Cartels Recruiting US Children to Smuggle Drugs 


Free Child Labor in Nogales, Arizona 

Cristal M Clark 

Kids seem to be targeted for all sorts of reasons these days, exploiting their youth, used in online scams, overseas used in manufacturing plants, terrorists use them to kill, in Mexico, villages plagued by cartel violence is teaching kids as young as 8 to kill cartel members, now it would appear that along the U.S. and Mexico border cartels are hiring US children as young as 12 years old to smuggle drugs and weapons.


Makes sense, kids are not really searched or looked too closely at when it comes to looking for drug smugglers. Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent Alan Regalado: “It’s a problem, we know it’s there, we’re trying to mitigate that issue through education and prevention.” Which is sort of funny because if the cartels are actually paying these kids, good luck mitigating shit. The issue also extends past just Arizona. 

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection who uses fiscal years, which start in October, in 2018 there were 36 children arrested for narcotics at Arizona’s ports of entry. In 2019, that number jumped to 57. So far this year, there’s been 17 arrests. Not too crazy so far however, now that news of this is hitting the mainstream I am betting kids looking to make some extra cash will find ways to apply for jobs running drugs and guns for the cartels. 

drug-cartels-recruiting-us-kids-crimeshop - Edited

Some suspect that as more kids are arrested the cartels will move on to the elderly and pregnant women, which they have used in the past but the reality is this, we have more kids in this country than we know what to do with, these kids are tech savvy, drugs are already being purchased on social media platforms in secret, the cartels really have no need to move on from employing this nation’s youth to do their bidding regardless of 17 being arrested thus far in this fiscal year. 

Cristal M Clark

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Elite Border Agents Heading to a Sanctuary City Near You


Trump Administration Unleashes Bortac

Cristal M Clark 

If you are an illegal and hiding out in a sanctuary city, you might want to pack your bags, the Trump administration is releasing Bortac, the elite of border agents or so they say. This crew is the badass of badass specially trained in fugitive or in this case illegal immigrant apprehension and recovery. 


Rumor is that they are the swat team of border patrol and they are about to descend upon sanctuary cities to round up illegals. Some of those cities are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, New Jersey. 

The move is aimed at arresting and the removal of undocumented immigrants not to mention that it also comes as federal law enforcement officials are reporting significant increases in cross-border drug trafficking. 


Because ICE does not have the resources to actually manage the sustained increase in non-detained cases that has been exacerbated by the rise of sanctuary cities around 100 agents will be sent to assist the ICE deportation force.

Several states and cities refuse to assist the administration in its deportation efforts, in fact multiple cities and states are refusing to allow shared information like DMV records and the like, which is pitting local law enforcement against federal law enforcement. 

South Florida Students Gather To Protest Donald Trump

No matter which side you are on, it’s hard to ignore, advocates and supporters of immigration are at odds with the Trump and his Administration over this and eventually either something is going to give or the water is going to boil over. Whichever comes first, I hope someone has a plan that will actually work. It’s like the war on drugs, the war the US lost, trying to stop the unstoppable. 

Cristal M Clark

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Thief Proudly Proclaims “Bail Reform, It’s Lit”


New York Subways

Cristal M Clark 

Normally people love hearing when criminals just don’t learn the 1st, 2nd or 139th time and keep getting busted, in this case however, the criminal learned that bail reform is pretty lit. 


If you read that first line, this guy has been busted at least 139 times for theft on New York’s Subways. Charles Barry, 56, has been arrested 6 times since the start of this year and he’s also been released each time without having to post bail under New York’s new bail reform law since his alleged offenses were nonviolent, the New York Daily News reported. 

Because of that, Charles yelled to reporters Thursday outside the NYPD Transit District 1 headquarters in the Columbus Circle station before officers transported him to Manhattan Central Booking, “Bail reform, it’s lit!”“It’s the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me. You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!”

