Sexual Incompatibility One of The Leading Causes for Breakups

It Is Also The Least Talked About Reason for Breakups

Cristal M Clark 

Recently, as most of you know I have started dating again, and whilst yes, my coworkers have that saying about me, I am never really dating, these poor blokes are just one text message away from pissing me off, I am starting to learn that sexual incompatibility is one of the leading causes for breakups which includes divorce. 

I am also learning that it is the least talked about reason for a breakup. In America we have this sort of twisted and not healthy view of sex that is still tied in a rather unhealthy way to religion. In turn that has caused our nation to view sex, much differently than most other nations. 

At any rate, I have a number of both male and female friends who talk a lot about sexual incompatibility in their marriage or relationship, and I started asking potential dates about it, as well as just researching and let me tell you it is quite fascinating to learn just how common this really is. 

Now some psychologists will tell you that this is normal, and it might be however, it is something more and more men and women are unwilling to tolerate in a relationship. Which is actually healthy, to me tolerating things that do not make you happy are not healthy, yes compromise is, but to tolerate something that does not bring you joy is quite unhealthy.  So what you suffer for the rest of your fucking life not being completely happy? Fuck that! The point is and it is proven, that being unhappy at any level is not healthy for your mind, body or soul. And if it is sexual incompatibility causing that, move on with yourself so that you can be fully happy. 

Admittedly this is more so for men than it is for women but the sexual incompatibly factor is huge for both sexes. One of the most heard complaints was lack of sex, then you move more into adding excitement into the bedroom, submission and domination, partners who want to share with others outside of the relationship then, you move to partners who lack sexual experience, women reported that one the most and trust me it is not fun when you are with a man who has no bloody idea how to pleasure a woman. Lastly we get to lack of an emotional connection, and that is huge for women more than it is for men. 

Lack of sex was the number one complaint I got from men which is understandable as it does happen and I do have quite a few female friends who simply just are not into sex. That is frustrating to men. I have a very good friend who moved away but we still talk all of the time and he continues to run into the lack of sex issue. From what he tells me, women will tell you early on that they really want sex as much as you then you get into and learn that is not the case. 

Now I will say this is not true for all women, some of us are highly sexual creatures although we are rare. Men who experience this tend to either want to end the relationship or they simply stay in it and step out. And shockingly I learnt that more than half actually tried to express to their partner that both they needed and wanted more sex. 

For men that is the connection, for women it is emotional yes, but wanting and needing that connection is important and when it’s missing men feel hurt and rejected by it. 

To hear how many men that I spoke with actually did try to express that with a partner was the opposite of what many people assume. In speaking with them, I could the hear the pain and it surprised me. 

I also heard a lot about adding excitement, kink, and submission and domination type of sexual activity, while most men and women agreed that inflicting harsh physical pain to a partner was not something that they wanted, a shocking number did express a desire to live a lifestyle which many people simply do not understand, domination and submission. 

This is where people tend to become confused, adding kink is one thing, a little handcuffing, blindfolds etc, domination and submission is quite another. 

The feedback that I received from both sexes is that the partners they attempted to try domination and submission with, were completely uneducated on how it actually works.

So not to get into it too deeply, the submissive always has the control in these situations, which I know a lot of people do not understand at all. 

You think dominate partners are the controllers, but no they are the workers, they must prove to a submissive that they are worthy to be the dominate partner, they must know the submissive completely including every limit that individual has, and they must earn the complete trust of the submissive.

Submissives tend to fall in love with dominate partners because of the work the dominate does to keep the submissive feeling safe and how the they treat the submissive after any sexual session and the training. That is an entire relationship and the dominate partner is the one who is always working to keep it in tact. 

Now the feedback I had from both sexes and from both dominates and submissive partners was that no matter which side you are on, they had more often than not been in a relationship with someone who was not experienced or versed in this type of relationship, it is not just sex for either party so more often than not, someone was left either physically or emotionally damaged and in some cases both. So I would not suggest couples run out and try this, learn it before you do anything like it especially because this is where sometimes sharing comes into play. These two go hand in hand and it illustrates how a lack of education on the subject can become scary and quite hurtful for people.

The sharing of a partner was another desire for both men and women I heard, watching their partner have sex with someone else, surprisingly on this one, more men than women were not a fan of this. The reason being was insecurity, feeling like if a partner liked the sex better they would leave. 

This is another area where complete trust in one another is a must. I interviewed about 10 couples who divorced over sharing. That isn’t good and it tells me that these couples did not lay out the proper ground rules prior to engaging in this type of activity. Nor did they understand why a partner might have wanted this. 

