Denver Attorney Blows Whistle on DHS

Denver Attorney Blows Whistle on DHS 

DHS Tries to Silence Attorney Jessica Peck

Cristal M Clark 

The Department of Human Services has always been seen as not doing enough to protect abused children, they also at times go overboard and abuse their role within our government. 

Denver attorney Jessica Peck found herself with a gag order after she blew the whistle on the defunct agency for its fucking abuse of power and its criminal activity from within.

This is absolutely outrageous, it would appear with that the Department of Human Services and the Denver district attorney handed down a gag order in an attempt to try to silence attorney Peck, and the gag order came with the possibility of jail time should attorney Peck speak to anyone in the media with regard to the agency illegally fucking about with peoples lives for no other reason other than to potentially ruin someone’s life.

The Department of Human Services and the Denver District Attorney tried to censor attorney Peck, which is overreach as a matter of fact. 

Here’s what happened, attorney Peck had been hired after DHS filed a dependency neglect case against her client. Which attorney Peck believes was brought about because her client did not believe her ex of many years was guilty of murdering a child after he was arrested in 2018.

DHS hounded this poor mother who by the way was no longer with the childs father, because this mother did not agree that her ex committed murder, DHS took upon themselves to go after and ruin this woman’s life. 

According to attorney Peck’s client:  “She quickly (the caseworker), jumped into well, I need you to tell me that you know what happened and that, you know, he did it.” And my response to her was and has always been, “I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. I can’t tell you that.”

This caseworker then proceeded to destroy this woman, the caseworker fabricated stories so as to take this woman’s child away from her. Are fucking kidding me? 

According to attorney Peck:  “In fact, they went so far as to fabricate the existence of jailhouse phone calls. They attributed statements to my client that she never made in court. And they even went so far as to claim that they attended court hearings that they hadn’t even attended.” 

Attorney Peck did speak to the media back in 2019 which is why the gag order was put into place. 

That is clear overreach, if our institutions are going to go that far just so as to not admit any wrongdoing, we are all fucked right? What DHS did to this poor mother is absolutely horrifying, and they almost got away with it?

Thank god for attorney Jessica Peck, she did what she needed to and had to do in this case and that was to blow the whistle and get the media’s attention to this so that the public could see what is going on here. 

DHS and the Denver District Attorney were wrong here and tried to cover up the crimes, yes crimes that were being committed by the Department of Human Services. That is truly disgusting. 

As for Attorney Peck’s client well, thankfully because of attorney Peck’s perseverance the caseworker was removed from her clients case and then magically, the case was just simply dropped. 

Just because that case was suddenly dropped, don’t kid yourselves into thinking that DHS isn’t guilty of other crimes involving other cases. We may never know because, it is clear that in tandem with the Denver District Attorney they are willing to cover up those unknown crimes. 

Cristal M Clark

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