Denver International Airport Under Attack

Denver International Airport Under Attack

DIA Fighting Off Mass Cyber Attack

Cristal M Clark 

Since around 11AM today Denver International Airport has been under cyber attack. It has also been reported that several airports throughout the country have been under the same cyber attack all day today. 

Surprisingly, DIA is doing a really good job of fighting off those attacks so far. The attackers have been attempting to overwhelm the DIA website so that it becomes unavailable to the public. Which is what happened last week to the state of Colorado Website. 

According to reports the attack is being led by pro-Russia hackers who have rendered the websites of some major U.S. airports unreachable early Monday, though officials have said that flights were not affected.

The denial-of-service attacks are where the participants flood targets with junk data and they were orchestrated by a group that calls itself Killnet. Whatsmore is that last night, the group in fact published a target list on its Telegram channel.

Now it is important to mention here that denial-of-service attacks like these that are aimed at airports and state governments are generally pretty short lived and they do not really disrupt service or screw up flights or things such as that. This is not actual hacking, where someone has happily made off with everything on your server and are holding it hostage. Many experts tell me that they really do not lose sleep over these types of attacks. 

Which I tend to find quite laughable, they will inform you that these attacks are superficial however, what they fail to tell you is that more often than not they are trial runs painting the brick road yellow for more sophisticated and painful attacks at some point in the future. So whilst many government and state officials are not bothered by the denial of service attacks today, they really should be taking them much more seriously because these are practice runs. 

Cristal M Clark

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