Trump – Russia Collusion – Fact or Fiction?


Trump’s Team and it’s Collusion with Russia


Let’s talk about the biggest elephant in the room shall we? Forget about Trump’s son and his meeting with Russia, the real elephant is the room is the fact that we simply, as in the entire world realizes and knows that Trump, his team and apparently family were in steady communications with those in Russia during the campaign.

It’s like when you know that a small child is doing something he or she should not have been doing, you know they did it, you know who they did it with, when they did it and when confronted with it, they are dishonest so then, you have to confront them with the evidence.

That is this whole team Trump – Russia situation. We all know already so stop trying to hide it and just tell the truth.

Donald Trump-CrimeShop

Not because the public demands it, but rather because Trump seems to feel a sense of being untouchable, above the law, unimpeachable. Fine, prove that you are those things simply by telling the truth if no laws were violated. 

Even die hard Trump supports have zero doubt of a collusion with Russia, they are fine with it because they didn’t want Hillary in office and so long as law’s were not broken it isn’t really a big deal.

So no one has any reason to lie except for one small fact.

In knowing the truth, how will world leaders react, better yet, what would that little tid bit of information do to current and future foreign relationships with the United States? My guess would be that is the sole reason why Trump and his team do not come forward with the full truth.

The fear of what it will do in terms of foreign relationships.

Still the same, everyone already knows the truth it seems rather silly to keep hiding it and only makes Trump and his team look pathetic. Like how Trump looked on Wednesday when he mistakenly claimed “I’ve done more in 5 months than practically any president in history.”

If he means by making the US Presidency look like a complete joke, then yes, I quite agree, but something tells me in his fragile little brain, he means something else entirely.

I mean which other world leader makes up a friendship (Jim the guy Trump loves to reference who does not exist but who will magically by next week because the HuffPost reported on this today), or who takes to Twitter to throw a temper tantrum, bash other individuals, foreign states, media outlets and the like?

Trump -JR-Meeting - with- Russia-Crime-Shop.jpg

Trump and his team really should take a cue from Trump Jr. He basically told the truth and although the mainstream media is making a big deal out of it, the truth is pretty simple, if he didn’t break any actual laws, not media made up one’s but actual real laws, then he didn’t do anything wrong.

What’s more and I know some of you will not like this, but has anyone ever heard of someone running for any office ever, that didn’t try to get dirt on his or her opponent and then broadcast said dirt like the damn commercials we are inundated with every time our states or local governments have an election?  

Cristal M Clark

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British Nurses Body Kept in Storage for More Than 30 Years


Leeds Germany Infirmary – Death in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ron Smith.Crime-Shop.jpg

Helen Smith’s father never gave up trying to find out the truth with regards to his daughter’s death. In fact because of his persistence and dedication to finding the truth, changes were made in the rules concerning inquests to violent deaths of UK citizens occurring outside the country.

Helen’s body would remain in storage for more than 30 years while Helen’s father, Ron Smith searched for the truth. At least 6 different autopsies were performed, each would result in different findings.

One of the findings suggested, rather strongly mind you that Helen sustained genital injuries that would have been the result of a violent sexual encounter. Which does not mean that the encounter was not consensual.   

Her father felt that her death was some sort of cover up and to some the case remains questionably solved to this day.

The official Saudi investigation into the incident suggested that Helen, age 23 and Johannes Otten, age 35 had fallen from the balcony while drunk and quite possibly after or during some sort of sexual encounter.

Ron Smith did not buy into that conclusion, however the British Foreign Office did agree with the initial investigative findings.

May 20, 1979 the bodies of Helen Smith and Johannes Otten were found in what appeared to have been a 70 foot fall from the balcony of the party they were attending.

Helen had been found lying in the road clothed but with her underwear partially off while Johannes, underwear were around his thighs. He had been impaled on the spiked railings that surrounded the apartment block.

As you can imagine, given what the scene looked like it would not have been difficult for the Saudi officials to rule the cause and manner of the death the way that they did.

But to Ron Smith, who by the way just so happened to be a retired policeman, the death was some sort of cover up.

Ron Smith spent years going after Dr. Richard Arnot the man who along with his wife Penny threw the party both Helen and Johannes had attended.

Dr. Arnot later wrote a book entitled “Arabian Nightmare” which was about what he personally experienced and went through as Ron Smith spent some time accusing him of both the rape and murder of Helen.

Helen was finally cremated in 2009, her father Ron Smith passed on in April of 2011 still believing that his daughter had been raped and murdered.

