American Apparel Company Selling T-Shirts that Read “Give Violence a Chance”

American Apparel Company Selling T-Shirts that Read “Give Violence a Chance”

Facing FTC Fine Over It’s Lies 

Cristal M Clark 

Utah-based Apparel Company Lions Not Sheep and its illustrious owner, Sean Whalen are known for some less than impressive clothing gear what they were not really known for was taking you, the consumer for a ride. 

This Lions Not Sheep is best known for selling clothing items that depict former President Donald Trump as the Terminator and feature military-style firearms as well as apparel that champions the Second Amendment along with violence. 

At any rate, what most people purchasing the companies clothing did not know, this all American company that promises American made apparel isn’t really selling American made, just the catch phrases as it were, as they were straight up busted ripping out the “Made in China” labels and sewing in their own hand made, “Made in USA Labels.”

That’s right, According to the FTC, the company added fake “Made in USA” labels to clothing that had been imported from China and other countries. The FTC however did not identify the other countries.

The FTC saw fit to fine Utah-based Lions Not Sheep along with owner Sean Whalen, after the Federal Trade Commission found that the company falsely claimed its imported apparel is made in the U.S.

In addition to that fine, under a 12-page order from the FTC, the company and its owner must “stop making bogus made in the USA” claims and “come clean about foreign production.”

As well as, any qualified Made in USA claims must include “a clear and conspicuous disclosure” about the extent to which the product contains foreign parts, ingredients or components, or processing.

The fine was just over $200K, but either way I doubt very much that Sean Whalen agree’s with the FTC’s decision here, it’s been reported after all that he did have a FaceBook post from 2020 where he says that the shirts he purchases are from China? 

The real question is, why the in the bloody hell would he think he can market that as made in the USA? So, if you had been purchasing this clothing I would venture to guess that you are the sheep who had in fact followed the lion.

Cristal M Clark

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