The Amityville Horror Phenomenon

A Story that Freaked Out a Nation – Might Be More False Than it is True

Cristal M Clark 

Back on July 27, 1979 when the Amityville Horror movie was first released people were mesmerized and quite frankly pretty freaked out, it was based on the true story of one 23-year-old Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. who murdered his entire family using a 35 Marlin rifle while they were asleep, which included his parents and four siblings.  

The movie centered around the Lutz family, who moved into the home months later. The Lutz family purchased the home at a drastically reduced price of $80,000 due to the murders of course, only to leave it roughly 28 after having moved in. 

They claimed a great deal of demonic paranormal activity had occured in the home, in fact some accounts are downright terrifying, and are what made the legend of the Amityville Horror and tons of books, not to mention documentaries and films.

In fact, two of the most educated and experienced paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren visited the home after the Lutz family moved out. Lorraine Warren said: “The very first night that Ed and I went into that home I was fearful, but I didn’t know what I was fearful of.”

You can find archival images showing the home inside as it was immediately after the Lutz family “fled in terror” in 1975, as well as the Warrens conducting their investigation. Lorraine, who died in 2019, took with her a relic and asked clergy of many faiths to join her in spirit in the home to protect her and her husband, who died in 2006.

According to Lorriane: “As I was going up the stairs, I reached the point where it felt as if a force of water was coming against my chest, almost like a waterfall, it was the worst feeling. I stopped on the landing and held tight to the relic that was in my hand and asked for strength and direction in going forward. It felt ominous to me.”

Now if you are the skeptical sort, I don’t blame you here. I do believe in residual energy good and bad but demons? 

Here is what we know about the rest of the story – 

Ronadl DeFeo’s trial began on October 14, 1975. He and his defense lawyer, William Weber, mounted an affirmative defense of insanity, with DeFeo claiming that he killed his family in self-defense because he heard their voices plotting against him. The insanity plea was supported by the psychiatrist for the defense, Daniel Schwartz. The psychiatrist for the prosecution, Dr. Harold Zolan, maintained that, although DeFeo was a user of heroin and LSD, he had antisocial personality disorder and was aware of his actions at the time of the crime. 

With the drugs alone, I am pretty sure anyone would be hearing voices if not also suffering some sort of paranoid delusions, sort of like when the cops down in Miami, Florida back in 2012 who caught a guy eating someone’s face whilst high on “bath salts.” 

Could the murders leave an ominous bad, residual negative energy in the home? Yes, and what’s more is let’s not lose sight of the fact that others have lived in the home since with no issues, demonic or otherwise. In fact the biggest issue are those who travel through trying to glimpse the home. The actual street address has been changed just so folks can’t figure out which house it was. 

As for the Lutz family, well they faced the eyes of public scrutiny and the story had been discounted many times. They were accused of making the terrifying account of living in the home for 28 days up just so that they could get out of debt. 

Stepfather George Lutz had a history of dabbling in the occult.

George was said to wake up at 3:15 am every morning, which was around the time Ron carried out his murders. I usually wake up at that time daily, call it too much caffeine or stress due to the pandemic. 

The Lutz family claimed to smell strange odors, see green slime oozing out of the walls and keyholes and experience cold spots in certain areas of the house. Yet funny, no other owners have smelled nor seen any of that. 

When a priest came to bless the house, he allegedly heard a voice scream “Get out!” He told the Lutzes to never sleep in that particular room in the house. *The role of Father Pecoraro in the story has been given considerable attention. During the course of the lawsuit surrounding the case in the late 1970s, Father Pecoraro stated in an affidavit that his only contact with the Lutzes concerning the matter had been by telephone. Other accounts say that Father Pecoraro did visit the house but experienced nothing unusual there. Father Pecoraro gave what may have been his only on-camera interview about his recollections during a 1980 episode of In Search of- a documentary series hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

Father Pecoraro’s face was obscured during the interview to preserve his anonymity. In the interview, he repeated the claim that he heard a voice saying “Get out”, but stopped short of giving it a paranormal origin. He also stated that he felt a slap on his face during the visit and that he did subsequently experience blistering on his hands.

