FBI Facing Cyber Attack?

FBI Facing Cyber Attack?

Pro-Russian Hackers Claim to Fame

Cristal M Clark 

The hacking group Killnet shared a post on its Telegram page yesterday flagging an “attack” on the law enforcement resources site for the FBI. 

The message included a photo of what looked to be a failed attempt to enter the FBI site. This is the newest addition to a recent string of purported attacks on U.S. government websites from Russian-aligned hackers. 

The original post however was not directly shared by Killnet but rather by “RADIS” who has an outpouring amount of support for Russia yet no one seems to know if RADIS is directly tied to Killnet itself. 

Better Cyber, a cybersecurity services company, said that the FBI page was not reachable and shared a screenshot that appeared to show the site’s web address leading to a page it was not meant to lead anyone to. 

Killnet has been busy, the attack, if the reports are true, are a month after Killnet claimed responsibility for attacks that took down websites for a handful of U.S. airports. 

The Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport were among those impacted, but no issues with actual airport operations were reported at the time.

Killnet has also claimed responsibility for the temporary downing of several U.S. state government websites in October, not to mention a cyberattack in August against the well known American military company, Lockheed Martin.

The FBI of course has been mum on the issue and is not commenting to anyone with regard to it. Which makes sense of course, American’s are more and more distrustful of any and all law enforcement including the FBI, would you want them knowing that Pro-Russian hackers can get into your website and fuck about?

Cristal M Clark


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