X.Com – Newest Venture for Elon Musk?

X.Com – Newest Venture for Elon Musk?

Elon Musk Just Teasing Us?

Cristal M Clark

I admit, I am fan of Elon Musk, as many in my professional position are, we tend to follow his hiring practices, his advice on how we interact with and invest in employees, not to mention he seems like a pretty chill guy for a billionaire. He is remarkably intelligent as far as making solid business decisions go, many in the business community look at Elon Musk as a mentor if you will. 

Now it seems he is teasing the public with a new idea – X.com, which would be his own social media website and honestly, I’d use it. The news is in response to a tweet asking what Elon’s plans were if his deal to purchase Twitter does not go through.

I know everyone has heard Elon planned on purchasing Twitter and he still might but the two have been arguing a bit of late over the number of Bots on Twitter. 

Which is a real concern, Twitter as I would imagine FaceBook and other social media sights do not seem to mind the extra padding of bots on the sites that count as users when they are seeking advertising dollars, investors or are looking to sell outright. 

Elon’s feeling is something like this:  He contends that the social media company isn’t producing the names of employees who are specifically responsible for evaluating how much of Twitter’s customer base is made up of spam and robot accounts.

Which is a credible argument particularly when it comes to Twitter. In part Twitters valuation is based on the number of users it has, but if they are not bothering themselves with counting how many real users they actually have compared to spam and robot accounts why should Elon even purchase Twitter then? 

Elon did get into a bit of hot water for even the very threat of backing out  of the deal over this and he is the one who got into trouble? That is fucking insane right? 

Let’s say that you own a company and you need to get some outside sales going, so you are looking to purchase an advertising list, and you are trying to vet the company that is trying to selling you that list but, you are not allowed to ask for proof of anything like, are the names, email address, phone numbers or people on the list even real? You just have to buy it at whatever value that company says the list is worth and take your chances.

Like any advertisers or investors who already are with Twitter do? Do they not want to know the truth? 

That’s cheating and it’s also misleading the markets. But who am I to judge right?

The mainstream media does not often paint the picture in the reality it truly is however, this is the nuts and bolts as to why Elon Musk still may try to back out of the Twitter deal and, rightfully so.  

One of the main reasons that I stopped posting regularly on both Twitter and Facebook were the number of fake accounts in addition to the frequent and rather rampant slip ups where user information is stolen and then sold on the dark web, as well as all of the goddamn hacking of the accounts where a user account gets locked out for the actual user and some arse hole hacker is in it delightfully fucking about. 

X.com and Elon do have a bit of history by the way, according to Yahoo Finance Elon purchased X.com in 2017 from PayPal, of which he is a former CEO.

Elon actually co-founded X.com in 1999 as an online bank, which was before the website was merged with a competitor in 2000. Elon then bought X.com back 17 years later.

According to Elon the domain has “great sentimental value” which he planned to use an umbrella website that would lead users to Elon’s other ventures like Tesla and SpaceX.

It is looking like Elon might still have to purchase Twitter, what he does with that and the idea of X.com after that is completely up to him, either way if he is in charge of either I would certainly feel like an actual adult would be in the room and start to do a much better job of protecting the actual users and report real data rather than inflated numbers because of the bot or fake accounts. 

Cristal M Clark


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