Other paranormal activity: A nearby garage door opening and closing; an invisible spirit knocking a knife down in the kitchen; a pig-like creature with red eyes staring down at George and his son Daniel from a window; George waking up to wife Kathy levitating off their bed; sons Daniel and Christopher also levitating together in their beds. Again, no one else who has lived in the home since has had any of these issues. 

The Lutz’s former lawyer William Weber — who fell out with them over…well money issues — came out in 1979, claiming that the three of them came up with the horror story “over many bottles of wine.”

The claims of physical damage to the locks, doors and windows were rejected by Jim and Barbara Cromarty, who bought the house for $55,000 in March 1977. In a television interview filmed at the house for That’s Incredible!, Barbara Cromarty argued that they appeared to be the original items and had not been repaired. The show also showed that the “Red Room” was a small closet in the basement and would have been known to the previous owners of the house because it was not concealed in – um well any way. 

Then we have the claim made in Chapter 11 of the book that the house was built on a site where the local Shinnecock Indians had once abandoned the mentally ill and the dying? Well that was rejected by local Native American leaders several times.

The claim of cloven hoof prints in the snow on January 1, 1976, was also oddly enough, rejected by other researchers because weather records showed that there had been no snow in Amityville on that date. Neighbors reported nothing unusual during the time that the Lutzes were living there as well. The police officers who were depicted visiting the house in the book and 1979 film have also been rejected because records showed that the Lutzes did not call the police during the period that they were actually living in the home on Ocean Avenue. There was actually no bar in Amityville called The Witches’ Brew at the time: Ronald DeFeo, Jr. was a regular customer at Henry’s Bar, a short distance from 112 Ocean Avenue, which is of very little concern, the names of people and places are changed sometimes to suite the needs of hollywood. 

As as the years passed the Lutz family filed lawsuits against, lawyers, news corporations and the like, they never really got anywhere with any of them and George has sort of half assed admitted that perhaps not everything depicted in the book and movie were necessarily a true account of what did happen, but he has always stood by “something did in fact happen in that house.” 

A lot can be said for a psychosomatic event here and honestly that is what I believe happened. I mean, think about it, they get all worked up after realizing a rather horrific murder occured in the home, they read Ronald’s defense and the mind tends to sometimes become stressed, out of fear and play a great deal of tricks on us. 

True or fake the story at the time Amityville Horror was one of the most terrifying demonic stories ever told up until that point.  

As for Ronald, well he is still in prison serving out his sentence as all of his appeals have been denied thus far.

Cristal M Clark

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Freddy Krueger – Fact or Fiction

The Real Story Behind the Inspiration 

Cristal M Clark 

Every October stories start to emerge and spread across the internet with regards to our most beloved horror flicks. Take for example A Nightmare on Elm Street, the original one of my childhood favs. Every year a few weeks before halloween stores start to spread on social media claiming that Freddy Krueger is in fact based off of a real life individual: The stories depict eerie details of child murders, factory fires and haunted ghost towns alongside a mysterious photo of a dark figure lurking behind three oblivious toddlers.

The stories always start with “DID YOU KNOW…. That the Horror Film Character Freddy Kruger (sic) was based on a real life serial killer who lived in Lightening Creek, Oklahoma in the 1800s, later the town was moved and became Alluwe, Oklahoma.”

But alas, as luck would have it, the stories are simply just not true at all. 

The story that moves across social media was created as a halloween prank once and apparently the prank part of the story never made it to headline news, still to this day people believe the prank to be the true inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The true inspiration however for the A Nightmare on Elm Street came from  an L.A. Times article about a family who immigrated to the U.S. from the Killing Fields of Cambodia. According to an interview director and writer Wes Craven gave to Vulture magazine back in 2014. 

“Things were fine, and then suddenly the young son was having very disturbing nightmares. He told his parents he was afraid that if he slept, the thing chasing him would get him, so he tried to stay awake for days at a time. When he finally fell asleep, his parents thought this crisis was over. Then they heard screams in the middle of the night. By the time they got to him, he was dead. He died in the middle of a nightmare. Here was a youngster having a vision of a horror that everyone older was denying. That became the central line of Nightmare on Elm Street.”