“I’m famous! I take $200, $300 a day of your money! You can’t stop me!”

It’s a great thing. It’s a beautiful thing. They punk’ed people out for bullshit crimes.”

In all Charles has been arrested 139 times over his entire career as a subway thief. 

Charles was held in custody for 36 hours until his arraignment hearing in the Manhattan Criminal Court. He was then promptly released before trial without paying bail. 


Charles also had two warrants out for his arrest for missing court dates related to past alleged subway theft, including one instance in January when he allegedly snatched a $50 bill out of a woman’s hand while she was trying to buy a Metro card at a Bryant Park station machine.

Isn’t it fantastic to see bail reform working?

Cristal M Clark

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Drugs Found In Bag Marked “Bag Full of Drugs”


Santa Rosa County, FL

Cristal M Clark 

Sometimes when criminals screw up they do it in such a delightful way that it seemingly just makes everyone’s day better. 

Recently in Santa Rosa County, Florida two would be drug dealers were pulled over by a state trooper for allegedly speeding 25 miles over the limit on I-10. While the Santa Rosa County’s K9 unit was assisting in searching the vehicle, they turned up something rather unusual. 


Drugs in a bag marked “Bag Full of Drugs.” That’s right, the two men put the drugs in a bag marked fairly clearly “Bag Full of Drugs.”

The K9’s found 75 grams of methamphetamine, 1.36 kilograms of GHB, 1 gram of cocaine, 3.6 grams of fentanyl, 15 MDMA tablets and of course you can’t have drugs without the drug paraphernalia.

Naturally the men were arrested and are in fact, facing charges. 


Let this be a little lesson to all of you from Florida, do not under any circumstances speed out on I-10 in Florida and more importantly, do not transport your illegal drugs in bags marked “Bag Full of Drugs.”

Cristal M Clark

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Online Influencers Look Out The FTC is Coming for You


Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Cristal M Clark 

Personally, I don’t watch online influencers just not my thing, I also don’t read articles entitled “I tried…so you don’t have to.” Online influencers get paid to endorse products, services and the like.


The Federal Trade Commission has required influencers to disclose sponsored posts, but that doesn’t have much of an effect when it comes to whether or not those influencers have actually vetted those products. 


Recently the FTC charged Lord and Taylor with deceiving the public for a campaign where they paid 50 social media influencers to post about a dress on Instagram, but didn’t require them to disclose that the posts were sponsored. Hence the campaign was in fact, a paid for advertisement. 


The reality is that companies behind such campaigns are laundering advertising by paying an influencer to pretend that their endorsement or review is the real deal rather than a paid for ad campaign. 


This fraudulent advertising scheme has drawn the ire of the FTC stating companies have pressured influencers to hide the fact that their endorsements are paid advertising. 

Back in 2016, video network Machinima got into hot water with the FTC for deceptive advertising for failing to disclose that it paid YouTubers to make endorsements of the Xbox One, and telling them to position their opinions as independent reviews.

And these lawsuits have done nothing to discourage these paid endorsements or rather authentic paid for advertising campaigns because the FTC has failed to punish these companies financially. Instead they are going to take a stern look at the platforms the influencers are using where you can post pretty much anything, where friends are fake and the facts are made up. 

My guess is that the FTC is going to pressure these platforms to deal with the issue rather than hit the offenders in the pocketbook as they should. 

Cristal M Clark

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Border Agents Nab Bag of Dead Birds Headed to Virginia from China 


U.S. Customs – Dulles International Airport

Cristal M Clark 

Customs does score some pretty interesting things at airports throughout the US, Cooper action figures, A whole brisket, Live lobsters, Vaccines and immunizations, a Seal’s head, just to name a few of the delights customs has seen. 


In true zombie comic fashion recently, border agents caught someone from China heading into the US with a bag full of tiny dead little itty bitty birds, in what the passenger told agents was cat food. Well that is plausible actually and the packaging after all did appear to look like pet treats of some sort so it does make even more sense. 


