Turns Out That You Really Can Buy Just Anything on FaceBook Marketplace

Turns Out That You Really Can Buy Just Anything on FaceBook Marketplace

Introducing Human Skin and Organs for Sale on FaceBook

Cristal M Clark

Sometimes I come across some fairly bizarre shite, and this is no exception. According to police in East Pennsboro Township, Pennsylvania they have arrested one self described human blood artist, Jeremy Pauley for stealing, buying and selling human body parts and skin through the FaceBook Marketplace.

I had no idea that you could purchase that from FaceBook, I knew about drugs but body parts and skin?

Here is how it all went down according to police reports: Back in June, a complaint to the East Pennsboro Township Police just so happened to allege that human remains were being sold on a social media platform, namely FaceBook. 

A month later, they received a second call, with the caller reporting possible human remains inside a home basement, in fact, the caller stated that they had found several 5-gallon buckets containing “human organs” and “human skin.”

Hold on, how did the caller know the buckets had human organs and skin? What gave it away for the caller because most people would not be able to accurately identify pieces, parts, and skin without either some prior knowledge or education upon the matter or something was a dead giveaway or this individual knew the defendant and what he was doing.

After a police search, they sent the remains to a forensic pathologist, who confirmed that the remains including half a head, a whole head with the skull cap removed, three brains, one liver, one pelvis, a piece of skin with a nipple attached, and four hands were in fact human remains. Also, among the remains identified were human brains, heart, livers, skin and lungs.

And yes, some of the remains were that of children. 

Police found messages from the suspect, Jeremy Pauley on his phone that led them to believe he was stealing, selling and purchasing body parts and skin. An investigation by FBI in Arkansas, along with the Arkansas State Police, revealed that accomplice Candace Scott was stealing some of the body parts from a mortuary in Arkansas and shipping those items to Pennsylvania for sale.

District Attorney Seán M. McCormack stated: “This is one of the most bizarre investigations I have encountered in my thirty-three years as a prosecutor, just when I think I have seen it all, a case like this comes around.”

What do you charge a body smuggler with these days?  Well, I’ve got an answer for you, Jeremy is facing a charge of “The trade of human remains” which and this is a complete shock, just so happens to be quite legal and unregulated in the U.S.  He was also charged with abuse of a human corpse.

So, not a single federal law prevents owning, buying, or selling human remains, stealing and abuse of a corpse are another matter, and unless the remains are Native American, here the United States. 

Hence charging someone with buying, selling or collecting human remains would be more of a state law type of thing. 

Amazing what you can buy on FaceBook Marketplace these days right?

Cristal M Clark


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