The Killing Fields of Cambodia is the true horror story here though. The Cambodian Genocide a systematic persecution and killing of Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge under the leadership of Pol Pot, who pushed Cambodia towards communism. This resulted in the deaths of 1.5 to 2 million people from 1975 to 1979, nearly a quarter of Cambodia’s 1975 population.

Real life events usually have a hand in inspiring horror films, usually not in the way one would suspect though. 

Cristal M Clark

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CoPIRG & Other Organizations Need to Stop Suggesting Slowing the Economy

Number of Covid-19 Cases Increase

Cristal M Clark

Was reading an interesting article today here in Denver where CoPRIG, Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation is asking the state to shut down bars and restaurants, in fact they are asking all businesses that are not considered essential to be closed for now, limit travel, enforce face mask orders etc.

Look, I get it seeing the number of cases on the rise is a concern however, at some point we need to each be responsible for our own health and behavior, governments should not ever at any time have so much power even in a time of a pandemic to shut down states, municipalities or a nation, by doing that we shut down our precious economy. We are already seeing a record number of bars, restaurants and small businesses across the state and our nation, close for good because they cannot continue to sustain operating at limited capacity or pay bills when they have never been able to open back up in the first place.

I keep hearing we need more testing as well. Agreed, but here are the facts: we don’t have it and we are not going to have it anytime soon so get over it and start to educate the public. We can throw stones at leaders all day long for mishandling how we responded to the pandemic, that still will not get us anywhere at all. We must educate the public, even Trump’s supporters until they get it and from my understanding many of his supporters who became infected at one point or another spend quite a bit of their own personal time educating people to wear face masks, socially distance and isolate the vulnerable. Rather than shut shit down, tell the elderly and the vulnerable that they must stay home and to only go out for essentials and at only designated times so as to decrease their chance of interaction with the general public.

The fact is, we missed step number 1 and we keep missing it, education and then isolating the vulnerable and sick. What we should not be doing is shutting things down and ensuring more of our population is put out of work for the long term, and how many more businesses need to close for good?

Again, I get it but rather than force businesses to lay off employees and then close, or enforce restrictions that so strictly limit a businesses capability from actually being able to be open and operate, enforce things like wearing face masks, and cite people who are not wearing them and businesses for not enforcing the rules. That is what governments do, not shut things down, that gives them too much power. 

I also get the argument that people are becoming fatigued, we are and yes I become upset at others when they try to argue reasons for not wearing a face mask. It is pure both utterly stupid and shelfish behavior but our governments need to be stepping up and enforcing the orders and that includes fining businesses and people who do not wear or enforce wearing face masks. 

Listening to science means that we educate and then enforce the science to a reasonable extent. 

Groups like CoPRIG need to stop suggesting things that do not work, did they ever really work in the first place? No they did not look at our numbers now. Sure we had no national plan but we are also not seeing much of a state or local plan, all we see are a bunch of so called leaders pointing fingers and making threats. 

What about just issuing a city or statewide mask wearing order and then enforcing that order? Instead what we see are suggestions like those from CoPRIG that shut things down again, fuck up our economy and put more people out of work. Part of the reason people are fatigued is because we fucked up the economy, try it again and I would venture to guess you will see an even higher number of rebelling. When you scare people with things like shutting down, they fear job loss, or of not finding a new job since they already lost a job, they react and not in good ways. 

The solution is to educate and then enforce at the very least mask wearing and then addressing the issues surrounding the ederly. Stores need to make home delivery of essentials easier for the elderly to accomplish, but again you can’t really tell a US citizen that they cannot leave their home unless you declare martial law.  

So educate and enforce, it’s that simple. If some jackass wants to argue wearing a face mask, they can shop online, not in stores, and enforce that to the fullest extent and stop shutting things down.  

That is what people are fatigued about, the restrictions, the shutting everything down, the threat of another shut down. We failed at the two things we should have been doing, education and enforcing what we just educated everyone to be doing. 

Cristal M Clark

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Everything College Students Signed Up For – They Are Missing Out On

Colleges Around the US Face Federal Lawsuits

Cristal M Clark 

When you think about it, college is a passage into adulthood, face-face learning, the athletics, being on the campus, interactions with other students, all these things help set our nation’s youth up to enter the world and the workforce. 