More women than men however felt pressured into allowing this and that is where not truly knowing your partner and not truly trusting them can destroy a relationship. I found that couples will try things and regret it, blame the partner and that causes deep resentment that does not just go away. 

Lack of sexual experience was huge for the women I spoke with. Many reported having tried to date someone who lacked sexual experience or who were the type to get off and roll off and go to sleep. 

I can tell you firsthand it is not fun dating someone who is like this at all. They don’t ask, they don’t care, they get off and well if you don’t that is on you and your vibrator. I cannot believe that it is 2022 and we still have men roaming around that have no bloody idea how to get a woman off. It is simply astonishing to me, really. 

Many women these days will just dump a man who doesn’t do it for them sexually because why be in a sexually unsatisfying relationship? Which by the way is what the men who suffer through sexless relationships need to learn from. Just end it rather than have affaires. 

Sexual incompatibly is a very big problem, I see more and more articles about it and often wondered what the hell, now. I know it is a lot of things that could be easily resolved if more individuals actually took the time to communicate a desire for early on. 

Now in some cases these things come up later, after years in a relationship and you have partners that are willing to try and who are willing to understand and you have so many more that are unwilling to do either of those things. 

For men sex is more visual and just getting off, for women it is emotional, in either case if you cannot connect with your partner on whatever level, you should leave the relationship, over all out of everyone I spoke with, staying in it hurt the other partner in the end. 

At my age, I am totally screwed not literally, I get the men who lack knowledge or who are coming out of a relationship that failed over some sexual incompatibility so they have no bloody idea what the hell they are doing. I might as well go back to dating younger men, they are far easier to train and deal with in the case of sex. 

This is the last tidbit I will leave for you, more than half of the women I interviewed were willing to date much younger men for a better sexual experience, if they lacked any knowledge on a sexual subject or activity the two spoke about and wanted to try, the younger men were willing to learn it, whereas older men were not capable of understanding their own lack of knowledge about any sexual subject. Men closer to my age, our generation for them the sex is all about their needs, their wants, they need to feel in control, where younger men are actually coming around. 

So it would seem that these younger men ladies and gentlemen, are aiming to please. 

Cristal M Clark

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Vagina Flavoured Chips Anyone?

Just When You Think You’ve Heard and Seen it All.

Cristal M Clark 

The holiday’s are fast approaching everyone, so keep this handy product in mind as you shop for your lonely, single friends who like women as well as your friends who are virgins.  

Apparently getting laid is no longer all the rage so, in an attempt to help these younger generations get into the swing of a guttural, animalistic sexual spirit one potato chip maker is now making and trust me, it’s really hard to keep a straight face with this one, this Lithuanian potato chip maker is now making vagina flavoured chips for your eating pleasure. 

Don’t get me wrong we do have edible underwear which are basically a really bad knock off a fruit rollup but, really we need chips that taste like pussy? 

As reported by OddityCentral, a chip maker named CHAZZ, has just launched an adult potato chip and because the packaging and flavour variations of these chips being that they are erotic it is only for those who are 18+ years of age. 

According to the official CHAZZ website, this vaginal flavour variant was created by CHAZZ’s marketing team who are familiar with “vaginal” taste. 

Wait, really? May I just say that clearly I am dating in the wrong bloody country. 

Despite causing debate and serious discussion, this chip maker ultimately not only released Pussy Flavour variations, but launched several other flavour variations.

These guys even went so far as to ask several spice makers in Europe to find the closest, vagina-flavoured flavour which they intended to flavour their fries with.

In the production of these controversial chips, there have been many female employees who took part in the creation of the vaginal flavoured chips formula.

A representative from Chazz had this to say, “These chips are made for those who live their lives the way that they want to, who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd and do not care what people say.”

They offer flavours such as but not limited too; Pussy Flavour, which is a play on the word vagina in English. And they say it’s all natural with no preservatives. Then there is the Bloody Mary Cocktail with white wine. I am truly intrigued here, where is the semen flavour?

What will food makers think of next?

Cristal M Clark

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Article Misleads Women by Encouraging Them to Not Buy an Apple Watch

PC Mag Publishes Misleading and Questionable Information

Cristal M Clark 

I happened across a headline that read “If you have a uterus don’t buy an apple watch,” which left me in complete and utter shock, particularly since the article was published by PC Mag and it is not only questionable but fairly misleading. 