As a parent, we never want to believe that our children would do anything that might disappoint us or more to the case at hand rather, be at a party drinking, in a dry country (they were not supposed to have alcohol in Jeddah during this time frame), and possibly being promiscuous, i.e. attending a swingers party.

To Ron Smith’s credit, I actually understand his take on things however, during that era in Jeddah, it was a very close knit expat community that had very little crime. Ron’s theory is a little more than just far fetched.

It seems to me that he ran with a really good idea but lacked the knowledge of the area and what actually did go on in that particular area during that era.

It is widely understood that back in the 60’s and 70’s in the middle east, the expats were well known to have thrown rather lavish and indulging swinger parties so the idea of a simple yet unfortunate accident does make more sense.

Thus the findings of the original investigation are very accurate.

Cristal M Clark

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Chicago – 101 shot over the 4th of July Weekend


Chicago, IL – Police growing weary of the violence

Chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi was quoted as saying, “he mood here is frustration.”


According to Anthony, the same tactics that were deployed over the memorial day weekend were used and simply did not work, which Anthony seemed to be perplexed by. One such tactic was the ShotSpotter, which is used just like it sounds, to detect gunshots.


Forgive me, but I see no reason to be “perplexed” by the fact that the ShotSpotter failed to work with fireworks, especially homemade fireworks going off during the long holiday weekend. I myself, would not have relied upon that particular tactic. But that’s just me.

According to initial data, a lot of the shootings came about due to relatively petty disputes that grew out of hand, along with drinking in excess I am sure.

A couple of examples the police gave were: A shooting that started as an argument over where people were sitting, a confrontation between a driver and bicyclists then the driver decided to get a gun from his trunk and officers intervening.

Some of the shootings were retaliation, overall drinking this holiday weekend definitely played a huge part in all of the shootings in Chicago, and it seems to be more of a combination of celebration gone wrong after heavy drinking with some gang violence sprinkled about.

The youngest person shot was a 13 year old boy and the oldest over the weekend was a 60 year old man.

It is time that someone (Looking in the general direction of Donald Trump), to come up with an actual long term plan so as to fix this issue for the long term. Currently all Trump is doing is sending in more Fed’s to help create the “Gun Violence Task Force,” which he announced last Friday.

While that sounds pretty and all, it’s not fixing the core root of the problems Chicago has always faced in looking at her history. Those problems tend to bring about the violence and overall those need to be addressed in order to prevent the violence long term.

Historically, Chicago has always been plagued by years of violence then a lull, then an upward trend back into years of violence so finding a long term solution so as to prevent this repetitive behavior would actually be more beneficial for Chicago.

So as far as the violence goes to date in Chicago here are the numbers:

Total Shot: 1863

Total Shot and Wounded: 1537

Total Shot and Killed: 326

To date, Chicago has surpassed last year’s total homicides by 2 according to the latest data over at

In 2016, it was roughly 62 shot, 8 dead over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s –  Creeper, peeper tools


IOS, Android, PC and MAC


In Tuesday’s WikiLeaks dump an all not to shocking detail has emerged with regards to what I like to call, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agencies, Creeper, Peeper Tools.

It seems, as luck would have it that not only does the NSA develop, then subsequently lose somehow vital details and intel about it’s spy tools utilized to hack anyone and everyone in the WORLD, so does the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

In the leak dubbed Vault 7, shocking details surfaced about how the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has more Zero Day exploits than one would have ever imagined let alone guessed.

Some of the internal CIA files show what appear to be a web-based Wiki of it’s own that seemingly catalog the agency’s apparent hacking techniques.

And the most shocking detail of all is that the documents are a cache of surprising capabilities, from dozens of exploits targeting Android and iOS to advanced PC compromising techniques as well as, detailed attempts to hack Samsung smart TVs, so that they can be turned into silent listening devices. Remember that folks when you are sitting around screaming at your TV while watching a game or your porn, whichever.


Vault 7 also details capabilities to hack routers and desktop operating systems, the internet-of-things devices, including but not limited to: researching hacking cars.

Last but certainly not least, hacking smartphones: One chart describes more than 25 Android hacking techniques, and another for those of use on iPhones, shows 14 iOS attacks.

The good news here is that so far no one can find any code so as to share with the world, however that really doesn’t matter at this stage of the game, because any good hacker can actually write the code him or herself now that, that cat is out of the bag.

My only question is, do we have at least one spy agency in the United States who has not had an intelligence leak? Just one agency that can actually manage to hang on to it’s hacking, cyber-weapon and cyber-spying capabilities?

Come on guys, get it together already.