Right now however, students are missing all of that with campuses closed due to multiple Covid outbreaks. Rather than isolate the sick and the vulnerable campuses are literally forcing students to go home and learn online. 

To some extent I understand that but on the other hand, students will be missing valuable in person learning time, the hands on time some will need. The campuses closing after an outbreak was a really stupid plan to begin with. 

That said, students and families across the nation are now suing major universities for shuttering campuses and forcing students to learn virtually. Many of the things they paid for, they are missing out on. Rightfully so, they should be receiving rather large partial refunds. Additionally, some students have reported that once the campuses closed, they were forced to return home, only to face landlords who refused to allow the students out of leases, leaving many on the hook for the monies due for the remainder of the lease. 

Bravo, way to fuck over our nations youth here. In debt with the already higher than it ever needed to be tuition, now they are going to have to pay out leases at places they are not even going to be able to live.  

These class-action lawsuits are calling for partial reimbursement of tuition and fees and are continuing nationwide from Ivy League institutions to state university systems to small private colleges and they come with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.

The lawsuits are also serving as a backdrop for a larger conversation about the value of a four-year degree, whether earned in a traditional college setting or online, and the soaring costs oftentimes associated with it. The costs are astronomical for students and the value being brought into question is really simple. 

For many the curriculum of these 4-year programs has not really changed for decades, yet the costs have continued to soar. It’s an argument that has been brewing for some time now. 

Students are now suing for breach of contract, schools breached a contract with students by failing to provide an agreed-upon service in exchange for an agreed-upon price, and that the schools were unjustly enriched by retaining those funds.

Online learning entails fewer hours of actual instruction for many students as well as critical internships, so they are missing more than the social scene. 

These lawsuits are going to take quite some time to get through, years in fact while today’s students are left paying the price. 

Cristal M Clark

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Turns Out Yes – You Can Get Covid -19 More Than Once

Confirmed Nevada Man Was Infected Twice With Covid-19

Cristal M Clark 

Just today news hit the wire that it has been confirmed that a man in Nevada has been infected twice with Coronavirus, hence you are not immune to it once you have had it, which is what just about every health expert and scientist have been saying since the start, contrary to what Trump falsely claims. 

In theory one’s body should build antibodies once you have had a virus, which is why we get flu shots each year, to help ward off the seasonal flu, but with Covid-19 we really do not fully understand how the virus works yet. How long after having it, we may or may not be immune to it, if we are immune how long are we immune. We also know that Covid-19 has mutated from that of the first discovered cases. 

Seeing a quick recurring infection is indicative of a virus that is still in it’s youth and one that hasn’t quite finished its evolutionary growth. As difficult as this is for some to believe, @realDonaldTrump, a virus is a living organism it can and will evolve and learn it’s environment or in this case, hosts. The human body. 

Covid-19 could very well be on a path to another mutation after hitting so many once and quite more probable than we realized, twice already. 

This winter could really be a do-over of the Spanish flu.  

The man in Nevada is 25 years old and is now the 5th individual who has been recorded worldwide as having caught the virus twice, and reports indicate that it is much worse the second time around than the first time. 

In all likelihood that number is more likely to be a much larger number than we realize because from what I understand at least here in the US, many who are studying the virus now believe it might have hit the US in the mid-late fall or early winter of 2019. 

That’s right, people describe being really sick starting right before Thanksgiving of last year all the way through December and January, many of which also state they have never been so ill in their lives and of having to have fallen to almost back to back illness. The first infection, more like the flu, the second time however, was extremely severe for many, all upper respiratory, breathing issues, memory loss, vision changes, hallucinations, headaches, high fever for days, confusion, the list goes on and on and we were not testing back then for the virus. Most of the symptoms people describe are also almost identical to that of the Coronavirus. 

To support that fact, the man in Nevada got the virus twice over the course of about 6 weeks in between the first and second time. Do you know how many US citizens fell ill in late November-December, who then subsequently fell ill again only much worse in January-February? 

I personally believe that the virus has been infecting us since around this time last year, quietly learning how to perfect the fine art of its reason for being (for someone like Trump, that means it’s mutating so as to be even more deadly).

