Donald Trump – Prison Orange Might Clash with Trump’s Skin Tone

Donald Trump – Prison Orange Might Clash with Trump’s Skin Tone

As Donald Trump’s Legal Team Prepares for Criminal Charges

Cristal M Clark

Quite a few American’s agree that, Donald Trump should be in prison over the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. In fact as of now, his very own legal team is preparing for criminal charges to be handed down, according to Rolling Stone, whilst Trump worries about prison orange clashing with his unnatural skin tone.

The January 6 committee and all of the witnesses thus far are in fact proving just how unhinged Donald Trump truly is. So far they have shown clearly the level at which he was willing to cause a war here on US soil had no bounds.

The question of course, becomes whether or not the Department of Justice is actually going to indict a former president let alone Donald Trump, the biggest con man in the world.

Let us not forget that the DOJ is reportedly now investigating Donald Trump’s specific actions surrounding the plot to overturn the election results and the ensuing insurrection suggests, that just it might be willing to charge Donald Trump.

If we are going to be completely honest, Trump did encourage the insurrection, wanted the then Vice President Mike Pence hung and demanded to be taken to the riots at the Capitol not to try to help stop them but, to cause as much mayhem and encouragement towards violent acts as humanly possible. 

He tried to bully state officials in Georgia to overturn the election results, sent out fake electoral officials and built up an army of solid American’s through lies. He played on their patriotism and used it against the United States Capitol because he did not get his fucking way.

What a wanker!

He used the good old fashioned American Patriot and is now hoping to utilise them as his scapegoats. 

Trump had been informed that some of his supporters who’d gathered in D.C. on the day of the riot were as a matter of fact, armed, yet demanded they be allowed in to hear his “Stop the Steal” speech anyway. Knowing that it would set off a chain of undoable events. Trump also assaulted a Secret Service agent after being told he could not march to the Capitol himself.

The former chief of staff was also in the Oval Office during a January 4, 2021, meeting in which attorney John Eastman pressured Pence to either suspend the Electoral College vote count and ask willing state legislatures to reexamine their results, or just reject Joe Biden’s win outright.

Mike Pence’s chief legal counsel, was present at that same meeting, and told the January 6 committee: “During that meeting on the fourth, I think I raised the problem that both of Mr. Eastman’s proposals would violate several provisions of the Electoral Count Act. Mr. Eastman acknowledged that was the case, that even what he viewed as the more politically palatable option would violate several provisions.”

Why in March, a federal judge wrote that Eastman and Trump very likely committed a crime in attempting to overturn the election, and noted that “the illegality of the plan was obvious.”

According to Rolling Stone, Trump reportedly believes that running for president will allow him to claim the investigation is a politically motivated witch hunt, while actually winning a second term will let him shut it down and possibly have anyone working on it, prosecuted. 

Will Attorney General Merrick Garland charge Trump or will he not, over fears of politicising the agency?

That question is really rather stupid the man broke the law, attempted to break several other laws, tried intimidate state and local officials over the election, incited a riot that led to an insurrection that promised violence and one that which a human being lost his life over.

Ahhh, let us not forget officer 42-year old, Brian Sicknick, who tried to stop rioters and suffered two strokes after the insurrection which ultimately caused his death, that was incorrectly ruled accidental. 

Donald Trump was elected and served as President of the United States and caused an insurrection politicising the untrue and used men and women who love this country, who are willing to fight tooth and nail for it. 

He, in fact politicised this and now it is time he pay the price for breaking the law and if our illustrious Attorney General is afraid to charge Donald Trump for his actions, weak Merrick Garland should not serve as an attorney general, anywhere. He should worry about the law and not the optics and narrative that Trump is clearly still controlling.

The one thing we know for sure is that if Trump is not charged to the fullest extent of the law, this nation’s already distrust of Government and Law Enforcement will only deepen and potentially push us closer to a disastrous breaking point.    

Cristal M Clark

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