5 Minors Killed After Police Kidnapped Them


Mexico City – Drug Cartels

Cristal M Clark 

Naturally only in Mexico could this “accident” happen. The Mexican Government has come forward and apologized for for deaths of at least 5 minors who had been taken by police then promptly handed over to the one of the most violent known drug gangs in Mexico.

It should be noted that this is in fact rare for Mexico to actually admit to the state’s culpability/participation in such crimes.


Officials initially lied, in their initial statement they insisted that the youth were criminals when they went missing in 2016 in the Gulf state of Veracruz, one of Mexico’s most violent places to visit or disappear in.

Columba Arroniz, a mother of one of the dead youth had this to say whilst tears streamed down her face; “More than anything, we want to reclaim the good name of our kids … and demand justice for them and for thousands of others who experience the same thing.”

The minors, 3 boys and 1 girl were on their way home when they were stopped by local police, in what police are calling “the mistaken belief they had ties to a gang,” then turned over to members of the powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel.


They were then murdered and their bodies incinerated, according to preliminary findings. Which has all of the same markings as the 2014 abduction subsequent massacre of 43 trainee teachers in southwest Mexico, in which the government did admit that police were involved.

One debate has been brewing for some time and that is, should the United States suck it up and consider the cartels and drug gangs from Mexico terrorist groups? This debate, well it has really started heating up again, along with more and more support for it.


Cartels fight in an effort to control trafficking routes, the illegal drug trade, human smuggling, extortion and kidnapping.

In the last decade turf wars among increasingly splintered criminal cartels have left more than 40,000 people missing, as well as around 26,000 unidentified corpses in over 1,100 mass graves scattered about Mexico.

Perhaps it is time to change the game and rather than simply having a heated debate about considering the cartels terrorists and actually have real honest discussions because they are our closest neighbors and are currently moving slowly but surely north of that southern border.

Cristal M Clark

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Abusing the Badge

Woman walks along the water of the River Walk in Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton, Florida

Cristal M Clark

After a Florida women reported a rather unusual encounter with an officer from the Bradenton police department who just showed up at her parents home, an investigation uncovered that 36-year-old Leonel Marines had been using the states police database to basically procure dates and to stalk women.


Turns out that the only way Leonel would have known where the woman could be found was by utilizing that database because he met her briefly at an entirely different location previous to that particular moment in time.

Leonel worked for the Bradenton Police Department in Florida for 12 years, where he decided rather than pay a dating site to procure the future Mrs. he would just use his access to attempt to date at least 150 women. Match.com or Eharmony can be expensive when living on a cops salary and trying to date, so using the database makes all the sense in the world.


Bradenton Police Chief Melanie Bevan had this to say at a press conference on Thursday; “An audit of Leonel’s searches of the Driver and Vehicle Information Database revealed several hundred questionable database queries of women.”

The internal audit showed that the names Leonel looked up were oddly predominantly names of women, so the guy is either a womanizer or he was looking to get a little.  What really gave it away here was the fact that he mostly looked up then solicited Hispanic women, many of which who did not speak English so, he was victimizing and exploiting them. Women who would be too afraid to report him and that is, complete abuse of the badge.

Leonel was using information from the database in several ways, social media, cold calls, visits to women’s homes and all under the guise of being there for police business. That however is not the worst of it, this is not the first time Leonel had been caught abusing his privilege and the badge.

Back in 2012 after allegedly showing up at a woman’s home unprompted on several occasions an investigation was opened. After that investigation, it was revealed he was using the database to stalk women, he was reportedly suspended for 3 days without pay, kept his job and seemingly continued to stalk women using the database.

In the current investigation well it has been closed by the Bradenton Internal Investigations Unit after finding Leonel in administrative violation of “gross misconduct to include misuse of criminal justice information, violation of our record security policy and sex on duty.” He was reportedly put on administrative leave and well he resigned in October. But the case has gained the attention of the FBI who is conducting a very aggressive criminal investigation.


The FBI takes this type of criminal activity very seriously. When I worked in the system years ago, everyone who had access to any of the criminal/driving databases was duly informed any type of abusive use of said database could result in felony charges, jail and huge fines and that abuse was in fact utilizing said database to look people up who were not part of any criminal investigation or court proceedings, i.e. looking potential dates, running unauthorized background checks and the like.

Florida may be one of the most unusual states when it comes to criminal activity and oddities, it appears that even so, the FBI is not going to give them a free pass on this one.