Anyone who owns an Apple product knows first and foremost how strongly Apply feels about user privacy and protecting user data at any and all costs. 

The article goes into how Apple Watch Series 8 has a tracker that allows for women to track reproductive health, but suggests that the data would be shared so that women will be prosecuted for having an abortion. 

The poor idiot who wrote this article failed to do her homework, Apple has offered a period or rather reproductive health tracker for some time now.  

The information provided in the PC Mag article is incredibly misleading, Apple would in fact fight sharing user data all the way, secondly, everyone is complaining about Government overreach and any good legal team worth it’s weight in money can and would fight any attempt to obtain such data, lastly you cannot prosecute someone for going to a state that allows abortion to have an abortion. 

They committed no legal crime in said state that does not allow abortion and that is an absolute legal fact for no state has enacted a law that would allow for them to prosecute someone for traveling out of state for an abortion. 

If they try, it would be challenged to the fullest extent and for states that try that, they would most assuredly lose that battle. Hence no state is trying to enact laws to enable prosecution for those that travel out of state for an abortion. 

Now things change if someone aborts a fetus in a state that does not allow abortion, so if you are fucking about like that in a state that has outlawed abortion, that is on you. 

The reality is this, for states that do not allow abortion, do you think, do you really think that they have employed a staff to go after every woman’s user data within that state? They can scarcely staff a DMV, much less keep records properly up to date and on time for anything, and you think they have a staff that are going to just send out aimless subpoena’s for user data? Has all common sense left anyone who believes if you have a period tracker on your smart watch big brother is watching you and able to just freely obtain your user data? 

For fucks sake, that is bloody laughable because the facts are, the states that have outlawed abortion are relying on tattle tales. Nothing more or less. 

These types of articles and news reports only serve one purpose and that is to sway public opinion by utilising scare tactics that simply do not exist. Which by the way is the very same nonsense so many people are pissed at former President Trump about, this is the type of misleading information everyone talks about when we talk about Republican’s or Trump supporters now isn’t it? 

Cristal M Clark

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Social Media Challenges Are Heading off the Rails

TikTok and Sleepy Chicken

Cristal M Clark 

It would seem that every time I turn around I am hearing about a new TikTok Challenge only this one is not so new, it first appeared back in 2017 on a 4chan board and it’s been on TikTok since around 2020 only recently just taking off.  

In what was supposed to be a funny joke, users were cooking chicken in NyQuil and now it has become a challenge which in turn has caused the FDA to issue a warning about the dangers of cooking food in medications. 

On the 15th the FDA issued the following warning: “Boiling a medication can make it much more concentrated and change its properties in other ways. Even if you don’t eat the chicken, inhaling the medication’s vapours while cooking could cause high levels of the drugs to enter your body. It could also hurt your lungs.”

Whilst on Twitter the NyQuil account was urging common sense in response to tweets about the Sleepy Chicken challenge. 

Really, who the fuck would want to try this nonsense? The bigger question would be why even ask after The Tide Pod Challenge, The Milk Crate Challenge, The Throw it in the Air Challenge, The Fire Mirror Challenge, The Orbeez Shooting Challenge, The Blackout Challenge, The Penny Challenge, one of the most dangerous would be The Benadryl Challenge, not to mention The Angel of Death Challenge a while ago. 

To be quite honest whilst some of the videos for all of the TikTok Challenges can be amusing, they are for the most part extremely ill thought out and quite dangerous. The reality comes down to common sense here, these challenges are not meant for anyone’s safety. 

As for TikTok well, incidentally, it now directs people who search “NyQuil chicken” to a page talking about how to assess any social-media challenge. And that, well that is too little too late. 

Cristal M Clark

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Colorado Closed

No More Transplants Wanted

Cristal M Clark

In an unusual turn, it’s been reported that the citizens of Colorado would prefer that no more transplants move here.

Normally, Colorado has welcomed transplants with open arms however, that sentiment has drastically changed this past year, now Coloradans are becoming increasingly frustrated with transplants moving here. A large chunk, the one’s responsible for driving up home values are wealthy Californians and those nasty east coasters.

I do not believe you would find many natives of Colorado here any longer, transplants out number them over 10-1, in fact Colorado added nearly 745,000 new residents between 2010 and 2020. The state’s housing has bloomed and became one of the nation’s most unaffordable. Our unhoused homeless population tripled, trails and parks have become more crowded than ever before, literally shoulder to shoulder on some trails, and those mountain bicyclists are ruining the trails as well as making their own bloody trails therefore ruining entire areas.