That makes even more sense when you have two of the world’s largest pharma companies shutting down their trials as of today because of safety concerns. One of which was a vaccine, the other a therapy. That is how trials should work anyway, rather than try to rush them through again @realDonaldTrump

 We should be focused on the recommendations of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC and basic science, socially distance, wear a face covering, wash hands frequently, avoid large gatherings/crowds. Like many I do not believe that this virus is done with us, heading into winter it will be much worse. What we have failed to study, understand and address is the probability that we more likely than not met the end of 2019 riding the first wave of the virus, with March being the start of our second wave and this winter being our third and most deadly wave. 

If anything, sometimes the simplest of history lessons has taught us this painful lesson already. Shutting down an entire country does not work, but we know other things that do in fact work. Like it or not, none of us is going to outrun this, so we need to learn to live with it until a time comes when we have the upper hand. That time is not now. 

Our president does not care much less have the upper hand if anything he has mismanaged this, he lied the whole way through this, he is still lying and not doing anything to protect this nation or it’s people, like mass produce testing, much less clear mass producing these magical treatments he is touting cured him…none of you have access to them now do you? Was he ever really sick other than mentally ill?

Cristal M Clark

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Shooting Leaves Family/Friends Shocked and Surprised?

Lee Keltner of Denver, Colorado

Cristal M Clark

Local news is reporting that the family and friends of Lee Keltner who was shot and killed over the weekend in Denver, Colorado are shocked and surprised. Lee Keltner, a right-wing demonstrator, was shot and killed after he assaulted Matthew Dolloff, a reporter’s bodyguard, who retaliated for a blow to the head and a spray of Mace by firing a single gunshot from point-blank range.

Shocked and Surprised are what you are when an overzealous cop has his knee to your neck, using the full weight of his body to strangle you to death and you slowly die over the course of 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Or when an innocent black woman is shot eight times and that she was simply considered collateral damage, while a white woman in a neighboring apartment that had been caught in the crossfire was considered an innocent victim. 

How can anyone be surprised by this? Someone commented to the local media: “he had mace hardly a reason for him to get shot and killed.” Might I suggest then, that he should have not participated in an opposing rally aimed only to instigate violence through nothing more than the almighty “white power,” hate speech, hateful rhetoric, intolerance and zero empathy? Perhaps he should have simply stayed the fuck home. If he had, he’d still be with us today. 

No instead Lee Keltner decided his time would be best spent joining the Patriots Muster rally and again the rally was being held for the sole intent and purpose to disrupt peaceful protesters, antagonize them, harass them, show a force of hatred and disregard for anyone else.

Ladies and Gentlemen the instigators, the agitators- the Far-Right. 

As described by far-right Twitter personalities, within minutes of the shooting — which took place after a sparsely attended rally described as a “patriot muster” against “BLM, Antifa,” these personalities love to stir the pot. 


This is the bed that Mr. Keltner made himself, his son watched him get killed but that was his father’s choice, his father’s doing, hate and intolerance never get you anywhere other than in the bed you simply made for yourself. 

This hate group along with the Proud Boys and those that claim to be a militia which by the way they are not true militias are just a part of Trump’s overall propaganda. The only true authorized militia in the US would be the national guard these groups and even I fail to point this out a lot, are non-authorized militia, they are militant groups, whose sole purpose to exist is to spread fear, hate, discontent and discord, to agitate and to instigate. Nothing more or less.

Why the leader of the Proud Boys this past weekend made a simple enough threat, to the media and quite publicly, that should Trump lose the election a civil war will break out. He should be in jail for that, it is a threat to our nation, a threat of terrorism or is the FBI good to let our home-grown terrorists start a war in the country? That guy belongs in jail and today.

maGetting back to Mr. Keltner a friend who knows him was quoted as saying: “To my knowledge, in 20 years, I’ve never known him to be a racist. A proud American? Yes. But a racist? No.”

If he is a proud American, he should be supporting the peaceful protests and rallies of others who are simply asking for, if not begging for equality and fair treatment by law enforcement, if he is fighting that, he is a fucking coward racist. You don’t get to paint the picture any differently than it is plainly already painted. I find it funny, a lot of people who do not support the anti-racist movement, will try to give you a million reasons why not and when pushed eventually show their true colors as nothing more than racists. America was built on racism and it is sad that when it’s fought these far-right groups feel you are anti-american, anti-america. 

