Insane and Out of Control

Insane and Out of Control

No, I Am Not Referring to My Dating Life

Cristal M Clark 

The insanity on the political level here in the US is quite out of control and it’s getting worse. Now I will leave Florida alone due to the recent devastation they have faced from hurricane Ian, that does not however, excuse some of the political insanity that stems from that state. 

To name but a few. We have Rep. Lauren Boebert a Republican from Colorado, who just so happens to be a conspiracy theorist nut bag who has been a whore and who had an abortion instead of utilising birth control oh and with a husband who is into young girls, not adult women, then we have those election deniers who could not even manage to find the truth if had they actually lived it themselves.

Kanye West who was recently sported wearing a T-Shirt that read “White Lives Matter,” he also said once that Slavery was a choice, someone should probably inform him that he is black? 

Then we have Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has a mouth so wide she could probably fit three or four members into it at once, if you are the blow job seeking type, instead of running it with lies and conspiracy she should put it to some good use. 

She’s recently been off running her mouth going on about Democrats are trying kill all of the republican’s, and trust me I always was a republican until Donald Trump fucked up and then this entire whack job lot showed up, several times. 

Look mates, has anyone seen our current President? This man could fall off of the podium at any moment and just flatline and you think anyone is plotting to kill all of the republican party or their supporters? Are fucking kidding me?

Here’s what Marjorie had to say recently: “Under Democrats, Americans just like me and you face a future hiding and fleeing persecution by a tyrannical Department of Justice and FBI, led by a president who declared us all enemies of the state. We’re all targets now though, for daring to push back against the regime, and it doesn’t stop at a weaponized legal system, I’m not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings.”

What? Really? Also, her public speaking skills are absolutely atrocious, what fucking part of that makes any sense? Who got kilt? 

Wait, oh for fucks sake you guys, clearly I got this wrong, I am so sorry, I didn’t realise that we were talking about the Republican ego that had been kilt in the last presidential election. 

Now we also have Donald J Trump, the jackarse who started all of this mess, he’s suing CNN, two weeks ago he extended his hand to save the nose diving network, now he seeking $475 million for defamation. He’s got to pay his legal fee’s somehow I suppose. 

His claim is that the cable news network has harmed his reputation with “false, defamatory, and inflammatory mischaracterizations of him” and that CNN’s conduct “is intended to interfere with Trump’s political career.” 

That is a bloody fucking riot, he didn’t do that all on is own with his remarkable ability to take over the white house as if it were a white trash, trailer park, reality television show?

The political scene here in America is not only getting ridiculously out of control, it is becoming dangerous, deadly and it promotes violent behaviour. Do you think, do you believe that the DOJ or the FBI really wanted to raid Mar-A-Lago? They did not, they knew it would be politicised and it was, by Trump and his goons. The raid had nothing to do with politics, it was about a man, who broke the bloody fucking law. 

If you see that another way, you are not thinking for yourself or in an educated manner, you have been conditioned. That is what they do in some war torn countries which is what some not all republicans are attempting to do here they are training you and conditioning you to hate this country rather that love it. 

Cristal M Clark

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