Off His Rocker Donald Trump Tries Again

Trump’s Campaign is Gloriously Failing

Cristal M Clark

Did anyone really think that Donald Trump would not make another run for the United States Presidency? I mean, really the man is completely off of his rocker on a normal day right?

On November 15th the former lack of a US President announced his bid for the 2024 US Presidency. Shocking, I know. 

New’s started breaking a few days ago that Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign is going down like a ship in flames. 


What happened to his Republican Party backing, his insane mafia of a following waltzing about here in the good old USA? 

This time around it would seem that Donald Trump’s bid is not fairing too well, it’s rocky at best. Donald Trump is facing a slew of both criminal and civil investigations currently, Trump’s taxes have officially been turned over to the Ways and Means Committee which by the is Democratic controlled, the House Committee also got their greedy little hands on Trump’s taxes and, that cannot be good for Trump, not at all. 

The Federal court also overturned his bid for a special master over the raid on Mar-A-Lago.

Trump has also seemed to have a bit of a falling out from his latest bromance with Kanye West. The pair apparently had the falling out over Trump’s reference to Kenya as a “seriously troubled man.” Naturally, Kenya is a wee bit upset over that. Not to worry, I am sure the two will fuck it out and make up, they do after all share some of the same twisted views. Namely that they are both antisemitic and are not afraid to speak loudly and proudly about that. 

Trump’s own party who always had one foot out the door, a lot like me when I try to date, has started to turn on Trump, and in disgust over Trump’s dinner with Kenya and white nationalist Nick Fuentes. In fact it’s been highly reported the majority of the Republican Party is doing everything that it can to distance themselves from Trump these days. While Trump wants to Capitan the ship again, it would seem that his own party is dead set against him not leading the way again. It’s akin to watching the Titanic hit the iceberg. Poor Donald. 

Donald recently called for the suspension of the Constitution, which many Republican’s are steering clear of, not a soul wants to comment on that one and perhaps more importantly, not a soul is shouting support for that. 

Trump must have forgotten one little detail, do away with the Constitution and you do away what that beloved 2nd Amendment, you the know the right to keep and bear arms. 

Should we toast that little idea with a bleach cocktail perhaps?

Anyway that you slice it, Trump is still a clear and present danger to this nation, him getting his foot back in the door of the white house will cause this nation to see the worst it has ever seen, as he’ll likely be a man baby tyrant over his initial loss and he will take it out on this entire nation. 

Personally, I would much prefer to see Trump dawning prison orange and from the inside of a cell rather than a suit from inside of the United States White House. 

Buckle up everyone. 

Cristal M Clark

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