Family Goes for Deal at Storage Unit Sale

Ends Up with Dismembered Bodies

Cristal M Clark

People love storage unit sales, you can end up with some really cool stuff, typically these are units where the renter simply stopped paying the rent and you pay for the unit at an action type of sale and then whatever is in the unit, is yours.

Back in 2018 Dan Dotson, who operates his own auction house and stars in “Storage Wars” on A&E told a story about selling off a storage unit one time for $500 and the buyer ended up finding a safe that had $7.5 million in cash resting peacefully in it. 

Another time, back in 1989 a couple in Long Island, New York, paid $100 for a storage unit. Once they opened the door, the couple found not just A 1976 Lotus Esprit, but THE 1976 Lotus Esprit, that had been used in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Elon Musk ended up buying the contents off of the couple for a cool million.

But what no one would expect to land are suitcases full of dismembered body parts. Some poor Auckland, New Zealand family was shooting for some cool loot when they went to a storage unit auction and well, they got just slightly more than they had been expecting.

The family ended up with some really nice suitcases, only to realise that they were full of dismembered body parts which I am quite certain decreased the value of the storage unit as well as the suitcases almost immediately.

The family found the bodies once they had driven the contents of the storage unit several hours away to their home, parked in the yard, and then started opening the suitcases up, an entire day later.

I must admit that I am curious here, did no one smell the rotting flesh whilst the body parts were stored in those suitcases? Rotting flesh does put out quite the stink so you have to wonder why no one reported that?

Police said they were called to the scene immediately when the first suitcase revealed body parts. Beyond that, police are not saying anything however some local media is reporting this could be the work of a serial killer. According to onlookers, at least three hearses showed up to collect the bodies.

New Zealand authorities are now trying to identify the victims and trace the owner of the suitcases and the storage unit. I would be shocked if that individual did not use fake identification but you never know, perhaps they were less worried about the bodies being found than we would assume that they would be. 

Let’s just hope that the family is reimbursed for the purchase, it seems a rather bit unfair that they would end up with useless suitcases now and some dead bodies all about.  

Cristal M Clark

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