Opioid Addict Uses 10 Year Old Boy’s Urine to Pass Test

Opioid Crisis Word Cloud

Katie Hinkley Virginia, 10 Year Olds and Opioids 

This is a bold and pretty crazy way to get around being treated for heroin addiction, face jail time and the like.


Katie Hinkley who hails from Virginia reportedly gave her boyfriend’s son the drug  Suboxone (the drug she should have been taking herself), which is used to treat adults addicted to opioids in order to get more opioids.

See Katie figured out that in order to continue to get high she had to prove to the doctors and pharmacists that she was taking Suboxone.  

So clearly rather than call a friend she just decided it would be best to drug her boyfriends son.

Her boyfriends son? Well he just happens to be 10 years of age.

The boy became ill at school so the school the day after taking Suboxone. School officials contacted social services and local authorities.

When police searched Katie’s home they oddly found medication bottles, smoking devices, a bag of “green plant material” and other urine samples.

Yes other urine samples.

To make matters worse for Katie, her own sister claims that she previously provided clean urine samples for the 29-year-old in order for her to gain access to Suboxone.

It has been reported that Suboxone can also be highly addictive for users. If she had overdosed the boy, it would have killed him.


Katie has been charged with two counts of distributing a Schedule III drug to a minor, according to the newspaper, she could face 10 to 50 years in prison for each count if convicted, and she also managed to make to this week’s Wednesday idiot of the week.

Congrats Katie.

Cristal M Clark

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Uber – Still Hiring Unsafe Drivers


FBI- Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping, Sex Assault


In yet more not so shocking news, an Uber driver allegedly kidnapped a passenger and assaulted her then dumped her on the side of the road in New York.  


24 year old Harbir Parmar of Queens, New York was charged with kidnapping and wire fraud in U.S. District Court.

Harbir’s female passenger reports that on on Feb. 21 Harbir picked up the female customer in Manhattan, who requested a trip to White Plains.


The woman fell asleep and during that nap time Harbir decided to take his passenger more in the direction of Boston, Massachusetts.

Upon waking from her nap, the passenger noticed that instead of driving the car, Harbir was in the backseat with her, touching and fondling her.

The woman requested to go to White Plains or a police station, Harbir just dumped her on the side of the road on I-95, over 85 miles from Manhattan.

What a jerk!

He was charged for kidnapping for the incident.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman in part had this to say; “Parmar kidnapped, terrorized, and assaulted the woman before dumping her on the side of an interstate.  No one — man or woman — should fear such an attack when they simply hire a car service.”

During the investigation here it was discovered Harbir allegedly reported false information regarding customers’ destinations at least 11 times.

He also allegedly falsely claimed customers, including the woman he’s accused of kidnapping, had vomited in his car on at least three occasions, resulting “in over $3,600 in improper charges” to Uber customers.

So he was also charged with wire fraud.

Uber is reportedly cooperating with the investigation and has since parted ways with the driver.


Uber simply has just not had a good run with it’s drivers for both its regular car service and it’s Uber-Eat’s service.  

Clearly Uber is still not doing quite enough so as to ensure a restless public that it can retain law abiding drivers who do not sexually assault, rape, kill….it’s customers.  


Cristal M Clark

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‘Shitty Media Men’ list Creator Being Sued for $1.5 Million


Moira Donegan – Creator of ‘Shitty Meida Men’ List

I had no idea this list even existed.


Moira Donegan created a list which started off life as a Google Spreadsheet dubbed the ‘Shitty Media Men’ list which nudges women to anonymously post allegations of sexual misconduct by predatory men, in media.


The list was created back in October 2017.

The excuse for being able to post such accusations anonymously is that women more often than not fear coming forward with accusations, fear of losing jobs, not being listened to, being blacklisted in ones profession.

I get that and understand it completely, I just am not so sure how I feel about publicly posting such accusations anonymously because of the damage it could potentially cause someone.

A jilted former employee, coworker, lover, someone who was angry because they simply felt that the accused gets more than they themselves do.

These invisible accusers can publicly call out any man that they want and not have to come forward?

I don’t know, the whole idea just doesn’t sit well with me particularly because some of the accusations might not be true and that could ruin someone’s life and career.