Cristal M Clark

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Man Impersonating a Drug Enforcement Agent Pulls Over Real Federal Agent

fake cop-crimeshop

San Jose, California

Cristal M Clark

I have to admit that I love it when someone is blatantly breaking the law and gets caught doing so rather red handed. In all honesty it really is never a good idea to impersonate a member of law enforcement or military, never.

Alex Taylor -crimeshop

One San Jose, California man apparently never received the memo on that however. 49-year-old Alex Taylor was arrested Saturday after an investigation into reports that a man driving a Volkswagen Jetta with police lights was making unauthorized traffic stops. Alex was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a federal officer because, well, he is not in fact a federal officer of any sort.

What tipped law enforcement off was the fact that Alex just so happened to actually pull over a federal agent back in December, on Christmas Eve to be exact and identified himself as a DEA agent. What an idiot.

During his arrest by real federal agents, they seized the Jetta, two firearms, an imitation gold DEA badge, a “concealed weapons badge,” a pair of handcuffs and a small amount of methamphetamine.

Wait, meth?


Court documents show that a U.S. Department of Transportation assistant special agent in charge was driving her personal vehicle in San Jose when Alex pulled up behind her with flashing lights on. Alex walked up to her window wearing a gold DEA badge around his neck, informed her that he was a DEA agent then asked her where she was going in such a hurry.

“DEA huh?” the woman asked Alex, according to court documents. “Since when does DEA make vehicle stops?”

“All the time,” Alex responded.

The woman asked which office he worked out of because she knew several DEA agents, according to the affidavit. Taylor said he “worked all over.” The woman then identified herself as a federal agent and told him he could not write her a ticket.

At that point, Alex told her to a have a nice day, returned to his car and drove away before the agent could write down his license plate number, according to court documents. But it would appear that he was on the radar prior to this incident because federal investigators learned in February that an off-duty Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy had written down the Jetta’s license plate number after seeing Alex pull over a tow truck on a highway in Los Gatos in November. The tow truck driver later told federal investigators that Alex asked him, “Do you want to die today?” after he was pulled over.

Alex eventually left after a passing car almost struck him and the truck driver repeatedly asked to see his identification. Clearly this is a man that simply does not learn.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, they received reports on Feb. 27 and Feb. 28 about a Volkswagen Jetta with flashing red and blue lights being used to attempt traffic stops around Interstate 280 and Highway 85 near Cupertino.

A CHP officer pulled Alex over, saw several accessories, switches, buttons and cords “feeding into different apparatuses” throughout the car, including some plugged into a power source and instead of questioning the situation and actually utilizing probable cause, the officer just gave Alex a warning. Well, that is certainly ideal.

Eventually, Federal agents conducted surveillance of Taylor’s residence where they witnessed him leave wearing a gold badge around his neck and what appeared to be a firearm on his right hip concealed under his T-shirt, according to a DEA news release.

The next day, agents from the DEA, FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives searched Taylor’s home and promptly arrested him which, I am sure felt surreal to be arrested by real Federal Agents for Alex.

Cristal M Clark

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US Military Will Be Asked to Babysit Migrant Children

US Military-CrimeShop

Wait, What?

Cristal M Clark

News is breaking through the wire that the Trump Administration will be asking the US Military to house up to 5,000 migrant children? Yes, that is precisely what our military should be spending time doing rather than things such as training exercises. Which as one federal official puts it, is an expansion of the Defense Department’s role in the Trump Administration’s hardline policy toward undocumented immigrants.

US-Seperate_Migrant Children_crimeshop

The news comes on the heels of a recent NPR report that the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 66,000 migrants at the Southern border in February, the highest total for a single month in almost a decade.

And most of those immigrants, well they are families with migrant children. So, looks like family separations are going to continue and the US Military is going to become babysitters.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen-crimeshop.jpg

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told a House committee today “Our capacity is already severely strained, but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely.”

“This is not a manufactured crisis. This is truly an emergency.”

The agency expects even more unaccompanied minors to arrive in coming months, reflecting historical patterns in which migration increases during the summer.


Just to give you an idea, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the federal agency who is responsible for migrant children until they can be given to an adult relative. The agency currently holds roughly 11,500 (it’s unclear how much of this number actually accounts for illegal crossings), migrant toddlers, children and teens at U.S. government detention and processing centers across the country. A child’s average length of stay under the agency’s custody was 89 days whilst also being molested, as recent news pointed out, during the first four months of this year, compared to 60 days in fiscal year 2018.

And I get it, the agency is at its capacity however asking the US Military to house the children, well that is completely out of line at every single turn.

So what is the answer? Stop beating a dead horse and tackle the issue with some oh I don’t know forethought.

