8 year old boy mutilated and murdered – at the hands of the milkman?

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Bradford, West Yorkshire – 

Some have tried to tie the murder of 8 year old John Gill to Jack the Ripper, no evidence suggests that Jack the Ripper would have murdered John.


December 28 1888 the body of 8-year-old John Gill was found in Manningham Lane in Bradford. Newspapers tried to tie his murder to Jack the Ripper because John’s throat had been cut, his abdomen cut open, he had been stabbed, his arms and legs were hacked off and his ears removed.

His heart and entrails were torn out of his body and found just lying about on the ground near his body which had been covered in a crude manner and just tossed into an outhouse.

A man by the name of William Barrett was arrested for the murder but was later found not guilty. William was a milkman in the area, it is said that sometimes John would accompany the milkman on his rounds.

The police were led to the milkman because they sent the contents of the John’s stomach in to be tested where the found that John died from a cold medication, presumably used so as to abduct and the kill the boy without him screaming for help.

They also found that John had recently eaten currant cake. According to police reports, they found traces of currant cake on the milkman’s bread knife.

The last time John was seen alive had been earlier that day sliding on ice with his friends.

While the media ran at full stride with the idea that Jack the Ripper had killed this young lad, the police had a different theory altogether.

They thought that perhaps a group of drunken young men had killed John, their minds having been filled with the fantasy of murder and mutilation.  

The only three realities here are that John was murdered and his body mutilated in one of the most heinous ways, it was not Jack the Ripper who killed him, and it was in fact a copy cat.

It is highly unlikely that Jack the Ripper would go from killing female prostitutes to young boys.

The idea of a group of young men killing John is a bit of a stretch however. It was one man, someone who often thought of murder and mutilation, he had a curiosity for it.

He fought the urge his entire life, but after Jack the Ripper’s killings it was almost like giving this young man permission to go through with it.

Jack the Ripper only offered this man the inspiration to go through with the murder and mutilation.

It would be easy enough to let the press run with the idea that Jack the Ripper had committed the crime the suspect was quite sure that he could get away with the murder.

And he did just that officially.

Police it would seem never gave up on the idea that the milkman had committed the crime.

Rightfully so, they had more than just the cake to tie him to the crime however, a magistrate refused to see or hear all of it and so, the case was never officially solved.

Cristal M Clark

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Armored truck robbery –


Brentwood, Pennsylvania

On March 17, 1982 – 2 unidentified men robbed an armored truck of roughly 2.5 million, managed to get away.


The story goes, that on 3/17/82, 2 unidentified men entered the Purolator Armored Inc. terminal in Brentwood, Pennsylvania.

Rather than barge in and use violence, they managed to slip under the door after a truck had left and approached a security guard working inside the terminal.

The 2 men, described as 1 black and 1 white, stated that they were FBI agents with a tip that a robbery was going to happen.

Once they got close to the guard, they disarmed him by taking his shotgun, more than likely he gave the gun over to the supposed FBI agents, believing that they were in fact working for the FBI and acting upon a tip.

The men then managed to tie the guard up and tape his eyes shut and just like that, they were able to load the hard earned cash of the day into a vehicle and flee the scene.

To this day, not a single suspect has been charged with the crime however, at a trial in 1990, a known drug dealer and federal informant by the name of Joseph Rosa said that Pittsburgh mobster Geno Chiarelli committed the robbery.

Of course not a single soul could actually prove that Geno actually committed the robbery and so to this day the case has never been solved.

It is highly doubtful that it will ever be solved because as luck would have it, whoever actually committed the Brentwood robbery on that fateful St. Patrick’s Day, could not be charged for the crime due to the fact that statute of limitations ran out around 5 years after the robbery.

What we know for sure is that whoever pulled the robbery off, carefully planned it out, they knew exactly what they were doing and how to do it without using violence.

Still, you never know, someone may one day come forward with information that would crack the case open, regardless of anyone being charged with the robbery.

Cristal M Clark

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Murderer beheads victim


The Orchard Apartment Murders – Houston Texas

By today’s standards, decapitation is pretty rare unless you are in Mexico, the cartels don’t seem to mind decapitating a victim at all.

That said, it is a pretty rudimentary and crude way to kill someone but for this killer, it seems that he likes to take the heads as trophies or as proof in the event the murders were a for hire event or as a way to send a pretty clear message to someone.


