First Person in 25 Years to Make The FBI 10 Most Wanted List

First Person in 25 Years to Make The FBI 10 Most Wanted List 

Michael James Pratt Delightfully Absconds Justice 

Cristal M Clark 

Allow for me to introduce you to 39-year-old New Zealand native, Michael James Pratt who just so happens to be the first individual in 25 years to make the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. A feat that few would view as coveted.

Michael moved to San Diego back in 2012 where he and a group of friends some also from New Zealand decided to start forcing women to engage in pornography. 

Michael is accused of using, fraud and coercion to recruit hundreds of young adult women, most in their late teens, and at least one minor victim by getting them drunk and high then forcing them to sign contracts that they were not allowed to read and filming them doing porn. Some of the young women were threatened as well. 

According to federal prosecutors and actual real evidence presented in the civil case, the victims were recruited for modeling jobs, then coerced into having sex on camera through promises that the videos would not be made public, but would go to private DVD collections overseas. Instead, the videos were widely disseminated on the GirlsDoPorn network of sites and beyond.

Well, doesn’t Michael sound like a lovely little cunt?

A judge ruled in favor of the 22 women who had sued Michael and his GirlsDoPorn partners, handing down a $12.7 million civil judgment. 

Naturally Michael decided to run away in 2019 when he was being sued, in civil court which is not the same as criminal court, either way it’s a wonder why the FBI did not manage at that time to have better eyes on the man.  

At any rate, in November of 2019 a federal warrant was issued for Michael’s arrest, naturally he has no intention of coming back to answer for his crimes. 

Michael joins a rather illustrious crew on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List, 6 murder suspects, one of which is wanted in a murder-for-hire attempt, the alleged top leader of the MS-13 gang in Honduras and a Bulgarian woman who is suspected of running a $4 billion cryptocurrency fraud. 

According to the FBI, Michael has the means so as to travel anywhere in the world and hide, which makes this all the more painful for his victims. This is a slap in the face of all of his victims for they sought to get justice and justice not did bother themselves with things like freezing assets, they let the bad guy abscond delightfully away where no one can seem to locate him.  

Cristal M Clark

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