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Cristal M Clark 

What a year 2022 was, crazy right? Ever since the start of Covid the world has just been an absolute shite show. Dating, well that has not been any better at all, in fact many are finding it to be even worse. 

So, I thought I’d give you a wrapped of my dating from 2022. 

I’ve seen so many articles and posts on social media wondering what the fuck is up with dating these days from every single age group. The New York Times published an article recently about dating entitled “Dating is Broken. Going Retro Could Fix It” 

It was a push to bring back matchmaking. I’ve experienced my dating pool, no fucking thank you. 

I have to tell you, one of the worst dates of my year was a man who looks down his nose at every other human being as if they are scum. This from a man who is dirt poor, cannot legally drive and who wears nothing but sports gear from his youth on the daily. He was pushing 60. 

Then the guy who leaned in for a kiss and drooled, actual drool like from a dog into my mouth. Ewww. Nope. 

But I have continually run into men who are living with an ex or who are legally separated and living with an ex, how the fuck that even works I have no idea. 

My favorite, absolute hands down favorite was the man who advertised he was single, tried to date me whilst still living with his wife, not even divorced. She was dying from terminal cancer. Yes, Dying. From. Cancer. 

The next morning I was going through my social media feeds and happened upon a post that a young woman put up that read “Dating in 2022, I’m Single, Divorced or Legally Separated but…I still live with my ex.” 

The accuracy right? I loved it so much that I made it into a meme for us. 

I did toy with the man who had a wife with cancer, I knew his story had holes, nothing made sense so I went on several dates with him, several, had him over for dinner on our final date where I got him to spit out the truth and then I let him finish eating, I cannot waste food because I cook at a chef level. 

After he finished eating and poured himself more wine, I told him to leave. He was so sad over it. What an idiot.

In fact, a coworker that we call Tone is having the same issue with women and he is a few years younger than myself. One he kept trying to date the last three years, her story was that she was going to leave her husband as soon as their joint dog got better. It’s been dying for three years? That thing should have kicked off by now. 

This past week I spent much of it redesigning the website here but also going out to local bars and asking people what they have experienced dating in 2022 and to my surprise many reported that they too keep running into this issue of someone saying that they are single but living with an ex. And, the kick to gut here more often than not is that bitter detail comes out during a date or a few dates later. 

That is so brutally disappointing. And the people I spoke with the very words they spoke you could pluck the hurt and disappointment out of the air.

The last guy I tried to see let me know halfway through a date he was living with his ex wife. I got drunk, he took complete advantage of the entire situation. The next day I told him off, he tried to turn it all back on to me, twisting my words, dismissing my feelings, his anger I found odd.  

Okay cinderella I am not the one who ran out when the clock struck 12 leaving a glass slipper behind. I kid you not this bloke had to get home and left his spectacles here. 

I honestly think I have met almost every man in the state who is living with his ex this year.

The problem with dating, seeing or fucking anyone who is living with an ex is that you really have to ask yourself is that person ever going to grow past the fun phase or move on when you want it to go to the next level? 

The reality is that, anyone who lives with an ex is using that living situation as a comfort blanket, they do not have to go anywhere, where you or I might want more they, may never want more because they are just playing about and they live comfortably with an ex. You or I have way more to lose than someone who lives with an ex. 

For them we become a convenience just like their living situation is, it is convenient. It is way better to be inconvenient now isn’t it? 

When someone fails to inform you early on that they live with an ex, you should exercise some caution. It is a delicate balance to date someone who lives with an ex, the questions early on are different, and when you are not told until after meeting, it sets the situation up to fail from the get go. 

I asked the man whose wife had terminal cancer why he tried to play me and his answer was that he felt had he told me from the start I never would have given him a chance. Really? 

And that is most likely the only honest answer I got out of him. 

It all boils down to Rejection, I choose not to engage with players, but when they mislead you, then it turns into way more now doesn’t it? It spells out exactly who that person is and sadly most will continue to see where it might go when they should just walk away at the start. 

I am not saying everyone dating who lives with an ex is horrible, just be careful kids because you have more to lose as a single individual who is not living with an ex than someone who lives with an ex does. 

That is my dating wrapped for 2022, hopefully next year the jokers I encounter are actually funny, fun and completely single. 

Cristal M Clark

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