The list evidently went viral and it has caused some of the men named on it to fight back.


Writer Stephen Elliott, one of the men named on the list is suing Moira Donegan for $1.5 million for libel and emotional distress.

In September, Stephen took a step forward and published the essay;  “How an Anonymous Accusation Derailed my Life.”

Stephen details how being named on the list and accused of rape has really left his life in shambles.

He was basically dropped by everyone in his field, publications canceled, uninvited to events.

According to the lawsuit Stephen plans to also sue the anonymous posters who have accused him of rape and sexual misconduct.

That’s if a Judge will force Google to release the IP addresses of those that posted, which may prove to be more difficult than anyone could imagine.

Supporters of Moira have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for her legal fees.

Moira, In a tweet posted after the announcement of the lawsuit, made it very clear that she still supports the list.

Again, I am not sure how I feel about the list to be completely honest.

On the flip side of that, women have endured sexual misconduct in the workplace by men for more years than anyone truly knows and have never had a voice until recently to finally put a stop to it.

Cristal M Clark

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Vladimir Putin Loses Sight


Russians – Once for Putin, Want him Out.


Sometimes actually; more often than not great leaders tend to bite off way more than they themselves can actually chew.

They make promises they either had no intention of ever keeping or simply never took the time to see the bigger picture and are forced to renege on a promise  that they made to supporters.

Today, no one knows that better than Vladimir Putin.  

He has lost his view of his voters.  

Russia Putin

Here we are today with Vladimir Putin, who very well could have won the US presidential Election of 2016.

Polls showed that with zero doubt, if Putin had been able to run, American’s would have voted him into office by more numbers than anyone could keep up with over Hillary or Donald.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once, not too long ago, 2005 I believe vowed live on television, to Russians that he would never, ever raise their retirement age.

In all fairness that was back in 2005, and as of today, 10/3/2018,  well, he has raised the age of retirement age for Russian workers and broke the promise that he made not so long ago to his people.


Perhaps it was an uneducated promise, or perhaps he was too busy doing photo shoots, meddling in the US presidential election, sleeping with China, Iran, North and South Korea, Syria…

While Putin’s approval rating in Russia is falling and this appears to be rather catastrophic for Vladimir, the worst is that it has hurt, and I mean deeply hurt Vladimir’s public image.


Something he cares more about than ratings, money, women, other countries.

His public image matters to him more than anything in this entire world.

While other news outlets are reporting that he has no plan to fix the situation, I am willing to venture a bet that he does, in fact,  have a plan to fix things, at least up to a point where it will fix his beloved public image.

The one thing he cannot stand losing.

Cristal M Clark

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Thornton, Colorado – Riverdale Road


The most haunted road in the US – The Gates of Hell


Some think the most haunted road is in Florida, I-4 to Tampa. It is not. The most haunted road in America, is right here at home, my home.


Riverdale Road.

All of the ghost stories, the crap you find on YouTube, Ghost Adventures, all of the hokum. That will never tell you the true story of a road I could both drive and walk down blindfolded, for I travel that road more frequently than anyone should.


The stories of the road are aplenty, a man burned down his home within the gates of hell, while his family was asleep, some stories tell you that he killed his family before burning the home, I believe at the old mansion, some say it is the sacred burial ground of Indians.


A woman wanders the road, she is in all white, presumably the wife of the man who torched his home.

Other stories speak of animals that can speak, a jogger, demons who roam the earth.

Riverdale Road is none of the above. If you do not believe me, ask Lorraine Warren. The road has called to her, her entire life. She and her husband collected many pieces that were born of the road.


To say that the road contains the gates of hell would be an understatement.

That road contains the purest form of evil that has ever been seen.

Energy, in and of itself is not evil, nor is it good. Energy is just that, Energy, it does not know good or bad.

What you will find on that road is something that is neither.

When I was a kid, some of us knew something was not right with the road but never said anything or understood it to be haunted, we simply all just felt an evil. It never stopped us from playing on it.

Now if you google it, you will learn that it is haunted. But by what, most do not know.

At the time, as a child, a teen I admit, I never understood the word; haunted, I always thought it as something to be normal.