July 27, 1975 33 year old Alys Elaine Rankin’s coworker Bob Smith arrived at her apartment to pick her up for work because her car was in the repair shop. Upon walking up to her door, Bob noticed that the door was open slightly, feeling uneasy about the situation he entered her apartment.

Bob found Alys naked in her bed with her feet tied together, and a pillow had been covering her upper body. Now I can’t say why Bob didn’t run, but he did not flee the room, he instead removed the pillow and found that his coworker had been decapitated.  

During the investigation through the blood trail, police discovered that the killer did in fact take Alys’s head with him.

According to some websites, Alys had been sexually assaulted but that has yet to be confirmed by police. In most cases involving decapitation, the killer does not sexually assault the victim.

The killer however, did not seem to have a care in the world if anyone saw him as he carted her head off to his awaiting car. That tells me pretty clearly however that she had been killed during the night or early morning, hence before daylight.

What makes this case take a rather intriguing turn is that exactly two weeks later the body of Mary Michael Calcutta was found, just two floors above Alys’s apartment.

Mary was found in her bathroom, fully clothed, but she had been stabbed, and her throat was cut. Through the rumor mill many have said she had been sexually assaulted but, I doubt that the killer would have taken the time to redress her given the brutality of the Alys’s murder.

I doubt it’s the same killer, more likely someone who found an opportunity and a way to express himself in the shadow of a more brutal crime. The person he murdered Mary did not have the nerve to actually decapitate her.

Getting back to Alys however, her murder is so vicious and ugly that I almost wonder who she knew in her personal life that might have been the reason behind her murder.

Decapitation is usually a form of murder that is used to send a very clear message and it is rarely used as a practice kill. Then again the murderer may have simply always wanted to decapitate someone, however unlikely that outcome may be. 

I’ve had the opportunity to know some truly remarkable individuals in my life who appear to everyone on the outside, to have their shit together. But once you look inside and peel back the layers, you start to see some pretty scary stuff.

Stuff that is deadly and dangerous, things people are good at hiding from loved one’s like siblings, parents and even close friends.

Every door can be opened even if it’s locked, it is just a matter of finding the right key.

This case has hope because I believe if investigators are to solve the case they need to peel back the layers of Alys’s life. 

The questions here are, who was the message intended for and what was the message about?

Cristal M Clark

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Vacation – Mystery and Mayhem


You would think that with this Friday being the Inauguration of our new President, Donald Trump that I’d be all over the events of this week.

Instead, I thought that it would be a really good time to take a little vacation rather than bombard you all with tales of political mayhem and dirty deeds.

I will return on 1/22/17.

Until then, do try to behave yourselves.

Cristal M Clark


Murdered, skinned and cooked


Women who kill

It’s hard to imagine anyone skinning and then cooking parts of another human being, it is even more difficult to imagine a woman doing just that.

human cuts of meat-crimeshop.jpeg

Meet Katherine Knight born in 1955 in Tenterfield, New South Wales, who just so happened to kill and then proceed to cook parts of the man she professed to have loved.

Katherine had a history with domestic violence and she was the aggressor. Judging from her past however, it is not difficult to see how she became someone who could be capable for such a brutal crime.

Katherine’s mother was an adulterous woman, who had an affair with her husband’s co-worker, the affair at the time caused such a scandal that her mother and her lover were forced to move away.

Katherine’s father was known to be abusive and a drunk and he would rape Katherine’s mother. While Katherine’s mother would overshare with her young daughters. She would give them intimate details about sex with Ken, and tell the girls how much she hated men.

As you can imagine, Katherine was not getting a good impression of men during her younger years due to her mother. But to make matters worse for Katherine, she claims that she was sexually assaulted by several members of her family and that is quite possible given her inability to handle certain situations.

It also seems that Katherine’s relationship with her mother was not your typical loving, mother/daughter relationship. Katherine would go on to seek love but the relationships she ended up in never quite lived up to her idea’s of what love had to be.

Katherine dropped out of school at age 15 despite having been described as a good student. She eventually went on to what she described as her dream job, she became a butcher.

Katherine was the dom in her first marriage to one Mr. David Stanford Kellett. She was controlling, abusive and he did as he was told. She was also the tough guy in the relationship, if her husband got into any type of altercation it was Katherine who did the ass kicking so as to defend her husband.

