Large Ominous Pool of Blood Found in Parking Lot

Large Ominous Pool of Blood Found in Parking Lot

Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania

Cristal M Clark 

As Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall it tends to usher in spooky season which is a welcome treat for many. 

Today’s news in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania certainly has ushered in spooky season with quite a bang. 

According to police in Silver Spring Township, an ominous pool of blood was found in the parking lot of a nursing home along with a pair of glasses nearby. The pool of blood in fact was so large that police fear someone has sustained a very serious injury, the kind that would cause death. Police also found more blood in a nearby grassy area, but so far no body has been recovered. 

After testing the blood the police discovered their worst fear, it is human. 

Police did check with the nursing home for missing persons and found none, they also do not have a missing person report in the area at all. 

Now officials have been careful to say that they do not know what has actually happened here, it may not be a crime at all, someone could have gotten into a rather nasty bar fight, fallen somehow, it is important to note that the Cumberland Valley School District main campus, said that there had been a football game and police found blood on the campus. Police are saying they simply do not know where this large pool of blood came from and are asking the public for assistance in resolving the matter. 

This is certainly quite the mystery and what a way to end summer and announce the arrival of spooky season. 

Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!

Cristal M Clark

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