Thinking of moving here? Well, here are a few little tidbits that might make you rethink that:

Our traffic has become the nation’s 15th most congested, the metro violent crime rates have risen to epic proportions. Colorado has become the nation’s car theft capital, the nation’s catalytic converter theft capitol, the nation’s cocaine use capital, our fentanyl use has skyrocketed, along with pot, heroine, meth, everything is being spiked with it, and we just so happen to be one of the states with the highest rise in overdose deaths, not to mention we are seeing an increase in suicide rates that we have never seen before. 


A joint Rasmussen Reports/NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation survey shows that Colorado residents believe that the state grew too much too fast, and that leaders should discourage more, whilst our leaders want to do very little to discourage more growth. Demographers are projecting that Colorado will add another 1.8 million people by the year 2050.

Coloradans do not want that and they have several ideas on what they’d like leaders to do to so as to curb more growth and, most support any and all means of stopping more people from moving here. 63% percent say they would like state and local leaders to restrict development to make it harder for people to move to Colorado. Another 53% say they would like federal leaders to reduce annual immigration to the state (currently 1/4th of newcomers happen to be immigrants themselves).

Most Coloradans, though, want to keep their own areas free of the kind of crowding that would actually lower housing prices. Only 48% want to change zoning laws to allow more multi-family housing such as apartments and condominiums. Which is strange in and of itself because it is those very individuals complaining about the unaffordable housing costs, so it is clear that they are misunderstanding how things tie together so as to lower the cost of housing here in Colorado.

The main point is, Coloradoans want to shut our state off from further growth for a bit and our leaders want to keep allowing massive growth which is unsustainable in the long term. It will eventually all come crashing down fairly hard.

For now it’s a waiting game to see what if anything will be done so as to curb the growth here in Colorado.

Cristal M Clark

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Worldwide Beer Shortage on the Horizon

A Shortage of Carbon Dioxide Has Brewers Worried

Cristal M Clark

This will make all of those prohibition lovers happy.

Of all the things to worry about, we have seen supply chain shortage after shortage, now the world may be facing a shortage of beer all due to a shortage of Carbon Dioxide. That’s right, a carbon dioxide production hub in Jackson, Mississippi, became contaminated by an extinct volcano, which in turn has cut down on an already limited supply of the gas.

Not to mention that the pandemic drove up prices of carbon dioxide due to the amount of dry ice, which is the frozen carbon dioxide that has been needed to transport COVID-19 vaccines.

Beer consumption (much like most alcohol consumption), has increased by at least 53% this year, according to Top Data, and let us not forget that beer sales have seen a 25% increase since the start of the pandemic.

Some beer manufacturers have switched to using nitrogen where they can, which required new hardware and training and can alter the taste and feel of the beer. Whilst other smaller brewers are looking into CO2 capture systems, sadly, the lead times are 5 to 6 months and that is not really going to line up with getting beer drinkers through the US football season or the holidays for that matter.

Most large brewers do have their own CO2 capture systems, so it is looking like this might hit those smaller brewers, the guys that make some of the newest and better IPA’s hard unless they can find ways to work with the larger brewers to weather this beer shortage storm. Cristal M Clark

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Facebook Experiencing More Pain

Websites Breaking Up With Facebook

Cristal M Clark 

When you think about social media, what is your first thought? For many it is a source of entertainment, for some it is annoying, whilst others find it makes them depressed. It is a great source of disinformation and of useful information. 

As more and more consumers are demanding better online privacy Facebook is facing more backlash in the form of one giant conundrum, websites are dropping the Facebook button. 

Big brands, Best Buy, Dell, Ford Motor, Pottery Barn, Nike, Patagonia, Matchand Amazon’svideo-streaming service Twitch have removed the ability to sign on with Facebook. For a time users liked that so that they were not forced to create new accounts, now not so much. 

This move comes on the heels of Facebooks inability to keep user information private, the want to sell user information without properly informing users, data sharing at a whim and having no accountability whatsoever. 

Instead, last year, Facebook changed its name to Meta, in an effort to move the company away from social media and toward a futuristic metaverse, where people work, play and learn in a virtual world. Which is somewhat absurd, even more absurd, you can purchase clothing, land and homes in the metaverse, you actually have to pay for those things with your hard earned monies. 

Companies and consumers are becoming more and more distrustful of social media at every level simply because social media is not careful with user data. 

Apple felt so strongly that Facebook did not bother to care about consumer privacy and tracking that last year IOS was updated to make it more difficult to track and share user data therefor it made it more difficult to target ads. 