Katherine’s mother offered David the following motherly advice with regards to her daughter; “You better watch this one or she’ll fucking kill you. Stir her up the wrong way or do the wrong thing and you’re fucked, don’t ever think of playing up on her, she’ll fuckin’ kill you.”

The marriage to David did not start off well, Katherine tried to strangle David the night of the their wedding because fell asleep instead of have sex with her. Keep in mind they did in fact already have sex that night…3 times so the guy did need a rest.

Katherine by all accounts completely lost her mind after the birth of her first child, she pushed the baby on train tracks, grabbed an axe and did threaten to kill several people. A few days after that she slashed the face of a woman, took a young boy hostage and was eventually disarmed by police.

Katherine had a little hospital stay for all of that.

After being released she eventually left her husband after having another child. She would later meet David Saunders, where they had a volatile relationship, in fact in 1987 Katherine slashed the throat of David’s dog as an example of what would happen to him if he ever screwed around on her. She then promptly knocked him out with a frying pan.

She had another daughter later, David was the father. Eventually she stabbed David in the stomach. She did not kill him but it would seem that did kill that relationship.

By 1990 she was in a relationship with John Chillingworth, the couple had a son but Katherine left John Chillingworth for John Price.

Poor John Price had not idea what he had gotten himself into. They had a spat it seems over his refusal to marry Katherine so to get him back for that, she videotaped property that John had stolen from his job and sent the tape to John’s boss.

John was promptly fired so he kicked her out. But, he decided to rekindle the relationship months later.

A decision that would prove fatal, in 2000 the violent relationship again ended after Katherine lost it and stabbed John in the chest. He again ended the relationship with her and that did not go over very well with Katherine.

Katherine stabbed John 37 times with a butcher’s knife, she skinned him and then hung his hide from a meat hook in their lounge.

She then decapitated him and put his head in a pot on the stove, baked flesh from his buttocks and cooked vegetables and gravy as side dishes.

She was going to serve him to his children.

Katherine was the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Clearly Katherine had a few issues, most of which can be traced right back to her childhood.

Children are impressionable and individuals like Katherine are not simply born that way but rather, they are shaped and made into what they will eventually become.

Cristal M Clark

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Anaheim, California woman vanishes

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Who kidnapped and murdered Dorothy Jane Scott?

Through the years investigators who have looked at the case have been stumped trying to figure out who exactly kidnapped and then murdered Dorothy Jane Scott.


It would seem that someone had been stalking her in the days leading up to her death and that individual seemed to stalk her family for a time after her disappearance.

Dorothy disappeared on May 28, 1980, her body was found roughly 4 years later, her disappearance has been touted as one of the strangest disappearances ever,  and to date no one has been arrested for her murder.

Living in Stanton, California with her aunt and 4-year-old son Dorothy, was a 32-year-old single mother.

She was a secretary for a store that sold psychedelic stuff. Co-workers and friends said she preferred staying at home, had been a devout Christian, and she did not drink or do drugs.

According to her father, Jacob, his daughter may have dated on occasion but had no steady boyfriend that the family knew of at the time of her disappearance.

Dorothy started receiving disturbing calls months prior to her disappearance from a man whose voice she said she recognized yet could not recall who he was exactly.

The calls ranged from him describing how he loved her to how would get her alone so that he could dismember and kill her.

She knew that he had been stalking her because he would describe details of her day to day to her in some of the calls that were chillingly accurate and true.

Back in the 80’s stalking laws were not like today’s so Dorothy did her best to ignore the details of each chilling call she had received.

The day of her disappearance she had taken a male co-worker to UC Irvine Medical Center due to a black widow bite. Another co-worker who was female had accompanied them and according to Dorothy’s female friend, she told investigators that Dorothy remained in the E.R. waiting room the entire time and never left at any time.

At around 11pm when her friend had been discharged Dorothy left her two co-workers waiting while she went to get her car.

After what seemed like a rather long time when her friends didn’t see her pull up they went out to the E.R.’s parking lot.

They told investigators that they saw Dorothy’s car speeding toward them and that its headlights blinded them so they could not see who was behind the wheel driving the car.

They were shocked but figured that maybe she had heard from her aunt and had some sort of emergency to attend to at home.