Shut the border down until we can regroup and come up with a long term solution, it’s time to be proactive not reactive here and a wall is not going to solve the issue at hand and, I know that is not a popular answer at all but the reality is some other countries problems are not ours, we cannot take on any more immigrants no matter what the situation they are trying to escape is.

Round up everyone that has put us over capacity and send them back. It sounds cold hearted and cruel but creating a bigger problem in an effort to handle an already growing problem, well that is not the answer.

Shut the border down, do not allow anyone else to get in, deploy the military to manage that and we’ll start to see things getting handled in a more proper way. Anyone caught trying to enter illegally, shoot them, a bullet is a really good deterrent.

The US Military are not babysitters nor are they an orphanage the Trump administrations plan is absolutely preposterous.

Cristal M Clark

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Cop Deliberately Runs Man Over, Then Plants Gun on Him


Baltimore Police

Cristal M Clark

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, the leader of the Baltimore Police department’s now-defunct Gun Trace Task Force, called Former Baltimore Police Department Sgt. Keith Gladstone “in a panic” after running a man over with his vehicle. Yes, for obvious reasons neither man works for the department any longer.

Former Baltimore Police Department Sgt. Keith Gladstone-CrimeShop

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins seemed to be in a bit of a panic because he purposely ran over a suspect, so naturally he telephoned a coworker who encouraged and assisted with the cover up. The indictment which involves several officers says that Sgt Gladstone allegedly drove over to the scene, retrieved a BB gun from the trunk of his police vehicle and dropped it near a pickup truck where suspect was left lying on the ground after having been run over by Sgt Jenkins.


Let me see if I understand this, these officers who are trained professionals in the fine art of sniffing out a coverup, could not manage to coverup their own crime?

Other officers said they overheard Sgt. Gladstone tell Sgt. Jenkins, in the presence of another officer, to have someone search the pickup truck before he left the scene with a partner, according to the statement. He allegedly told the partner that he should say they were there for “scene security” if they were ever questioned by federal investigators.

“Based on a false statement of probable cause written by Sgt. Jenkins in another officer’s name, the suspect was subsequently charged with possession, use, and discharge of a gas or pellet gun, for the BB gun that Sgt. Gladstone planted at the scene of the suspects arrest, and a number of drug offenses.”

Well that’s just lovely now isn’t it?

The indictment does not say exactly what the reasoning was behind the arrest of the suspect much less why exactly it was that Sgt. Jenkins purposely and without cause ran the suspect over however, Sgt. Jenkins was sentenced to 25 years in prison for multiple crimes, including drug dealing and robbery, as head of the department’s elite Gun Trace Task Force, a nine-member squad that allegedly spent years robbing citizens, extorting drug dealers and filing false reports, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Clearly this is a police department that has no idea how to coverup its own criminal activities so perhaps they should refrain from planting evidence, robbing people, selling drugs and the like.

Cristal M Clark

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Dear Criminals, Please Stop Hiding Behind Encrypted Devices or Else


Sincerely ~ Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray

Cristal M Clark

FBI Director Christopher Wray who is not a man of many words, at least publicly thus far had quite a bit to say today at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.


Law Enforcement as a whole has had quite a time of dealing with criminals and encrypted devices/data because they cannot just force someone to unlock the device and allow for them to have access to the data stored on it or in a cloud server. What’s more is that in some cases, the devices come equipped with what is known as a “kill switch,” too many unauthorized attempts to access a device using the wrong password and the data is destroyed, likewise a failed login at a specific time can be built into the device and accomplish the same thing.  

For law enforcement, that isn’t ideal.


Christopher Wray had this to say today; “It can’t be a sustainable end state for there to be an entirely unfettered space that’s utterly beyond law enforcement for criminals to hide, we have to figure out a way to deal with this problem.”

Christopher is not entirely out of line here and I know that not everyone likes the idea of law enforcement being able to access anyone’s device or data without a warrant, yet in some criminal cases law enforcement’s ability to effectively solve then prosecute a case they would need that access and they would need it relatively quickly.

We have all seen the stories, software is sold both legally and illegally that can bypass most encrypted devices, hackers offer their services as well, the problem in the United States is that the masses, well they aren’t too keen on any of that, at all as it turns out. It’s a rather bit of a timeless tail, we do not want to enable law enforcement to do its job by allowing for them to have the tools to do that job, unless of course something happened that personally affected us in some way, horrifically, then we are all for law enforcement using whatever means necessary to solve the crime, right?

The problem with that argument is simple, you cannot enjoy both of, two desirable but mutually exclusive alternatives.