Pathetically uneducated and completely mis-guided. I will say this again, it is our FBI that should be doing more to shut these groups down, remember many of them are heavily armed, they show up to protests and rallies locked and loaded with just enough anger to start shooting for very little reason whatsoever. 

Cristal M Clark

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Deadly Protests 

Denver, Colorado

Cristal M Clark 

Someone made a comment today that it’s starting to feel like the old west, people taking guns everywhere, supermarkets, Target, WalMart and now, guns at protests. Yesterday as here in Denver, two protests had been taking place at the same time, never a great idea considering the two protests were in fact, opposing sides. The Far-Right and the Far-Left. A “Patriot Muster” rally for a far-right militia group and a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” hosted by Denver Communists, Denver-Boulder Socialist Revolution and other groups, according to its Facebook page, had just ended at Civic Center Park when officers in the area radioed that shots were fired around 3:30 p.m.

Turns out the militia group cornered a guy from the opposing side and one of the militia members was subsequently shot and killed by private security for a local news station, the security guard was hired to protect reporters who had been covering the protests.  

This falls in line with the recent plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 13 men have been arrested and charged with the plot. 

This can all be traced back to the rhetoric that seeps from the lips of one Donald J Trump, always quick to encourage the violent behavior from these militia, neo-nazi, proud boys types. He gently encourages them, gives a slight nod or wink, subtly suggesting the violence. And they are pretty anti-government themselves, well they don’t view Trump as being part of the government regardless of the fact that he is the president of the US. or well, playing the part of it and it’s not oscar worthy either. 

I don’t really know who the fuck Donald Trump dreams he is, his tolorance of the violence, his encouragement of the violent white trash behavior are not what a proud American citizine is. It’s rather disgusting and incredibly disheartening. Whatsmore is his behavior, support and encouragement of these groups is all too familiar if you have ever watched how terrorist organizations recruit. 

Before our eyes we are seeing our country being torn apart at the very seems. This is not how we evolve as a race, that being the human race. We should be striving to end racism, police brutality, and unequal and unfair judicial system, and these militia groups, well the FBI needs to get the fuck on it and shut them down. I saw the parade of them driving like absolute idiots down Wadsworth yesterday heading towards 6th ave, in the typical lifted trucks of redneck trash that scream “My Wife has a Bigger Dick than I do,” I was not impressed if anything it was quite an embarrassment that these individuals claim to be proud american’s, what they really needs to be telling us all is the truth, they are only proud to be armed white men. 

And they are a problem. The time has come and gone for the FBI to act, they need to do and do it now because it is in fact already too late. 

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump’s Reckless Behavior Garners Jackass Award

Trump Tries to Play Down Virus, American Has Stopped Trusting Him

Cristal M Clark

Growing numbers of American’s are losing faith and trust in Donald J Trump with his recent behavior since being handed his own dose of Coronavirus. Doctors are sounding the alarm nationwide, hell I think it might be worldwide at the President’s behavior, his carelessness and complete and total disregard for the lives around him choosing to infect anyone and everyone that he can.

What an idiot. He is hanging on the misguided belief in herd immunity which would take the United States roughly 4 years to actually achieve so in the meantime, countless more American’s would die.

Donald Trump simply does not care if America burns to the ground killing every single one of us.

He falsely tweeted that the virus is less deadly than the flu, he posted the same on Facebook who subsequently took the post down because it is in fact, false intel. Less deadly for whom, the President who is receiving medical care and treatments no one else in the United States has access to? Perhaps we should ask the over 200K dead American’s who have died from the virus? Ask their loved ones, how they are feeling about our president today? A heartless monster who is off on some tangent because he isn’t doing too bad whilst having the virus but again, that is simply because he is receiving medical care none of the 200K American’s ever had a chance of receiving.

What about the reporters whose lives have been endangered by the White House, Trump and his entire administration? From what I understand they are not even conducting contact tracing nor have they made an attempt to. 

Let’s talk about the rest of our society who have died for other reasons, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, because of the virus and because they sat and watched our President destroy our beloved country.  