Cristal M Clark

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Global ransomware epidemics – Are Here to Stay

Computer security and hacking concept. Ransomware virus has encrypted data in laptop. Hacker is offering key to unlock encrypted data for money.

WannaCry, Petya, GoldenEye – With More to Follow Any Day Now

Someone mentioned to me today that a news outlet published an article today or yesterday that suggested that the global ransomware epidemic was pretty much here to stay.

I almost spit out my coffee laughing because many security experts, writers and other major news outlets, myself included, have been warning the world about this issue for well over a year now.

News Flash: This is Not Surprising, it’s hardly even new news these days.

Ransomware has been around for years however it was used to only target individual networks, such as a single business, hospital or person.

After the infamous Shadow Brokers hacker group leaked the National Security Agency exploits back in April, cyber-criminals were able to learn about a more dangerous weapon.


The kind that can strike on a global level.

But is that really all that true? I mean, I love poking fun at the NSA for losing the intel in the first place but…

Anytime you see that someone, anyone is capable of widespread hacking, you should automatically assume they or another someone or group is capable or nearly capable of global hacking, ransomware, the ability to steal data on a global level and gain access to major networks including those that are tasked with running things like banking systems, power grids and governments just to name a few.

It is not like these guys are stupid, we make the mistake of assuming that no one else in the entire world other than the NSA or any government for that matter is capable of and working on developing cyber weapons like WannaCry, Petya or GoldenEye.


That is so far from the truth it is not even remotely funny. Just because a cyber-criminal hasn’t used a cyber weapon such as this before does not necessarily mean they haven’t developed it or are not working on it.

These guys could have very well been waiting for some type of leak, before moving forward with unleashing the weapon that they created so that they could tweak for instance the NSA’s weapon so that it would be more difficult to trace back to the point of origin.

Usually eventually one can figure out who created what cyber weapon by pouring through the code after all, so in an attempt to disguise that, so if it were me, I would use someone else’s cyber-weapon with that someone else’s code and tweak it just slightly enough to change it without giving away from what country I am in, or what group I am part of and so on.

The point is, without a doubt, cyber-criminals were already moving in this direction believe it or not. Criminals on any level who do not want to become upstanding citizens spend a good majority of their time thinking of new and improved ways around the laws, and that includes new and improved ways of breaking the law, ways that are less detectable by law enforcement.  

Those in the business of committing cyber-crimes are no different than any other type of criminal in that respect.

So no, global epidemics of ransomware being unleashed is not going anywhere soon, new and improved weapons are already being made and developed so as to unleash.

We’ll all have to find better security measures, but a word of caution, much like the flu virus every year, the one we get flu shots for,  we will not truly know how to protect ourselves or whether or not our newest security measures will actually work, until we know what kind of virus we are facing as each new attack is released.

Last but not lease, some of these attacks may also be disguised as mere ransomware, they could actually end up being something much worse that we have yet to learn about.

Cristal M Clark

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New and Improved Cyber Attack Spreading Across the Globe 


U.S. National Security Agency – The World Thanks You!


Once again we are seeing a global cyber attack spreading today and, the attack is causing massive disruptions around the world today.

Pharmaceutical company Merck became the first more well known U.S. company impacted by the ransomware. They made an announcement sometime around the middle of the day stating that it’s computer network had been compromised.

The Ukraine so far has been hit the hardest, its government and company officials have reported serious intrusions across the Ukrainian power grid, banks and government offices.

Rosneft which is Russia’s top oil producer and Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk were hit hard as well as the the largest advertising company in the world, Britian’s W.P.P.

While no one is quite sure who might be responsible for today’s attacks, security experts are saying that the attack’s are similar to ransomware and even more curious or maybe not so much, the attacks are eerily similar to last month’s WannaCry.


Ironically, both are utilizing tools that were created by, you guessed it, none other than the U.S. National Security Agency.

This particular piece of ransomware is deeply concerning because some suspect that it is a worm, meaning it is self-spreading software, which can in turn spread rapidly, without human intervention. It runs on it’s own once inside.

It is akin to having the flu and coughing inside an elevator without covering one’s mouth while the virus inside of that person is still contagious. Everyone on the elevator is at risk at becoming ill.

It never ceases to amaze that while the U.S. National Security Agency loves to play with fire, they have yet to learn how to put the fires out.

Bravo U.S. National Security Agency, you’ve really outdone yourselves this time, by creating a cyber weapon that is full of loopholes and flaws, that somehow managed to escape the confines of the NSA and fall into the hands of those who just want to watch the world burn.

Cristal M Clark

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