Martin Shkreli Has No idea What an IQ Test Is

Martin Shkreli Has No idea What an IQ Test Is

Yet Want’s you to Believe He is the Smartest Human Being Ever

Cristal M Clark

Show of hands, does anyone know what an IQ test really is? Better yet, how many individuals who have an above average IQ actually feel the need to inform you of that?

Right, no one.

Martin Shkreli took an IQ test and claims to be of superior intellect however, the test results do not appear to show that.

First, let’s get to what an IQ test really is.  

Way back in 1905, psychologists Alfred Binet and Théodore Simon designed a test for children who were struggling in school in France. The test was designed to determine which children required individualised attention, their method formed the basis of the modern IQ test.

Today’s IQ tests measure a variety of skills like working memory, fluid reasoning, verbal comprehension and more. But the science suggests IQ tests are still not well equipped to provide meaningful scores for these separate abilities and should be interpreted only as measuring someone’s overall general intelligence. 

Hence the current test do not truly measure an individual’s true level of intelligence nor are they designed to prove to you that someone is of far superior intellect unlike Martin would like to mislead you into believing. 

So, the reality is that you could be a complete idiot and still be able to have a working memory, fluid reasoning, verbal comprehension and so on and not be remarkably intelligent at all.

Which brings us to Martin Shkreli, who took an IQ test live but was it really all that live if not just yet another ploy? 

Martin submitted to a voluntary IQ test and streamed it online. The stunt took roughly 45 minutes and, showed a score of a puny 129, putting him in the “above average or bright” category yet not as far superior as he claims he is. Now he did have someone coddling him as well and stroking his ego, like men of who suffer form some form of penile disfunction so need in order to feel superior. 

The Coddler is someone named Taylor Warfield and she says that she  Martin’s director of communications and went on to claim that he had scored 129 on the “first half” of the test, and that his final score was 258. 

Yet Martin admitted during his live stream that his IQ is only 129.

Clearly two idiots, made for one another. 

Martin has claimed in the past to have an IQ of 159 and this test, the actual live version showed that to be quite untrue. In fact, the doctor who performed the original psychological evaluation reported that Martin had multiple psychological issues, including generalised anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder and unspecified personality disorder which, would more than likely fall along the lines of someone who has narcissistic traits, I would assume. Feelings of grandeur certainly fall under that category which we all know Martin suffers from.

At any rate, Martin was previously subjected to an IQ test as part of a full psychological evaluation before his sentencing hearing. At the time, he wrote in a letter that he wanted to have the evaluation circulated widely, because “I want to watch the press squirm when they see I have a 150 IQ and no overt psychological issues.”  

Look, let’s be completely honest here, criminals even at Martin’s level are not well known to be of above average intelligence, not even close, they are gifted with the ability to easily con people, or find ways to make money that prey on insurers, people, systems that are not necessarily illegal. 

That does not in any way make them remarkably intelligent at all, it makes them quite the opposite and a complete waste of potential talent, someone we could help make incredibly intelligent if they were not trying to scam the system, but who would rather rob everyone and the system blind. They just know how to steal, con, rob and hurt people which is something most criminals with psychological issues do, on the daily. 

Cristal M Clark

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