I grew up near Riverdale Road, and no matter how many travels I have, no matter where I go, I always end up near Riverdale Road.

Henderson, Brighton, Thornton, Northglenn, Derby, it’s all connected, to the Gates of Hell.

A digestive tract if you will.


My Native American Friends, they tell me that the road is a gateway. Not to anything that they know or understand, they fear that road in fact.

My earliest memory of the road was when daddy was driving us from Uncle Don’s and Aunt Mary’s place in Thornton to our home in Brighton. Mommy wasn’t feeling well, so daddy took a shortcut down Riverdale Road. It was dusk, the road grew foggy, I was 6.

I felt a heavy darkness around us, something was with us, I looked out the window and saw chaos, death, hatred, people wandering, so many lifetimes passed around us, so many things reaching for us.

It would not be the last trip that I took on the road.

I should have been afraid but I was not. When that darkness reached to strike fear in us, I reached back.

I reached out to the darkness, the shadows following our car.

I wanted to touch it.

It was my dad’s last drive down that road, for that evening, and I have no idea why, that drive freaked my dad out so much that we never took it again!

All I remember was him looking over at my mom who at the time had her eyes closed, just feeling, he had a horrified look on his face and just like that he shoved it away and turned his eyes back to the task at hand, driving us home.

The fear that I sensed him, my father, that fear always draws me back to that very road that is known worldwide for containing the gates of hell.

The second encounter I had with the road, was when I was I was a teen. Cruel friends, playing a prank left me on it, alone one day.

My bullies left me at the gates of hell. Instead of running from the gate, I walked through it. I still to this day could not tell you what I might have been thinking.

What I encountered I could never put into words. It felt like days that I had become lost on that road, at the gates of hell.

All that I know is that I grew up on that road, traveled through the gates of hell and came back through them alive and well.

If you ever want a guide through them, if you have the courage that is, I am but a call away.


Cristal M Clark

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Drones – Fighting for Airspace


Misuse of Drones Ruining Everyone’s Fun


Here in the US we have had a multitude of issues resulting from Drones. People have used them in all sorts of creative ways so as to cause chaos, trouble, break laws.


States, municipalities, governments, law enforcement have all had to take the resulting issues seriously and start to write rules, regulations, laws and the like on the books in an effort to thwart the continued issues resulting from individuals flying drones around for the simple sake of just causing trouble or breaking the law.


In the UK, it seems that they are seeing the very same issues as we have in the US.

The drones have come very close to causing a few airplane vs drone accidents, they have been used as weapons, a fan favorite, delivering drugs, weapons and contraband to prisoners, drunk, careless drone flying and they have been used to spy on people.

The UK has in particular seen an increase in the number of close calls involving drones and planes, and that number has been on a steady rise within the last 3 years. 92 cases were reported just last year in the UK alone with several being classified as involving a serious chance of a collision.

To fight back the UK has teamed up with several several companies, including Droptec, OpenWorks Engineering, and DroneDefence who have developed hand-held or shoulder-mounted “guns” that fire a net to trap a suspect drone.

droptec-drone - net-crimeshop

Droptec’s kit was used to protect Donald Trump who was on an official visit to Switzerland earlier this year although the authorities won’t say whether it saw any action.


OpenWorks has also developed an automatic mounted gun that can identify, track and capture drones that fly within a prohibited area.

While other security firms have installed net capture tech into interceptor drones that can lock onto a rogue drone and disable it in mid-air.

The system which was used at the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February, and it has been used by police in Tokyo, for the last 3 years.

It doesn’t look like the battle of the skies above our heads is going to end anytime soon so it’s likely we will only see an increase in new technology in an effort to keep a more watchful eye on the skies for drones being used to break laws and get around any and all legal systems.

Cristal M Clark

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Marietta, Georgia – Can You Get Your Racial Profiling, Bigots Under Control?


White Woman Calls Police on Black Man Baby-Sitting


Of all of the stupid things I see on a daily basis this takes the cake.

A Georgia woman spotted a black man with two white kids.

What does she do?

Promptly calls police, who learn that the man was simply baby-sitting.

Corey Lewis, the baby sitter, said that the woman was following and harassing him for an hour on Sunday afternoon in Marietta, Georgia.

