A Catastrophic Cyber Event in the Next 2-Years

Due to Geopolitical Instability

Cristal M Clark 

At this years 2023 World Economic Forum, according to managing director Jeremy Jurgens indicated that “93% of cyber leaders, and 86% of cyber business leaders, believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years. This far exceeds anything that we’ve see in previous surveys.”

Given the current rate of cyber attacks, phishing schemes, malware attacks and at the news of weaknesses in the electrical grid systems here in the United States, this does not really come as a surprise. The reality is that cyber criminals make millions off of cyber crime currently, you would be kidding yourself if you believed some are not aiming at taking over the world or at least shutting it down and creating havoc, chaos, crime, murder and mayhem. 

Some people just want to watch the world burn as they say.

Some at the forum are predicting an unstoppable cyber virus that mutates far beyond what anyone can stop much less control. Think of the zombie apocalypse just on the cyber level where the way we live now just stops, no internet, no banking, not automated anything. 

Currently, everything we touch has some arm in the cyber world, everything. That includes putting fuel into your car, a trip to the market, the news, finance, everything! A cyber attack on this level would leave the entire world on its knees and throw every nation into chaotic peril. 

But, this is only a prediction of course, no one has a crystal ball, so we have yet to see if it would or even could actually happen. 

The take away from the conference is that the world needs to be ready for it. It’s a good warning, the United States was told years ago, warned that our electrical grids were in danger of cyber attack and what did the United States do so as to prevent such attacks? Nothing. But the same can be said for hospital systems, financial systems, even the stock market isn’t safe from cyber attack. When you think about this, every industry is now, no longer safe. 

Taking down cyber criminals isn’t easy either, so what’s the world to do here? Well Governments are going to have to focus on cyber security and cyber crime, they are going to have get consumers, businesses and industries ready in case something catostrophic happens. 

One major thing Governments can do that they are not currently doing, is holding any business and organisations accountable for data breaches. I am not talking about the televised congressional hearings or the fine that is easily affordable for a multi-million dollar company that they give, quite frankly, that is not good enough. Start sending CEO’s and VP’s to jail every time that there is a data breach, if a business reports to a board of directors, jail the board. Extreme? Why yes it is. Look how many times have we seen in the news a major organisation or manufacturer that had a national if not world wide data breach just walk away with slap on the wrist and a fine? 

The bottom line is this, companies don’t give a fuck about your data being stolen, they only care whether or not they can recover your data, so as to extort you or sell your data to others. Which is something that should be stopped straight away. Companies have cyber security insurance, but that does not help anyone who’s data might have been stolen in such an attack. Just the company, it also covers fines, PR, you know nothing for you or I. 

Last year it was reported that FaceBook teamed up with some medical reporting company so as to obtain medical records of FaceBook users, why the fuck would any government allow for that to even be an option?

Start teaching these businesses that cutting cyber security corners are no longer going to be tolerated nor is trying to obtain as much private data these companies do from users without someone’s permission, fuck your advert dollars. 

If only right? The sad fact is that we have nations committing government backed cyber attacks on other nations and the sad truth of all of this, it really is only a matter of time before one nation takes things too far and ends up controlling everything. 

Geopolitical Instability DEFINITION: The struggle over the control of geographical entities with an international and global dimension, and the use of such geographical entities for political advantage.

To back that up, here are some of the catchy headlines from the past year or so that have come out;

Chinese state media claims U.S. NSA infiltrated country’s telecommunications networks.

In May 2021, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack was perpetrated by Russian language hacking group DarkSide.

China state-backed hackers compromised networks of at least 6 U.S. state governments

Cyberwarfare is a part of Iran’s “soft war” military strategy. Iran developed a network of websites and accounts that were being used to spread false information about the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Iranian hackers reportedly undertook a hacking campaign against banks, local government networks, and other public agencies in the United Kingdom.

North Korean government-backed hackers have conducted ransomware attacks on health care providers and other key sectors in the US and South Korea and used the proceeds to fund further cyberattacks on government agencies in Washington and South Korea. 

When you have governments going after one another in the cyber world, it is only a matter of not if, but of when. Governments when push comes to shove do not care about we the people and you need to remember that. Many of us have been sounding the warning bells for years, if you do not get your cyber security in check, you are risking a major event and not in a good way.  The reality is that a lot of what you see happening now, is just testing the waters. Many others, myself included keeping preaching this, yet worldwide, governments fail to listen and it shows. 

And, the most simple of realities is that a worldwide Catastrophic Cyber Event would likely be brought about by a government backed event of some type. 

So, it’s starting to look like we are in a no win situation now isn’t it? The only question really is, will it be 2-years or less?

Cristal M Clark


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