Spotify’s Wrapped 2022

Spotify’s Wrapped 2022 

Hit’s it Target Dead On

Cristal M Clark 

Spotify’s Wrapped 2022 hit the ground running this week for many users it was a pure delight. 

I’ve seen countless meme’s with regard to Spotify’s Wrapped 2022 which are hilarious to say the least.

I have also read an equal number of articles stating that Spotify missed its mark this year, it would seem that some users are not happy with their Wrapped 2022.  

It seems that whatever tech it was using to hear what listeners were listening to, worked so much better than it ever has in years past. 

For instance I have well over 50K hours worth of listening logged with Spotify this year and I am not one to pick any genre because with each of my articles as my readers know, I do like to pair them with music. 

Because of listening habits such as mine, it makes it all the more difficult for Spotify to as eloquently as they did put my Wrapped 2022 together. I understand that some people were disappointed but the reality is Wrapped on Spotify is put together using your music, whatever you listen to. 

Here’s where some would argue that Spotify is a problem, it relies on user data, then compiles that data to give you once a year your Wrapped, a recap of all of the music, news and podcasts that you personally listened to throughout the year. 

Which is why some outlets are calling Spotify out because they are collecting user data.  

The difference between what Spotify is doing and what other tech guys do is simple. Spotify’s yearly The difference between what Spotify is doing and what other tech guys do is simple. Spotify’s yearly Wrapped is welcomed by its users because we know that they are collecting our data for this purpose and users freely share, yes we share our wrapped, across multiple social media platforms whereas Meta or rather FaceBook fucks it’s users, fails to them that they are tracking user data and then selling it or losing altogether in a data breach. So delightful. 

Spotify’s Wrapped is a social trend, one that users love and this year Spotify outdid themselves. 

To that, well done Spotify. 

And fan’s not to disappoint, here’s my 2022 Wrapped. What about yours? #SpotifyWrapped×1920?si=9bsImdlkRSyvVnSz4TmSDg&lang=en&destination=datastories

Cristal M Clark

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