The woman even drove up next to his vehicle to ask if the brother and sister were okay.

This piece of garbage human being then drove away only to return to ask to speak with the oldest of the two children.

When Corey refused to let her, she followed him home and called the police.

The woman who called police by the way has not been named by the police however she is being accused of racial profiling and rightfully so.

The parents of the two children are also struggling to understand what in the hell the woman and police were thinking.

Corey did capture the encounter on his FaceBook.

In all honesty here, I’d be way more concerned if I spotted a white Catholic Priest with two children alone rather than some young African American guy.

Racism and racial profiling are disgusting enough as it is, to be so extra enough so as to follow a person, traumatize kids and then call police, well that makes anyone who does it a complete idiot.

It is the sort of behavior that needs to just stop.

The officer who investigated the situation seemed satisfied with what Corey and the children told him but, he requested to speak with the children’s parents just to be sure making Corey feel even worse about the situation.

It was pathetic because Corey actually has his own legally owned and operated business, baby-sitting.


This weeks idiot award goes to this unnamed woman and all those like her.

Way to go and showing all of us that racism is still very much alive and well here in the US.


Cristal M Clark

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Google Design lead Kindly Tells GOP “F*CK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL”


Google – Leads the Way to Thoughtful, Intelligent, Honest Dialogue


All joking aside, kudos Google design lead Dave Hogue.


In a tweet that has since been deleted, David had this to say with regards to Brett Kavanaugh being nominated and confirmed as our newest Supreme Court Justice.


“You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. F*CK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.”

Dave finished with:

“I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.”

It is refreshing to see absolute honesty and someone with some balls who just said what he thought.

A sentiment many of the rest of us here feel Dave, no worries we have your back on this one.


Not to mention, Google seems to be pretty okay with Dave’s personal feelings with regards to Brett Kavanaugh and the GOP telling FoxNews “What employees say in their personal capacity has no bearing on the way we build or operate our products.”

Google by the way has been recently accused of anti-conservative bias at the company, something the tech giant denies.

Either way, Dave is one hell of a guy for sharing his thoughts with the world on Twitter even though he has since deleted the very straight forward Tweet.


I don’t believe that I am alone in saying this, but we applaud you David Houge for your honesty, your integrity and your bravery.

Cristal M Clark


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Monstrous Hurricane Michael


Heads to Florida?

What happened the last time no one listened to the news with regards to a potentially catastrophic hurricane?


That’s right, people died.


But it was nowhere like Katrina.


It’s not funny but, CNN had a reporter go on air and say something like they knew we were all tired of of the media hype of the hurricane but without that, more people would have perished?

And, I know not everyone is a weather person but, if you look at the shape, size and wind prejectory of Katrina, to Florence to Michael, you can tell which one would be more catastrophic. You can see it in the damn pictures of each hurricane for God’s sake.

The CNN reporter went on to inform everyone that we need that, we need them.


Incorrect, given the local media telling people to leave, the parishes, the municipalities and governments, the same number of individuals would have perished.

Hence, we do not need CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, Etc.

Because of our ability to be more mobile we no longer need media in an effort to evacuate.


The science of the media trying to tell us that we need them is like a cigarette trying to convince one to not quit.

I used to be a smoker and gave it up, just like the media.

People know the risks, they also know they stand a better chance of actually getting a home paid for by insurance if they can make it on camera, where the world can see them suffer.

We did see that the last hurricane right? A weatherman was pretending to withstand hurricane force winds while townspeople behind him casually walked by…I did see that headline.

The media is crediting itself before something happens these days.

Enough is enough.

We get it, another hurricane is approaching. Everyone run, run now and make a scene on your way out so that CNN can capture that on tape.

Here is the deal, I have actually been in Florida during hurricane season. Floridians would be aghast if they saw what you are telling us out here in Colorado about the approaching hurricane, the media is creating a death sentence. Already!

Floridians are used to this, they have it. Let it go. It’s like the media reporting a blizzard in Colorado, the power is out, people are suffering.

Umm no, we are not.


Stop trying so hard to sell a story and try for once to tell a story without an agenda.

That is something our mainstream media here in the US, they just simply cannot do.

Cristal M Clark

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