Article Misleads Women by Encouraging Them to Not Buy an Apple Watch

Article Misleads Women by Encouraging Them to Not Buy an Apple Watch

PC Mag Publishes Misleading and Questionable Information

Cristal M Clark 

I happened across a headline that read “If you have a uterus don’t buy an apple watch,” which left me in complete and utter shock, particularly since the article was published by PC Mag and it is not only questionable but fairly misleading. 

Anyone who owns an Apple product knows first and foremost how strongly Apply feels about user privacy and protecting user data at any and all costs. 

The article goes into how Apple Watch Series 8 has a tracker that allows for women to track reproductive health, but suggests that the data would be shared so that women will be prosecuted for having an abortion. 

The poor idiot who wrote this article failed to do her homework, Apple has offered a period or rather reproductive health tracker for some time now.  

The information provided in the PC Mag article is incredibly misleading, Apple would in fact fight sharing user data all the way, secondly, everyone is complaining about Government overreach and any good legal team worth it’s weight in money can and would fight any attempt to obtain such data, lastly you cannot prosecute someone for going to a state that allows abortion to have an abortion. 

They committed no legal crime in said state that does not allow abortion and that is an absolute legal fact for no state has enacted a law that would allow for them to prosecute someone for traveling out of state for an abortion. 

If they try, it would be challenged to the fullest extent and for states that try that, they would most assuredly lose that battle. Hence no state is trying to enact laws to enable prosecution for those that travel out of state for an abortion. 

Now things change if someone aborts a fetus in a state that does not allow abortion, so if you are fucking about like that in a state that has outlawed abortion, that is on you. 

The reality is this, for states that do not allow abortion, do you think, do you really think that they have employed a staff to go after every woman’s user data within that state? They can scarcely staff a DMV, much less keep records properly up to date and on time for anything, and you think they have a staff that are going to just send out aimless subpoena’s for user data? Has all common sense left anyone who believes if you have a period tracker on your smart watch big brother is watching you and able to just freely obtain your user data? 

For fucks sake, that is bloody laughable because the facts are, the states that have outlawed abortion are relying on tattle tales. Nothing more or less. 

These types of articles and news reports only serve one purpose and that is to sway public opinion by utilising scare tactics that simply do not exist. Which by the way is the very same nonsense so many people are pissed at former President Trump about, this is the type of misleading information everyone talks about when we talk about Republican’s or Trump supporters now isn’t it? 

Cristal M Clark

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