Robot Reaches Over and Breaks Childs Finger

Robot Reaches Over and Breaks Childs Finger

AI Gone Awry

Cristal M Clark 

You know, I am all for AI if we could get things working properly and sorted correctly. I really am all for having IA all over. But when the robot breaks a kids finger, that I just cannot get behind.

In Moscow, Russia during a chess match I guess the robot got a we bit confused and reached out and broke a little kids finger. 

According to Moscow Chess Federation President Sergei Lazarev the robot broke a 7-year-old boy’s finger whilst they were playing chess during a tournament. 

During a match at the Moscow Chess Open last Thursday, the young chess player made a move on the board and did not give enough time for the robot to respond so the robot then grabbed his finger and broke it.

The federation had rented the robot several times before without incident, and have nothing to do with its programming. 

This is actually a good case in point where it is important to note that if you are going to play with robots at some point you will need to give them the ability to be human and think on their own. It actually needs to be built into the programming, which means that yes, they would have the ability to make decisions. Human nature is rife with error so it makes very little sense to have us determine when to make a move, the robot needs to study us and learn on its own. 

This little boy of course deserves a round applause, he returned to the match despite the broken finger.

Cristal M Clark

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