Colorado Closed

Colorado Closed

No More Transplants Wanted

Cristal M Clark

In an unusual turn, it’s been reported that the citizens of Colorado would prefer that no more transplants move here.

Normally, Colorado has welcomed transplants with open arms however, that sentiment has drastically changed this past year, now Coloradans are becoming increasingly frustrated with transplants moving here. A large chunk, the one’s responsible for driving up home values are wealthy Californians and those nasty east coasters.

I do not believe you would find many natives of Colorado here any longer, transplants out number them over 10-1, in fact Colorado added nearly 745,000 new residents between 2010 and 2020. The state’s housing has bloomed and became one of the nation’s most unaffordable. Our unhoused homeless population tripled, trails and parks have become more crowded than ever before, literally shoulder to shoulder on some trails, and those mountain bicyclists are ruining the trails as well as making their own bloody trails therefore ruining entire areas.

Thinking of moving here? Well, here are a few little tidbits that might make you rethink that:

Our traffic has become the nation’s 15th most congested, the metro violent crime rates have risen to epic proportions. Colorado has become the nation’s car theft capital, the nation’s catalytic converter theft capitol, the nation’s cocaine use capital, our fentanyl use has skyrocketed, along with pot, heroine, meth, everything is being spiked with it, and we just so happen to be one of the states with the highest rise in overdose deaths, not to mention we are seeing an increase in suicide rates that we have never seen before. 


A joint Rasmussen Reports/NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation survey shows that Colorado residents believe that the state grew too much too fast, and that leaders should discourage more, whilst our leaders want to do very little to discourage more growth. Demographers are projecting that Colorado will add another 1.8 million people by the year 2050.

Coloradans do not want that and they have several ideas on what they’d like leaders to do to so as to curb more growth and, most support any and all means of stopping more people from moving here. 63% percent say they would like state and local leaders to restrict development to make it harder for people to move to Colorado. Another 53% say they would like federal leaders to reduce annual immigration to the state (currently 1/4th of newcomers happen to be immigrants themselves).

Most Coloradans, though, want to keep their own areas free of the kind of crowding that would actually lower housing prices. Only 48% want to change zoning laws to allow more multi-family housing such as apartments and condominiums. Which is strange in and of itself because it is those very individuals complaining about the unaffordable housing costs, so it is clear that they are misunderstanding how things tie together so as to lower the cost of housing here in Colorado.

The main point is, Coloradoans want to shut our state off from further growth for a bit and our leaders want to keep allowing massive growth which is unsustainable in the long term. It will eventually all come crashing down fairly hard.

For now it’s a waiting game to see what if anything will be done so as to curb the growth here in Colorado.

Cristal M Clark

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