U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted the package at Dulles International Airport after the passenger landed on a flight from China on January 27. They describe the dead birds as roughly 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches long and of course all dead. 

Imagine the initial scary moment at the sight of that since Coronavirus is spreading globally. The agents more than likely had to take a moment mentally to absorb what they were seeing. 

The birds are barred from importation to the U.S. to prevent the spread of avian flu. And the package of pet treats was incinerated promptly after being discovered, according to Customs agents. 

Umbrella-Corporation-Resident-Evil-Netfix-Crimeshop - Edited

That of course has hopefuls of a zombie apocalypse sitting back and waiting for something to happen because in some of the zombie comics, the virus is in fact airborne, like smoke in the air. 

At any rate, I’ll continue feeding my furry feline cooked chicken over dead birds. 

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Expanding it’s Domestic Terrorism Focus 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation seal is seen at FBI headquarters before a news conference by the FBI Director the inspector general's report in Washington

Director Christopher Wray Dishes Dirt 

Cristal M Clark

In what some are calling absolute nonsense the usually quiet, FBI Director Christopher Wray has detailed to the House judiciary committee that the bureau has recently “changed our terminology as part of a broader reorganization of the way in which we categorize our domestic terrorism efforts.”


Which many of us will applaud because of the rise of white-supremacist terrorism. One of 4 categories included as part of the changes of domestic terrorism that the FBI confronts, Per Christopher Wray happens to be “abortion violent extremism.” Which means it doesn’t matter which side of abortion you stand on. 


And that is the part that is leaving some scratching their heads, unless you are in Colorado. On November 27, 2015 Robert  Robert Lewis Dear Jr walked into a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, opened fire injuring 9 individuals and killed 3 individuals. If you support, encourage and applaud that, you are in fact the type of individual who carries an extremist view. 

Between 1993 and today, anti-abortion activists murdered 11 people and attempted to kill another 26. 

Theodore-Schulman-crimeshop - Edited

Theodore Schulman on the other hand is the self proclaimed “first pro-choice terrorist.” He had a long history of making threats to those who do not support abortion up to and including threatening to kill someone in response to defendant Scott Roeder should he be found not guilty for the murder of abortion provider George Tiller. The murder by the way took place in the foyer of a Wichita church in 2009. 

The announcement of the abortion violent extremism did draw the ire of many critics who hesitated not, to mention that abortion related violence is and has been rare, which is true. However, Christopher had an answer for that: “Well, we’ve actually had a variety of kinds of violence under that, believe it or not.” And even if they do not have high enough documented numbers of that, one would be hard pressed to disagree with the fact extremism regardless of the belief or cause one passionately believes in is in fact on the rise. 

In 2017, the FBI distributed a brief “Abortion Extremism Reference Guide” at a counter-terrorism training for local law enforcement, listing “pro-choice extremists” as a group of domestic terrorists. The document, first reported by Jezebel, claimed that these extremists “believe it is their moral duty to protect those who provide or receive abortion services.”

Now they have expanded that view to include both sides of the equation which would be the correct move. 

Christopher did admit that abortion extremism is only a small fraction of terrorism cases it deals with while “the top threat of domestic terrorism comes from racially and/or ethnically motivated violent extremists.”

It’s been reported that about half of the terrorism cases the FBI has been looking at concern anti-government extremism (we can all thank Donald for that one) and another 40% concern racist terrorism. Around 85 cases are of violence motivated by animal rights, ecological degradation, abortion and then the miscellaneous cases.

Not that many of you get to see this much but in my line of work, I have met, heard from and spoken to quite a few extremists, what I can tell you is that for the most part these individuals can be frightening, the things they believe, the idea’s they have. The FBI adding abortion extremism is a logical way of thinking, extremist views and thoughts can and eventually do translate into some type of extremist action or behavior at some point or another. 