Understandably so, Christopher did not offer up any ideas or solutions either, what could he suggest after all? It’s either allow for law enforcement to legally access encrypted devices/data legally, allow for them to utilize illegal means to gain access or give them ability to monitor and intercept before a crime is ever committed.   

As it stands currently, tech giants are more often than not unwilling to just unlock a device for law enforcement and in some cases the desired information has already been wiped from the device or was simply never stored on it.

So it is questionable in some cases as to whether or not having access to an encrypted device/data is actually of a benefit.

Cristal M Clark

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Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon Missing or Just on the Lamb


Monterey, California

Cristal M Clark

What does one do if let’s say they don’t want to face charges, you know that whole pesky having to go to court, have a hearing and face a charge like oh, rape or 24 counts of rape?

Well obviously the answer is clear, you fake your own death in another country like our good friend Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon.


Monterey County Sheriff’s Office captain John Thornburg; “The whole thing started on February 25, which was a Monday.” Kim’s 17-year old son by the way is the individual who made the call to police.

“We got a 911 call saying that he had gone swimming off one of our beaches and hadn’t returned. This was 7.15pm, which was a little unusual to go because it was dark.”

“At that time we treated it as a missing person, as a swimmer in distress, so the fire department, the sheriff’s office and state parks began searching. Monastery Beach is the area where he was reported to have gone. It’s a very dangerous beach, getting out of the water is very difficult. For the next two days we put dive teams into the Pacific Ocean there to try and locate him and he wasn’t.”

Capitan Thornburg went on to add that “we’ve got to a point now that we don’t believe he went into the ocean, we don’t think he went swimming.”


During a police interview, it was duly noted that Kim’s son could not really explain just how he and his father traveled to California’s central coast after traveling by air from Scotland to Los Angeles, the pair were on a two-week break in the States and flew in to Los Angeles but police were unsure as to whether or not they had a car, they walked, hitchhiked, crawled to the central coast…So police did some more digging into Kim’s past and learnt that Kim is from the Edinburgh area. The real shock here was that police discovered that Kim is wanted on 24 counts of rape, in Scotland.  

Kim’s son has since returned home safely away from his father and has not been charged with anything.

And now of course the US Marshals are hot on the trail of one Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon so should you spot him, you know who to call.

Cristal M Clark

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Roseanne Barr Upset She Never Had a #MeToo Moment



Cristal M Clark

Roseanne Barr is apparently upset that she has never had a #MeToo moment to add to the long list of things that upset her. In all fairness here however, she has brought up some valid points. During a Sunday evening interview on the Candace Owens Show Roseanne took to the air to spell out her grievance’s with the whole #MeToo movement and the reason women went to hotel rooms with men, “Well, it’s because they’re hos, like if you don’t run out of the room and go, ‘Excuse me you don’t do that to me,’ and leave, but you stayed around because you’re like, ‘Well I thought maybe he was going to give me a writing job,’ well, you aren’t nothing but a ho.”


Adding further insult to injury, she actually blamed women who came forward with accusations against men after hotel room encounters for “pretending that they didn’t go to trade sexual favors for money.”


According to dear old Roseanne she doesn’t much care for California senator Kamala Harris, Roseanne even nicknamed her “Kama Sutra Harris” and took it a huge step further by suggesting that Kamala’s former relationship with San Francisco mayor Willie Brown is related to Kamala’s career trajectory. “We all know what she did, she slept her way to the bottom.” Roseanne really did not hold back at all here.

Most of what Roseanne had to say was fair however, if some of the women who were part of #MeToo were with someone like, let’s say Bill Cosby for instance, they did not have much of a choice in the matter. But to play the part of devils advocate here, Roseanne is not entirely wrong about what she had to say, she actually hit the nail on the head. In some cases, the women knew what was going on and the reality is that they did trade sexual favors for parts, roles and money but to be clear that does not speak of every woman that has experienced something similar and it does not make what the men did right.


Not all men, but some have long and rich histories of a blatant sexual predatory behaviors towards women and they know how to use that behavior for sexual gratification and gains, they are manipulative, they know just how to hold an income or job over one’s head.

Then again, when it comes to Hollywood it was never a secret that if a woman wanted a writing gig, role or part in a movie, the best way to get it was to trade sex for it and men have long since exploited that.

the reality here is that we can all sit around and play the blame game and point fingers or we can work together to fix the behaviors and maybe stop sexually exploiting women for personal gain, and we women can stop allowing for that to happen ourselves even at the risk of losing a part, job or role. If you say no and lose something over it, you stand to gain more in a court of law.

Cristal M Clark

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