Career Criminal Continually Released on PR Bond

Career Criminal Continually Released on PR Bond

Pueblo, Colorado Springs and, Denver, Colorado

Cristal M Clark 

Law enforcement here in Colorado has raised an eyebrow or two in recent months, they are wondering why the judicial system keeps failing to support the laws these men and women are out on our streets trying to uphold and why our judicial system just does not seem to care, I mean really, are they paying attention at all? 

It is a fair question to ask right? I caught a news headline last week where it had been reported that one man here in Colorado, who just so happens to be a career criminal, kept being let out of jail on PR Bonds, and each time he delightfully continued to break laws.  

Police are saying that Michael Lee Sandoval is a violent offender, so why he keeps getting PR Bonds is beyond my understanding. 

A PR Bond by the way is basically nothing, you just sign your name, promise to abide by the terms of your bond and away you shove off in the hope that the individual who signed the PR Bond will show back up for court. 

In Michael Lee Sandoval’s case, he sped off on his merry little way and continued to commit crimes, several as a matter of fact. 

Now before anyone gets their knickers into a wad over the idea that maybe the courts in each case did not know at the time of his bond hearing about his past, allow for me to inform you that would be an untrue assumption. 

I worked in the criminal court system here in Colorado, Arvada, Colorado as it were, for several years, and even for a bond hearing, a defendant’s NCIC is run and put into the defendants jacket which is what the Judge is supposed to be looking at when determining whether or not a PR Bond would even be appropriate.

Career Criminal, Michael Lee Sandoval had been out of jail on a PR Bond for a “few” days when he decided that abiding by the law and the terms of his bond were simply something that he was simply not cut out for.

So, this lovely man decided to go from Pueblo to Colorado Springs, where he allegedly car-jacked a brand new victim.

To top that off, he then drove to Highlands Ranch, where he apparently committed an armed robbery then he decided, why not take up a notch and came here to Denver, where he was finally arrested.

Michael was already out on a PR Bond, from Pueblo, so the Denver Judge, threw a little caution to the wind and decided what the hell and released Michael on another PR Bond.

If you think that was it, wait, there’s more. 

Michael again decided that, you know these pesky laws and terms of the bond are just too much so just a few hours after his Denver release, he robbed someone and stole their car in a Safeway parking lot in east Denver before leading officers on a high-speed chase and was subsequently arrested, again. Michael was still in his jail slippers, lucky for us tax payers they will not have to issue him a new pair. 

Remarkably or stupidly, I am not quite sure which, his court-appointed attorney had the balls to push for a third PR bond, the Denver District Attorney’s Office however, was not too keen on that and had expressed concern about Michael’s record, the judge agreed and gave him a $50,000 cash-only bond.

I hear a rumour that a Denver Detective wrote a memo that read “Please keep this guy in custody. He is violent and dangerous.” 

Court records do show that two days prior to Michal’s newest crime spree, a Judge in Pueblo County granted Michael his first of two PR bonds while a Denver Judge said they found no probable cause during Michael’s second arrest so he was granted another PR Bond?

So, let me understand, this man is a felon, he likes carjack people, commit armed robbery, has history of not showing up to his court dates and the judge was like no, never mind here, he is a model citizen who keeps trying to get his shite together? No probable cause at all?

This case has probable cause written all over it but what is worse is this only add’s fuel to the fire when you start to look at the morale of police. Look mate, they did their job and they did it rather well, and kudos to the detective who wrote that memo here in Denver, the Judicial system failed here, it is clear. 

If we do not fix this ailing Judicial System we have here, we will see more of these types of issues and as a society how much more are we gong to take before we start to legislate to get this system fixed?

Cristal M Clark

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