are wrong and both sides right depending on who supports them and who does not. 

Each want what they want for their respective supporters, however, both sides are teaming to agree that no one believe our current politicians really give a fuck about any of us regular, average people which in turn plays a rather large role in the idea that American’s no longer trust our Government. 

The biggest challenge that we face is quite simple we are two nations struggling rather poorly to be seen as one united nation , which is something that we really never were. 

The world watching American’s say that they are ready to arm themselves against our own Government is quite alarming, sadly our Government is to inept to see it. 

Think about how pathetic, sad and alarming this looks to the world. 

Previously I wrote about something Michael Podhorzer came out and stated, which is absolute truth, we are not one nation and, we never have been, we are two nations, who are struggling to live as one. 

It is as if you know that you should get the divorce because the kids are seeing you argue day in and day out and are suffering for it but you stick around hoping that it will change. 

That’s the thing in our case here in the Untied States, not even therapy will help, it is not going to change. It’s been this way since settlers first arrived. 

One would wonder when it will be that our illustrious government will finally come to terms with this and accept the reality that we are not one but, rather two nations and therefor should file for a legal separation of our rather torrid and ugly marriage.

Now what that would end up looking like I do not know, I would imagine it would be something like the North and South splitting up or it could very well end up being the east and the west, who knows the fact is that it is something that should have been done long ago because at this rate, things will only worsen if we continue to try to force two distinctly different nations to continue to be one.

Cristal M Clark

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