Deadly Kidnapping in Mexico Highlights US Health Care for Profit System

United States Broken Health, Mental, Dental, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Systems

Cristal M Clark

Thousands visit Mexico every year without issues, people are constantly crossing the boarder without issues and legally that is. But, in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity, four American’s who were mistaken for Haitian drug smugglers were kidnapped in Matamoros, Mexico which is rife with violence generally usually not towards American’s, just its own. Two of the four were subsequently killed. 

The US does have travel warnings with regard to this part of Mexico in place and they have had them for some time, yet I am not sure many actually pay attention to travel advisories and warnings. 

This group traveled to Mexico for a medical procedure, a tummy tuck, and two of them ended up dead. 

Yes, I know everyone is talking about it, the mainstream media is hammering down on the Cartel and for me, it’s not about the cartel or the goddamn drugs, it’s about the fact that here in America we allow for our entire insurance, healthcare, mental health care, dental care, cosmetic surgery and pharmaceutical systems to run for fucking profit. 

Look, bottom line, the war on drugs was lost years ago hands down. If people want to use illegal drugs, they will in fact find a way to get them which is huge for the Cartel because they happen to manufacture and distribute drugs. Who the fuck cares? Honestly, if you think the Cartel is the issue here, you are not paying attention. 

If individuals want to put potentially deadly drugs into their own body, fine by me. I do not advocate for the United States Government to step in and stop them because they will never win that battle. Not now, not tomorrow, they most certainly didn’t yesterday or the day before that, they will never win this, ever. 

Yes perhaps the cartel guys should have done a better of job making sure they were not killing American’s, I’ll give you that, they needed to do a better of job of vetting before kidnapping and killing. The point is, they are running a business that is not going to die anytime soon regardless of what we do or say. Let them fucking run it, like I said if someone wants to use the drugs they sell into our country, let them. 

For me this really does highlight just how bad our healthcare system is, insurance, the actual healthcare system, getting prescriptions, dental care, even cosmetic surgery and mental health care, forget about it. In America we have allowed all of these industries to take basic human necessities and to profit off of them and that is the real crime here. The criminals are in healthcare, mental health, cosmetic healthcare, dental care, insurance, pharmaceuticals, those are the fucking criminals!

These dead American’s? That’s on us here in the United States. The second you let the industry of human care turn into an industry based off of profit rather than care, is the second we are to blame for two innocent American’s being killed in Mexico. The United States caused these tragic deaths. 

This would be a good time for the United States Government to step in and take a hard look at the outrageous healthcare/mental health care system here in the United States and that includes every insurance company, Dental Care, Cosmetic Surgery and pharmaceuticals. Stop these industries from running them to make a profit or is the Government too afraid? What they should fear is losing more lives in Mexico over their lack of action here in these very industries. Yes, some politicians profit from these very systems too, now don’t they? 

Insurance companies here in the US for instance can deny treatment, what fucking kind of sense does that make? It tells you pretty much all you need to know, they are for profit. Hospitals can charge $1000 for an aspirin and not give any explanation as to why, have you seen the amount of commercials we have for pills? Why the fuck would I ask a doctor to put me on a fucking pill based off of a bloody commercial? Is that not the job of the fucking doctor to figure out? Basic dental care? Most companies don’t have very good dental care insurance, and the cost of needed care is so out of reach for many that they simply don’t do dental care. Cosmetic surgery is seen as a luxury surgery, never mind someone who might have a real reason for needing it, like scars, burns, cancer survivor. Don’t get me started on vision care. It’s all for fucking profit for some fat cunt living it up while millions suffer and die. Currently thousands are going without healthcare in the US simply because of the fucking cost to get the care they really need. 

We cannot go about talking shite about the Cartel when the criminals who caused these deaths are in Government or run healthcare for profit here in the US. For fucks sake, Trump has said that he could care less if he is charged with criminal charges, he is still going to run for President again and him being charged? Ha, that is not going to stop him from being president again if he wins the next election and you tell me the Cartel is a bad bunch of low life criminals? Are you kidding? If anything that will only lend more power to the Cartels ability to run drugs through the US because the reality is at the point, people are not really going to care about the law. 

The real criminals who caused this are in our healthcare industries and it is well past the time that we do something about these industries. Human Care should never run for profit.  

Cristal M Clark

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