Beirut Man Holds up Bank

Beirut Man Holds up Bank

(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Just To Get His Own Money

Cristal M Clark

When I first happened across this story I was completely horrified, this is such horrific and traumatic human suffering at the hands of a Government and it’s leaders that I was left in utter and complete shock.  

When we think about human suffering we tend to think about things like assault, accidents, robbery, I know most of my long time readers know that I was an abused child, which carried over into adulthood where, I almost died at the hands of a man I was to marry years ago. 

Because of that, many of my coworkers who know about my past have this running joke about me, I never truly try to date because these poor men are just one text message away from setting me off. Which is quite true about me, I never tell that to the men that I am about to date at the onset so I never have to tell them about my torrid past and suffering and am able to just walk away. 

Prolonged human suffering is what that is. A defence mechanism against men if you will. But what happens when a Government is the perpetrator of that?

We do not often think about the things that Governments do to their people that can cause such suffering, anguish and pain. 

But this story paints quite a different picture from that of my own, for how could these citizens of Lebanon trust any Government anywhere in the world?

And the world, well we know and see their suffering and have done nothing to help them. 

Some are hailing this man in Beirut a local hero for, holding up a bank and taking hostages all so that he could withdraw his own, yes his very own money.

Before we play out the situation, allow for me to explain how on earth this could be happening.

Apparently, in Lebanon back in 2019 the government put into place some horrific limits on withdrawals of foreign currency assets which effectively freezes them. This poor man had around $210K that is being held hostage by his government and bank.

The way the World Bank is describing the situation over in Lebanon is: ” a deliberate depression that was orchestrated by the country’s elite,” which is true and fair. They are basically forcing the citizens of that nation into poverty which is really quite fucked up.

 42-year old Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein held 10 people hostage inside a Beirut bank in an attempt to get access to his own savings and he is being hailed as a hero in Lebanon, which is suffering from its worst economic crisis in modern history.

An economic crisis that was brought about its very own Government and its leaders. 

The situation ended up in a 7, yes 7 hour standoff and all this man wanted was to access to his savings and to withdraw some of his own savings. 

According to officials he entered the Federal Bank last Thursday with a shotgun and a canister of petrol, he proceeded to fire three warning shots, locked himself in with several bank employees along with customers and threatened to set himself on fire unless, he was allowed to withdraw his savings. Savings which he explained he needed so as to pay for his father’s medical bills.

What makes this all the worse is that Hussein was arrested and was only able to get about $35K of his own rightfully earned, monies.  Which in turn has angered bystanders who watched the whole situation unfold.

Who can blame anyone who is angry at the Lebanon Government, bystanders gathered at the scene to show support for Hussein and to rally against Lebanon’s political and financial leaders, who of course are being blamed for the situation in addition to forcing the majority of the country into poverty.

All in all, what Lebanon is doing is quite inhuman, it is causing human suffering, prolonged trauma, pain, misery, starvation, choosing between seeking out and paying for medical attention and in some cases, untimely death due to not being able to access funds that the citizens of that nation have rightfully earned.

This is truly, Government and Leadership overreach, where would these  citizens ever go if they do not die first and be able to trust a Government again much less a bank? 

Not America, the world is still watching our shit show over here where we whine about Government Overreach that simply does not truly exist to the extent that we cannot go about living our lives each and every day. 

We still so far, enjoy freedoms that many around the world simply cannot. 

Cristal M Clark

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