She was never seen alive again.

Her car a 1973 Toyota station wagon, had been found about 10 miles away, in an alley burning.

It wasn’t until August of 1984 that her body was discovered by a construction worker who found her on Santa Ana Canyon Road.

The bones were identified as Dorothy Scott’s. As were the watch and ring and according to Dorothy’s mother, she said that the watch had stopped at 12:30 a.m. on May 29.

The autopsy could not determine the cause of death.

An unidentified man would call Vera Scott, Dorothy’s mother every Wednesday until sometime around late spring or early summer of 1984.

He would tell Dorothy’s mother that he simply just had her daughter with him on some calls while during others he would tell her mother that he had killed her daughter.  

The calls were always kept short and oddly only usually occurred when Vera was home alone.

The calls stopped when Jacob Scott, answered one of them.

The only lead that investigators ever had other than the calls, which were too short to trace was that on June 12, 1980  an unidentified man called the front desk at the Orange County Register who had run a story about Dorothy’s unsolved murder that day.

A managing editor told police that the caller claimed to have killed Dorothy; “I killed her. I killed Dorothy Scott. She was my love. I caught her cheating with another man. She denied having someone else. I killed her.”

The editor went on to say that the caller knew a co-worker of Dorothy’s had suffered from a spider bite the night of May 28.

He also knew that Dorothy had been wearing a red scarf.

Neither of these details had been published in the article the paper ran.  

Lastly, the caller also claimed Dorothy had phoned him from the hospital that night.

Investigators believe the caller was the killer. I too believe this and I believe that the caller made up two parts to his strange call to the paper.

The killer was obviously obsessed with Dorothy, but she was not dating him and she did not call him from the hospital the night of her disappearance.

He was someone that Dorothy knew of but did not know well yet, in his mind he loved her.

Stalkers usually tend to be casual acquaintances, disgruntled employees or business associates, vengeful neighbors, total strangers, and of course, former boyfriends or girlfriends and husbands or wives.

What’s terrifying about stalkers is that the underlying problems of stalkers run the complete range and/or scope of both psychiatric and personality disorders, which makes them difficult to predict let alone figure out.

The reality here is that no single profile of a stalker fits into box very neatly if at all and literally anything can potentially put them into motion.

Stalkers usually have both a mental illness and a personality disorder. Some of the psychiatric illnesses range from mild to severe depression, schizophrenia, erotomania, delusional beliefs and so on.

Stalkers who stalk strangers are usually psychotic. Many suffer from detachment disorders, borderline personality disorder and last but not least, good old fashioned narcissistic personality disorder.

Dorothy’s stalker/killer has a combination of both psychiatric and personality disorders. He had the delusion of loving Dorothy even though he would tell her how much he would like to dismember her.

He was not so much expecting for her to love him back, he did not need that because in his mind killing her would bring about that reciprocated love that which he felt towards her.

He most likely saw her with other men and that brought to surface a rage from deep within, regardless of whether or not she had been dating anyone in his mind if it wasn’t with him, she was with someone else.

In the mind of the man who had been stalking her, she was dating any man she spoke with or showed any interest in.

He enjoyed harassing her mother after he had killed Dorothy as it is unlikely that Dorothy lived long after he had abducted her.

He liked having the small measure of control over Dorothy’s mother by giving her false hope that her daughter might be alive.

He maintains control over his victims by instilling both fear and hope in them.  

Those that would have known him would have described some of his behaviors as off, unusual, awkward, inappropriate and uncomfortable at times.

But he was not considered a threat to anyone.  

Burning Dorothy’s car was for the typical reason, he murdered her in it and wanted to get rid of all traces of evidence of that crime.

He has not been heard of since his call to the paper, he experienced a major change in his life or he feared being caught and sought other ways to fulfill his fantasies.

People knew who the killer was yet they never quite figured out who he was. He is someone common enough that no one would have noticed his stalking of Dorothy.

I believe that he feared, had he kept calling Dorothy’s parent’s home, that her father would have discovered his identity if he kept answering.

Without DNA it is tough to say whether police can solve this case without a witness or confession.

However, it is my firm belief, that if the killer is still alive and well, he might be taunted by the media in the area enough, so as to expose who he is…

The trick is being who he is and get him to talk.

Cristal M Clark

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