Vagina Flavoured Chips Anyone?

Vagina Flavoured Chips Anyone?

Just When You Think You’ve Heard and Seen it All.

Cristal M Clark 

The holiday’s are fast approaching everyone, so keep this handy product in mind as you shop for your lonely, single friends who like women as well as your friends who are virgins.  

Apparently getting laid is no longer all the rage so, in an attempt to help these younger generations get into the swing of a guttural, animalistic sexual spirit one potato chip maker is now making and trust me, it’s really hard to keep a straight face with this one, this Lithuanian potato chip maker is now making vagina flavoured chips for your eating pleasure. 

Don’t get me wrong we do have edible underwear which are basically a really bad knock off a fruit rollup but, really we need chips that taste like pussy? 

As reported by OddityCentral, a chip maker named CHAZZ, has just launched an adult potato chip and because the packaging and flavour variations of these chips being that they are erotic it is only for those who are 18+ years of age. 

According to the official CHAZZ website, this vaginal flavour variant was created by CHAZZ’s marketing team who are familiar with “vaginal” taste. 

Wait, really? May I just say that clearly I am dating in the wrong bloody country. 

Despite causing debate and serious discussion, this chip maker ultimately not only released Pussy Flavour variations, but launched several other flavour variations.

These guys even went so far as to ask several spice makers in Europe to find the closest, vagina-flavoured flavour which they intended to flavour their fries with.

In the production of these controversial chips, there have been many female employees who took part in the creation of the vaginal flavoured chips formula.

A representative from Chazz had this to say, “These chips are made for those who live their lives the way that they want to, who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd and do not care what people say.”

They offer flavours such as but not limited too; Pussy Flavour, which is a play on the word vagina in English. And they say it’s all natural with no preservatives. Then there is the Bloody Mary Cocktail with white wine. I am truly intrigued here, where is the semen flavour?

What will food makers think of next?

Cristal M Clark

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