Look Out Your Partner May Be Quiet Quitting on You

Look Out Your Partner May Be Quiet Quitting on You


Cristal M Clark 

I am quite sure that you have all heard the term “quiet quitting” in reference to lazy employees who for better terms might just have one foot out the door. 

Now the mainstream media is reporting that if you are in a relationship, you should probably be careful and look out for the partner who is quiet quitting your relationship. 

The main stream media is offering two tell tale quiet quitting warning signs: They no longer advocate their own needs and they are unwilling to own their own anger. 

That is true psychological science right? Right that is according to the main stream media, but that is not entirely accurate. 

People in relationships stop advocating for their own personal needs for a plethora of reasons, quite quitting is not yet to have been proof of being one of those reasons. 

Also, people do not own their anger for a number of reasons, again quiet quitting has yet to be proven to be one of those reasons. 

I love how the mainstream media tosses a label onto something and everyone just runs with it. Quiet quitting is another word for a lazy work ethic or for individuals in the work place who work hard to get promotions, raises and the like and they see less qualified staff or staff who hardly tires rising through the ranks. It is nothing more or less than that. 

I am not sure the media understands this, but relationships do not work in the same way as one’s career does. 

Sadly, now people are freaking the fuck out. I heard a neighbour talking about how his wife sometimes shuts down and he is now convinced that she is quiet quitting because of the main stream media. Empaths are not rare, I happen to be one of them and I too have been known to shut down from time to time and I am happy to report that is not me quiet quitting, it’s me recharging. 

Sometimes people shut down to do just that, recharge. I loathe how the mainstream media can take one simple term and twist it about here. Look, if you are worried that your partner is about to leave you, you should be, they probably are, and for reasons you already know. Quiet quitting has zero to do with it. 

I am hoping that the media can try its hand at some actual news this week and fuck off with completely made up bullshite about relationships. We do not need another term for someone who has one foot out of the door. 

Cristal M Clark


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