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  • Users of Dating Sites Beware

    Benjamin Foster, 36-Years-Old Cristal M Clark  In very recent news it has come to light that one Benjamin Foster, 36-years old is utilising dating sites to lure women whom he then tortures and leaves for dead.  As if dating wasn’t already bad enough right? Here in Denver it’s a nightmare and that is across the board generationally. […]

  • Women in Colorado Face Increased worry about being drugged?

    Is Anyone Listening? Cristal M Clark Right before Covid made its sweep worldwide; I was out one evening at a local bar here in Denver having drinks with friends. I had half a beer and two or three sips of a whisky neat as I had just started my night out with friends. I woke […]

  • San Francisco Police Using Robots

    Robots That Can Kill Suspects? Cristal M Clark If this isn’t the stuff of nightmares I don’t know what is, apparently San Francisco Police are allowed to use robots, but with a catch, these robots kill.  That’s rather concerning.  It appears that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to allow the San Fran […]

  • Off His Rocker Donald Trump Tries Again

    Trump’s Campaign is Gloriously Failing Cristal M Clark Did anyone really think that Donald Trump would not make another run for the United States Presidency? I mean, really the man is completely off of his rocker on a normal day right? On November 15th the former lack of a US President announced his bid for […]

  • Dating Wraped 2022

    WTH? Cristal M Clark  What a year 2022 was, crazy right? Ever since the start of Covid the world has just been an absolute shite show. Dating, well that has not been any better at all, in fact many are finding it to be even worse.  So, I thought I’d give you a wrapped of […]

  • Spotify’s Wrapped 2022

    Spotify’s Wrapped 2022  Hit’s it Target Dead On Cristal M Clark  Spotify’s Wrapped 2022 hit the ground running this week for many users it was a pure delight.  I’ve seen countless meme’s with regard to Spotify’s Wrapped 2022 which are hilarious to say the least. I have also read an equal number of articles stating […]

  • Kids Identifying as Animals At Schools Nationwide

    Kids Identifying as Animals At Schools Nationwide Urban Myth or Fact? Cristal M Clark  Here in Colorado a hot debate took centre stage a couple of weeks ago with a local media station preparing to do a newscast about kids in grade and middle schools who go to school dressed as animals and only meow, […]

  • Denver International Airport Under Attack

    Denver International Airport Under Attack DIA Fighting Off Mass Cyber Attack Cristal M Clark  Since around 11AM today Denver International Airport has been under cyber attack. It has also been reported that several airports throughout the country have been under the same cyber attack all day today.  Surprisingly, DIA is doing a really good job […]

  • Look Out Your Partner May Be Quiet Quitting on You

    Look Out Your Partner May Be Quiet Quitting on You What?  Cristal M Clark  I am quite sure that you have all heard the term “quiet quitting” in reference to lazy employees who for better terms might just have one foot out the door.  Now the mainstream media is reporting that if you are in […]

  • Insane and Out of Control

    Insane and Out of Control No, I Am Not Referring to My Dating Life Cristal M Clark  The insanity on the political level here in the US is quite out of control and it’s getting worse. Now I will leave Florida alone due to the recent devastation they have faced from hurricane Ian, that does […]

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