Breach Forums Selling User Social Media Info on the Dark Web

Breach Forums Selling User Social Media Info on the Dark Web

Twitter and FaceBook Hacking Incidents Reported

Cristal M Clark 

Hackers have long targeted user information through social media, almost every single day you see something on Facebook that indicates someone’s account had been hacked and taken over by a hacker. 

Both Twitter and Facebook had a rather rough go of it last week in terms of revealing that hackers have yet again been able to access sensitive user information. 

Researchers announced that a new malware operation called “Ducktail” has been targeting individuals and employees who have access to a Facebook Business accounts. 

This malware steals browser cookies and takes advantage of authenticated Facebook sessions to steal information from the victim’s account. 

It can ultimately hijack any Facebook Business account or a regular account, so far it’s looking to be targeting mainly business accounts or user accounts that tied to the business accounts. 

Which is quite concerning for anyone who has a business account on Facebook- millions of companies, writers, actors, advertisers, activists and the like have accounts that they utilise both privately and professionally.

This new FaceBook malware however has been reported to be quick to act, this campaign is stealthier, looking to modify ad spends or introduce ad fraud.

Last week news also broke about an exploit over on Twitter that allowed hackers to acquire the phone number and/or email address associated with user accounts even if you had hidden those fields in the platform’s privacy setting, the hackers were still obtaining that intel.

HackerOne discovered user information for sale over at Breach Forums on the Dark Web, and according to HackerOne, the database consisted of 5.4 million users when they had last counted it, I am sure it is growing. 

The data base includes the datasets for celebrities, politicians and businesses, all which the owner of Breach Forums reportedly verified that the leaked data is in fact real user information.

Again, it is quite concerning, so many individuals and businesses use social media, the two biggest would be Twitter and Facebook, and if they continue to offer insecure platforms, users will have no choice but to find others to access social media audiences moving forward. 

Most of us who run our social media for entertainment purposes do bring in marketing, interns or PR teams to help run the social media, which experts say is fine as long as moving forward we start looking at bringing in some cyber security pros to help keep our information protected and safe. 

In either case, if you know how to use the Dark Web, you can see information about all of us for sale on the daily, hackers sometimes do not simply hold data hostage, it becomes more lucrative to sell it outright assuming it is the right type of data. 

Users both professionally and individual are going to have to get used to not oversharing, providing very little about your business or selves as you can in an effort to better protect your personal information and data. 

Last but not least, this should serve as news that the dark web is alive, well and thriving in contrast to what my friends over in mainstream media report. 

Cristal M Clark

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