But let’s not blame only Facebook, marketers and advertisers are applying pressure to social media to target ads, which means the social media giants will need to track and share user data even without your permission. 

While social media lacks the ability to protect user data, and social media is somewhat careless with user data they are not the only ones to blame if advertisers were not asking for it, social media never would have given it to them. 

Cristal M Clark

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First Person in 25 Years to Make The FBI 10 Most Wanted List 

Michael James Pratt Delightfully Absconds Justice 

Cristal M Clark 

Allow for me to introduce you to 39-year-old New Zealand native, Michael James Pratt who just so happens to be the first individual in 25 years to make the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. A feat that few would view as coveted.

Michael moved to San Diego back in 2012 where he and a group of friends some also from New Zealand decided to start forcing women to engage in pornography. 

Michael is accused of using, fraud and coercion to recruit hundreds of young adult women, most in their late teens, and at least one minor victim by getting them drunk and high then forcing them to sign contracts that they were not allowed to read and filming them doing porn. Some of the young women were threatened as well. 

According to federal prosecutors and actual real evidence presented in the civil case, the victims were recruited for modeling jobs, then coerced into having sex on camera through promises that the videos would not be made public, but would go to private DVD collections overseas. Instead, the videos were widely disseminated on the GirlsDoPorn network of sites and beyond.

Well, doesn’t Michael sound like a lovely little cunt?

A judge ruled in favor of the 22 women who had sued Michael and his GirlsDoPorn partners, handing down a $12.7 million civil judgment. 

Naturally Michael decided to run away in 2019 when he was being sued, in civil court which is not the same as criminal court, either way it’s a wonder why the FBI did not manage at that time to have better eyes on the man.  

At any rate, in November of 2019 a federal warrant was issued for Michael’s arrest, naturally he has no intention of coming back to answer for his crimes. 

Michael joins a rather illustrious crew on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List, 6 murder suspects, one of which is wanted in a murder-for-hire attempt, the alleged top leader of the MS-13 gang in Honduras and a Bulgarian woman who is suspected of running a $4 billion cryptocurrency fraud. 

According to the FBI, Michael has the means so as to travel anywhere in the world and hide, which makes this all the more painful for his victims. This is a slap in the face of all of his victims for they sought to get justice and justice not did bother themselves with things like freezing assets, they let the bad guy abscond delightfully away where no one can seem to locate him.  

Cristal M Clark

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In a Rather Unusual Twist, Donald Trump Offers to Help the Enemy

Will CNN Take Trump’s Outstretched Hand?

Cristal M Clark 

It is official that Donald Trump has been bit upset with FoxNews, he is now accusing them of pushing the Democrat agenda. According to Trump: “Wow! Fox News is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda. Gets worse every single day. So many Dems interviewed with only softball questions, then Republican counterparts get creamed.”

So just what is a bitter, hateful old man to do when he is angry at his favourite news source? Well, what any sane individual would do, he is offering to help his biggest enemy, CNN. 

On Truth Social, Trumps failing social network, he posted the following: “If ‘low ratings’ CNN ever went Conservative, they would be an absolute gold mine, and I would help them to do so.”

I know that you are all shaking your heads, Trump has long accused CNN of reporting “fake news.” Truth be told, FoxNews pushed every single one of Trump’s idiotic thoughts and idea’s as if they were the greatest things ever and actually news worthy. 

CNN however, is in real trouble with low ratings, a new CEO and that new CEO has suggested changes are afoot over at CNN and has expressed a strong desire to move the network in a conservative direction. 

According to the Washington Post, “A number of current and former CNN employees are saying that they fear CNN’s new CEO may be carrying out a “purge” of individuals who have been critical of Trump in the past.” 

Over this past weekend CNN actually did something that left people quite shocked, on Sunday, the network’s website published an article highlighting criticism of Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series for using non-white actors with the headline “When ‘wokeness’ comes to Middle-earth.”

Trump has been on a warpath with Fox in recent months however as they started moving away from Trump and actually showing support for the truth rather than Trump’s fairy tales and fantasies. 

It is a little delightfully wicked to see CNN cracking however, they have long pushed the idea that they actually report news, they do not. They will give half a headline, and bring in every expert under the sun and present you with so many idea’s, opinons and possibilities that by the end of the segment no one can even remember what they were actually reporting. 

Perhaps CNN will realise that hell for them has frozen over and finally take Trump’s outstretched hand.

Cristal M Clark

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