Cristal M Clark

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Teacher Tries To Get Meth Delivered To School During Class 


Clay County, Florida 

Cristal M Clark 

I’ve always heard teaching is a tough gig, in fact I know what some of my friends and I were like as kids in school so it’s no wonder teachers are driven to drinking or worse meth. As it turns out one teacher in Clay County Florida was having such a rough day that she decided to call her dealer to have him deliver to her an 8-ball of meth, at school, during regular school hours. 

Valerie-lee-prince-clay-county-florida - Edited

Jacksonville Heights Elementary School, First-grade teacher Valerie Lee Prince, 43, called a dealer to bring her an eight ball of meth at the school stating she would step out of class when the dealer showed up with the goods. 

That’s lovely, just lovely. Dealers are like Uber Eats now. 

“You call me, I can just say I have to use the phone real quick I could step out and come right back in.”

Unfortunately for Valerie her dealer was also an informant who decided to rat her out to the police. That’s right, her dealer was an informant who worked with police narcotics officers and recorded the call. Lt. Domenic Paniccia told a press conference that: “she planned to consume some of the narcotics and return to the classroom.”


An undercover officer later delivered her $85 of meth, outside of school hours mind you then, Valerie was charged with purchasing and possessing meth, a felony and promptly arrested with said crime.

Once busted Valerie admitted to the use of methamphetamine on multiple occasions in the last six months and also confessed to the school-delivery deal. Which of course begs the question, how many times had she purchased drugs during school hours?

At any rate, let’s hope she is stripped of her teaching privileges at least refrain from allowing her to teach elementary kids, then again this is Florida and they tend to tolerate a lot of crazy shit. 

Cristal M Clark

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Drug Dealers Getting into the Online Shopping Game


Instagram and Snapchat – A Drug Dealers New Turf

Cristal M Clark 

Let’s admit it, we all love the convenience of online shopping, not having to go to the store for everything from car parts, to booze and groceries, so is it really that hard to imagine that drug addicts would also appreciate the idea of being able to purchase their goods online as well?


They are in luck because Instagram and Snapchat just to name a couple of social media platforms that do cater to drug dealers and customers with just a simple DM. Dealers have finally stopped hanging out in seedy alleyways to sell their drugs and are now treating the sales of drugs as an actual business. 


Yes an actual business with sales goals, advertising and investing in selling. 


According to Voltface, 1 in 4 individuals is selling drugs on social media, using creative advertising gimmicks such as but not limited to, high quality professional images of said product, giveaways, cold contacting. The majority of listings seen were for cannabis however, cocaine, MDMA, Xanax and nitrous oxide were also high up on the list. That is sadly naming just a few of the drugs you can buy through social media, not surprisingly users can score a lot more than just that. 

Nice, very comforting for parents. 

NHS reports that Class A drug use among 11 to 15-year-olds is in fact on the rise, not to mention that there have been a number of high-profile cases of children fatally overdosing. The truth of the matter is kids are not using drugs at younger ages, they are just using more deadly drugs these days and the number of adults looking for a way to cope has also more than tripled over the last decade, so the ability to obtain drugs online outside of the heavily policed dark web where it’s easier to hide from law enforcement is highly appealing to both users and dealers alike.  

social_MEDIA_crimeshop - Edited

Users who sell drugs via social media are reporting that it’s easy to set up an account and locate potential customers to approach and sell their goods to. 

That of course is problematic to law enforcement because the social media platforms continually do things so as to shut the prying eyes of the system out, in fact the majority of social media platforms do everything that they can to protect the identities of their users and the account’s of their users. With the exception of Facebook, law enforcement can pretend to be some type of company that wants to “purchase” user information unbeknownst to the users and Facebook will just sell it to them. 

Now that dealers are treating the sales of drugs as a business and moving it to social media it’s only a matter of time before the cartels catch on to the game leaving the war on drugs standing on losing playing ground. 

Cristal M Clark

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