Worldwide Beer Shortage on the Horizon

Worldwide Beer Shortage on the Horizon

A Shortage of Carbon Dioxide Has Brewers Worried

Cristal M Clark

This will make all of those prohibition lovers happy.

Of all the things to worry about, we have seen supply chain shortage after shortage, now the world may be facing a shortage of beer all due to a shortage of Carbon Dioxide. That’s right, a carbon dioxide production hub in Jackson, Mississippi, became contaminated by an extinct volcano, which in turn has cut down on an already limited supply of the gas.

Not to mention that the pandemic drove up prices of carbon dioxide due to the amount of dry ice, which is the frozen carbon dioxide that has been needed to transport COVID-19 vaccines.

Beer consumption (much like most alcohol consumption), has increased by at least 53% this year, according to Top Data, and let us not forget that beer sales have seen a 25% increase since the start of the pandemic.

Some beer manufacturers have switched to using nitrogen where they can, which required new hardware and training and can alter the taste and feel of the beer. Whilst other smaller brewers are looking into CO2 capture systems, sadly, the lead times are 5 to 6 months and that is not really going to line up with getting beer drinkers through the US football season or the holidays for that matter.

Most large brewers do have their own CO2 capture systems, so it is looking like this might hit those smaller brewers, the guys that make some of the newest and better IPA’s hard unless they can find ways to work with the larger brewers to weather this beer shortage storm. Cristal M Clark

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