It is truly no wonder why the world is watching the US in horror this year, look at our leader who lives a fantasy in his own head. The senate and congress are no better here, after all they should be taking swift steps to remove this dangerous cancer from the oval office at once he is fucking putting lives in danger. 

The whole lot is selfish and ridiculously stupid. Instead they are just sitting around collecting a paycheck whilst doing absolutely nothing to protect American’s. They are no better than Trump. 

The man is mentally unstable and they are watching/letting and allowing for him to kill American Citizens. TF?

Donald Trump is a disaster, a waste of oxygen, he is a liar, a self-proclaimed true American Hero for putting his life at risk to lead? Lead what exactly, a sinking ship?

Trump truly deserves the world’s biggest jackass award this week, he is nothing more than a deplorable, selfish, tyrancial, lying and psychotic little man who is not a president who believes in America, he’s a president who wants to create its demise whilst killing its citizens. 

Cristal M Clark

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Deranged Trump Hellbent on Infecting as Many People as Possible

“He’s Not Even Pretending to Care now”

Cristal M Clark

Former Secret Service agents have spoken and not highly of Trump’s outing yesterday, telling the Washington Post that “he’s not even pretending to care now.” And that is actually undoubtedly true. Agents were left asking where the adults were, Dr. James P Phillips bested Trump at his twitter game by tweeting:

“Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential “drive-by” just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die. For political theater. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.”

Others have accused him trying to behave like the Queen of England with his rather insane theatrical wave as he did his little drive by. To be clear, he could never be as graceful, kind and endearing as the Queen, no Trump, well he’s just a cunt.

Even more confusing are the lackluster, dishonest non-truths his doctors have muttered during every news brief on the President’s condition. The president does not want the public knowing just how bad his condition is and that is very abundantly clear. He would not be on some of the medications he is on, if his condition were what his medical team tells us it is.

Chief of staff Mark Meadows, who told reporters over the weekend that the president’s vitals were “very concerning,” basically claimed Monday that the Secret Service was probably exposed to the president when he was taken to the hospital, so what’s one more time? What in the actual fuck? What’s one more time? Well it could be the time someone actually gets the fucking virus and dies.

Dr Leana Wen: “If @realDonaldTrump were my patient, in unstable condition + contagious illness, & he suddenly left the hospital to go for a car ride that endangers himself & others: I’d call security to restrain him then perform a psychiatric evaluation to examine his decision-making capacity.”

And now, well it would appear his doctors are sending him home so that he can continue to infect as many individuals as possible with his erratic, lunatic, deranged and self-centered behavior. 

But if you looked through his Twitter feed today, he was on one hell of a tweet storm, some thought it might have been a steroid induced psychosis while others thought maybe it was just normal Trump he put out something like 13 or so tweets in something like 45 minutes a new record for Trump. In fact, Trump tweeted something along the lines of don’t be afraid of covid, don’t live your life in fear. What the actual fuck? This from the guy who is getting medical care none of us will ever have access to. 

He is setting himself up as some great leader, a martyr. he took one for the team, he survived the virus, he put himself in danger to lead and by lead let me point out, he has done it poorly, failed at just about everything this year, not to mention that he has acted in the most irresponsible ways. But by taking one for the team? 

Fuck you Trump, tell that to the over 200k dead american’s  who died as a direct result of Trump and his administrations campaign of misinformation. Those dead american’s took one for the team, Donald J Trump didn’t care about them and he does not care about you, the secret service, his doctors, his staff, me, no one, he only cares about himself. 

Trump is afraid of having to turn over power to Mike, he doesn’t want to hand it over whilst he is sick, for whatever stupid and pathetic reason, he is in fear of losing power although he already has.

Fact: most of America currently does not trust Trump or his administration with regards to the virus. 

So please Mr. President, by all means continue your selfish behavior here, get more American’s killed through your misinformation campaign with regards to a deadly virus. 

Donald, we are not on board with your political, sick pathetic propaganda. 

Let me remind you Donald J Trump, throughout the history of time, the universe has never rewarded martyrs with kindness. So by all means, continue to be a risk taking cunt.  

Cristal M Clark

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